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By Anthony Bosworth – Bunkerville, Nevada – Sunday, April 13, 2014:

Blowing the shofar at the Battle of Bunkerville

Blowing the shofar† at the Battle of Bunkerville

What we saw here is a major point in the history of this country and God is behind it.

People will look back at [the Battle of Bunkerville] as a point when history began to change. (more…)

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Sunday, April 13, 2014  4:30PM

Bunkerville, Nevada

by Gavin Seim

I know my messages are not sensational, but here’s what’s really happening on the ground.

Anthony on recon

Anthony looking for snipers Courtesy Gavin Seim


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tank man[Reagan Wing staff began Saturday  hoping for information from Anthony Bosworth and Gavin Seim, our eyes and ears at the Bundy Battlefield. There were no messages. We knew a meeting between Sheriff Gillespie and Cliven Bundy was scheduled for 9:00 AM. Our last communication  from Anthony was at 1:22AM. We began to monitor the news feeds, alternating checking Anthony and Gavin's FaceBook pages. We learned of an apparent deal brokered by the sheriff.  Internet problems inhibited  viewing  Gavin's live feed of the sheriff's announcement and Bundy's response. At 11:05 AM Anthony  posted photographs. Moments later, Gavin posted this:

Urgent. People are mounting up with guns and appear to be heading to retake the the cattle and block I-15. Things are not looking good.


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by Doug Parris

For more than 20 years I have personally watched as seasoned combat soldiers who not only believed in, but understood our freedoms, began to prepare themselves to protect those freedoms from our own out-of-control government.Patriot with honor

As the will of the Republican Party to reverse the trend of tyranny at the ballot box measurably deteriorated, as it was progressively sabotaged by the GOP pragmatist left and replaced with a spirit of “crossing the aisle” to share the Ring of Power and compromise away our rights, more and more Patriots concluded that the route of peaceful reform (through politics) was becoming hopeless and quit playing with politics. The Clintons ignored Constitutional limits on Federal power.
It got worse under Bush.
We were being sold out.

Many awaited the day that armed resistance would break out.


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Obama-presiding-over-decline-of-americaWe’ve been waiting….

Waiting for political salvation.

In the long, extended decline of the nation.

Conservatives scammed by the Republican Party have spent half a lifetime waiting.

Waiting. (more…)

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A single word woke him.

It was “loud,” though inaudible, and clear, though it was spoken in a language that he not only didn’t know, but had never heard. It sounded harsh and refined like Russian or German but a tongue no one on Earth had ever spoken.

As he reflected, lying there in the darkness, he understood it to be his own name.  Somehow.

He quickly suspected his awakening was angelic. He forgot the word, itself, in seconds.

He responded in the same, inaudible manner, but in his own language, “What do you want?”

There was no answer.

It was as if waking him were the only objective and had been accomplished.

He arose and began thinking.



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Lord, we come before you this day, first, in thanksgiving.


Our first President, while still a soldier, bowed his knee to you in desperation, in the snow.

And you saved us.

Our founding fathers acknowledged you as the source of our Inalienable rights.

And you blessed us.



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behead thoseWe have an update from Daniel Scalf  this morning.

The challenge of Islam is not military, it is ideological. Terrorism is what you do when you  CANNOT compete militarily. The driver of Islamic fascism is the power of lies and the power to defeat it is resident in America. But it is not military  but spiritual power. It is the power of truth and, right now, it is being spearheaded only by martyrs.

Here is Dan’s message: (more…)

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From Daniel Scalf:

Daniel ScalfI have arrived safely in Fort Mill, SC after delay due to heart issues. I covet your prayers and support as I leave Thursday for the Mideast, North Africa, and Central Asia. In many of the nations in which I will be working  people are dying for the gospel. In the last year we have had Pastors beaten, beheaded, imprisoned (more…)

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Maltby Community Club

The Maltby Community Club was full  last Saturday as friends and family gathered to pay tribute to a local patriot, Sue Copeland. Many rose to speak of Sue’s influence in their lives. With permission of the authors, The Reagan Wing presents the following prepared remarks that were delivered on Saturday. (more…)

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The killer awoke before dawn.

He put his boots on.†

They emerge, one at a time, from darkness, at random intervals.
Each one unexpected.  His  appearance irrational. Shocking.
You don’t know why he came.

He took a face from the ancient gallery…†

black mask 2No one involved in these dramas has ever played their role before, but the scenes themselves are beginning to do encores, with different actors each time, like a recurring national nightmare.

Adam Lanza drove to Sandy Hook elementary school in his mother’s car, with her blood on his hands, in boots, clothing, tactical vest, and mask; all black.  So reads the narrative.

Geeky kid, transformed into demigod: each fist holding the power of death.

… and he walked on down the hall.†


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We’re waiting for the next Reagan.

The Republican Party has spent half a lifetime waiting. The Catholics and Evangelicals have waited. The NRLC and the NRA and all the ancillary organizations with an “R” in their acronyms, and the think tanks and interest groups have waited. The aging Republican regulars who remember the 1980 election and the three-network-media-monopoly and the ride of the Gipper to save us all, have waited as their hair turns grey… (more…)

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Building One, North Tower, 1970

David Rockefeller presents a plan for a world trade center along the East River of Manhattan.

New York and New Jersey authorize the development of the World Trade Center.
Development proceeds amidst protests by [unconstitutionally] displaced business owners.

The Port Authority wins the legal challenge to the development of the WTC.

The North Tower of the WTC exceeds the height of the Empire State Building, making it the tallest building in the world. (more…)

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We bask now in the afterglow (if that is the proper term for sitting amid the still-warm ruble created by the previous night’s air raid) of what many regard as the most disastrous election in American history (and coming in the wake of elections of Jimmy Carter, the Clintons and the first Obama administration, that is saying quite a lot).  It is time for serious reflection which we offer  in several Parts.

For those who continue to confuse this nation with the Kingdom, we offer Part I, a German perspective[Ed Note: Thanks to Bette Filley for sharing this. Emphases and links, ours]

Our Dear America – where do you go from here?

Today, Obama has been re‐elected; all the efforts of many Christian leaders, prayer movements, “prophets” and “concerned Americans” who have lobbied, written appeals, articles, books, letters – some have even done films
– to warn not to vote for him have come to nothing. Many of them have behaved as if the future of the Kingdom of God is at stake. Well, it is not.

Can we, as foreigner[s] who dearly love you as a people, say a few words into this situation? Because it is evident to us that God has a clear plan with your nation. But many don´t seem to see it, and therefore run the danger of fighting the wrong fight, wasting precious time and resources, and even endlessly call upon God to do what he just will not do. (more…)

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E. W. Jackson says it is time to pack up and leave.



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Everyone needs to see this. 


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And he said unto me, Son of man, stand upon thy feet, and I will speak unto thee.

And the spirit entered into me when he spake unto me, and set me upon my feet, that I heard him that spake unto me.

And he said unto me, Son of man, I send thee to the Republicans, to a rebellious Party that hath rebelled against me: they and their fathers have transgressed against me, even unto this very day.

For they are impudent children and stiffhearted. I do send thee unto them; and thou shalt say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD.


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Please read before viewing picture – it’s worth it!

A picture began circulating in November. It should be ‘The Picture of the Year,’ or perhaps, ‘Picture of the Decade.’ It won’t be. In fact, unless you obtained a copy of the US paper which published it, you probably would never have seen it. (more…)

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For weeks we have been uncovering each story of the Conventions and Caucuses on their completion, even as the GOP Establishment has tried to cover them up. Recounting and documenting the events, with all the cheating, and proving them, with recordings and videos and eyewitness affidavits as they become available.


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In a short few days  the hand of God brushed our shoulder…

images from Dottie Roberts…

words from Linda Meissner…

and Joe and Kay Regan…


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Feb. 2012

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Rick Perry (Aug. 13, 2011-January 19,2012)

may he return to Texas in Peace.

Before my eulogy, I must state my reservation. (more…)

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Did you Know?

Our “gift” to you on the second day of Christmas:

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This is not a political message, (more…)

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From Vadim Privedenyuk

My Father was a preacher too. A good one. People loved him, sovjets hated him. He just kept praying and preaching from his little Bible, one that I found recently… (more…)

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