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By Anthony Bosworth – Bunkerville, Nevada – Sunday, April 13, 2014:

Blowing the shofar at the Battle of Bunkerville

Blowing the shofar† at the Battle of Bunkerville

What we saw here is a major point in the history of this country and God is behind it.

People will look back at [the Battle of Bunkerville] as a point when history began to change. (more…)

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Sunday, April 13, 2014  4:30PM

Bunkerville, Nevada

by Gavin Seim

I know my messages are not sensational, but here’s what’s really happening on the ground.

Anthony on recon

Anthony looking for snipers Courtesy Gavin Seim


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tank man[Reagan Wing staff began Saturday  hoping for information from Anthony Bosworth and Gavin Seim, our eyes and ears at the Bundy Battlefield. There were no messages. We knew a meeting between Sheriff Gillespie and Cliven Bundy was scheduled for 9:00 AM. Our last communication  from Anthony was at 1:22AM. We began to monitor the news feeds, alternating checking Anthony and Gavin’s FaceBook pages. We learned of an apparent deal brokered by the sheriff.  Internet problems inhibited  viewing  Gavin’s live feed of the sheriff’s announcement and Bundy’s response. At 11:05 AM Anthony  posted photographs. Moments later, Gavin posted this:

Urgent. People are mounting up with guns and appear to be heading to retake the the cattle and block I-15. Things are not looking good.


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by Doug Parris

For more than 20 years I have personally watched as seasoned combat soldiers who not only believed in, but understood our freedoms, began to prepare themselves to protect those freedoms from our own out-of-control government.Patriot with honor

As the will of the Republican Party to reverse the trend of tyranny at the ballot box measurably deteriorated, as it was progressively sabotaged by the GOP pragmatist left and replaced with a spirit of “crossing the aisle” to share the Ring of Power and compromise away our rights, more and more Patriots concluded that the route of peaceful reform (through politics) was becoming hopeless and quit playing with politics. The Clintons ignored Constitutional limits on Federal power.
It got worse under Bush.
We were being sold out.

Many awaited the day that armed resistance would break out.


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Obama-presiding-over-decline-of-americaWe’ve been waiting….

Waiting for political salvation.

In the long, extended decline of the nation.

Conservatives scammed by the Republican Party have spent half a lifetime waiting.

Waiting. (more…)

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A single word woke him.

It was “loud,” though inaudible, and clear, though it was spoken in a language that he not only didn’t know, but had never heard. It sounded harsh and refined like Russian or German but a tongue no one on Earth had ever spoken.

As he reflected, lying there in the darkness, he understood it to be his own name.  Somehow.

He quickly suspected his awakening was angelic. He forgot the word, itself, in seconds.

He responded in the same, inaudible manner, but in his own language, “What do you want?”

There was no answer.

It was as if waking him were the only objective and had been accomplished.

He arose and began thinking.



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Lord, we come before you this day, first, in thanksgiving.


Our first President, while still a soldier, bowed his knee to you in desperation, in the snow.

And you saved us.

Our founding fathers acknowledged you as the source of our Inalienable rights.

And you blessed us.



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