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Anthony and Paul

Anthony and Paul in Yakima County


Son, I fight so in this time you can be a boy…and son we train, so that in your time, you can be a man.

~~Anthony Bosworth          


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by Doug Parris

For more than 20 years I have personally watched as seasoned combat soldiers who not only believed in, but understood our freedoms, began to prepare themselves to protect those freedoms from our own out-of-control government.Patriot with honor

As the will of the Republican Party to reverse the trend of tyranny at the ballot box measurably deteriorated, as it was progressively sabotaged by the GOP pragmatist left and replaced with a spirit of “crossing the aisle” to share the Ring of Power and compromise away our rights, more and more Patriots concluded that the route of peaceful reform (through politics) was becoming hopeless and quit playing with politics. The Clintons ignored Constitutional limits on Federal power.
It got worse under Bush.
We were being sold out.

Many awaited the day that armed resistance would break out.


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When we began writing this story yesterday, The Obama administration already appeared on the brink of inciting a civil war… or perhaps, engineering a massacre like WACO.

revolution-is-my-nameThe Overview: (more…)

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Obama-presiding-over-decline-of-americaWe’ve been waiting….

Waiting for political salvation.

In the long, extended decline of the nation.

Conservatives scammed by the Republican Party have spent half a lifetime waiting.

Waiting. (more…)

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behead thoseWe have an update from Daniel Scalf  this morning.

The challenge of Islam is not military, it is ideological. Terrorism is what you do when you  CANNOT compete militarily. The driver of Islamic fascism is the power of lies and the power to defeat it is resident in America. But it is not military  but spiritual power. It is the power of truth and, right now, it is being spearheaded only by martyrs.

Here is Dan’s message: (more…)

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[Editor’s note: Some comments under the articles referenced below (or eleswhere) have called into question the veracity of the facts in the articles. However, when asked for even one example of an error or lie, the commenters alleging falsehoods have gone silent.  This article first appeared this morning, May 29, at Red State]

It’s been quite a month for Washington State liberty activists, hasn’t it?  We’ve seen the RLCWA faced with an easy decision.  We saw the bulk of that body stand on the wrong side of history, and then we witnessed at the organization began to tear itself apart.  Through it all, a dedicated group of new journalists have been there to document and report on it.  Kit Lange at the Victory Girls Blog (see hereherehere, and here) Doug Parris and Roberta from the Reagan Wing (see the last 20-plus posts on the site) and Michelle McIntyre from Life of the Party (see here) have all been instrumental in spreading the truth about this group.   I’ve even waded into the pool at the Reagan Wing and here on Red State (see herehere, and here).  We tell the truth.  That’s it.  And we’re called “divisive.”ministry of propaganda

It’s worth noting that no one has made the assertion that anything that we’ve said is wrong or factually incorrect; instead, we’re told that we’re dividing the (liberty) movement.

Are we, though?  Are a few people the cause of division?  Or is the movement divided and a few people have the courage to point it out?  I would argue that the latter is true.  The movement for liberty in this State (and in fact, our Nation) is divided.  It is necessarily divided.  There are people committed to real liberty, and those who are not. (more…)

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In the hands of Midstream Republicans the fortunes of the Washington State Republican Party have gotten worser and worser. And at periodic low points (like 1992, 1996,  2004,  2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012) Party Bosses predictably regroup, post-election, to contemplate their navel, blame conservatives, paint a happy face on their own performance, conclude that they must move even further left, and promise that under their leadership success is just around the corner .CRUISE SHIP GROUNDED


It always happens.


Any seasoned Washington State Conservative could simply read the list of speakers to know that the Roanoke Conference had planned just such a series of meditations in disingenuous Republican liberalism for the Ocean Shores Convention Center the weekend of Jan. 25–27. Fans of that movement could not have been disappointed.

What have they been smoking? (more…)

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