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Who will give back the half million dollars the Stormans family had to spend to defend their Constitutional rights from Rob McKenna?
from Kendra Setlow:

Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.

~ Abraham Lincoln

Rob McKenna is NOT the friend of Constitutional conservatives…he is “PRO-CHOICE” in his own words and what you see and hear is NOT what you are going to get unless you like RINOS.

In other words, he just chips away at our freedoms while assuring us he is our friend…He puts power politics before principles. If we don’t stand up for ourselves and our state, then we deserve what we get.

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City With Religious Roots Fines Home Bible Study

San Juan Capistrano, CA – A city in Southern California is demanding that a small home Bible study group stop meeting unless they obtain a cost-prohibitive permit.

The homeowners, Chuck and Stephanie Fromm, were fined $300 for holding the Bible study. (more…)

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Today, I come to you asking desperately for your prayers. “Jason” is a young Chinese Christian living here in the USA. He has been sending material to his aunt in China regarding the problems with the Three-Self Church, and the government circulated “Union Bible.” This young man has been sending her material for several years and his aunt has been distributing it to the people in her church. (more…)

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From Vadim Privedenyuk

My Father was a preacher too. A good one. People loved him, sovjets hated him. He just kept praying and preaching from his little Bible, one that I found recently… (more…)

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From “Strat”:

Samuel Whittemore (1694 – February 3, 1793) was a farmer. He was eighty years old and living in Menotomy, Massachusetts (present-day Arlington) when he became the oldest known colonial combatant in the American Revolutionary War.[1] Previously, he had already served as an officer in the British Army during King George’s War and the French and Indian War.

On April 19, 1775, British forces were returning to Boston from the Battles of Lexington and Concord, (more…)

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Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

The following comes forwarded by Donald Hank. It incorporates shouts of warning from as near as our own advocates of Liberty and as far as from the grave of JRR Tolkien.
Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff faces up to three years in prison if convicted of defaming Islam.  The charges against her stem from a lecture she gave last year on the “Islamization of Europe,” specifically the statement:  “Sharia is a definite no-no.  We want no gender apartheid, no ghettoes, no social and cultural discrimination, no polygamy, no theocracy, no hate…”  
Sabaditsch-Wolff spent most of her life in Muslim-majority countries – in Kuwait, in Iran during the Islamic revolution, and in Libya.  She has had many Muslim friends and is intimately familiar with Islamic culture.  Sabaditsch-Wolff witnessed two non-Muslim friends being physically attacked for breaking the Ramadan fast – one, a Coptic Christian for licking postage stamps, the other for chewing gum.  (more…)

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There is a new tab at the top of the Reagan Wing home page. It is a Declaration for the Patriot Movement:


                    (click to open)                     

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A Masachussetts father is outraged after his 8-year-old son was sent home from school and required to undergo a psychological evaluation after being asked to draw something that reminded him of Christmas and producing a a stick-figure drawing of Jesus Christ on the cross.

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Last month: Same district, same school, same principal  LOSES 6 year old, found and returned by stanger:


And they want to take over your health care.

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From the email underground… the following was written by a fifteen year old Arizona High School student:

Now I sit me down in school
Where praying is against the rule
For this once great nation under God 
Finds mention of Him very odd.

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PENSACOLA, Fla., Dec. 4 /CNW/ — Trial testimony concluded this week in which CEAI is seeking to intervene to overturn an ACLU court order suspending religious liberty that has already resulted in three school officials being charged with contempt. Liberty Counsel represents CEAI (Christian Educators Assn. International). Testimony revealed how this order has literally driven Christians to hide in closets to pray in order to avoid contempt charges. (more…)

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stranger coverEver since Susan Hutchison’s announcement of her candidacy for King County Executive, and our re-publication of an archived article about her, TheReaganWing.com website has gotten a string of hits looking for more. But they haven’t found much.

Susan is that charming and articulate ex-news anchor who won the primary for King County Executive 37% to 22% and has squared  off in the general against the radical leftist King County Council Chairman Dow (Constantine).

Beginning in April we were approached by reporters working hard to get our “enthusiastic” endorsement of Susan.  After the first of these was published , a hit-piece by Left Wing Propagandist, Neil Modie,  it became clear why they were seeking us out.   (more…)

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aclu 1Across America the Left is gearing up Anti-Christian bigotry. And the ACLU, as usual, is attacking the First Amendment.  

Michelle Winkler is Cleared of Civil Contempt Charge in Santa Rosa County Prayer Case

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baloon paradeRonald Reagan wrote the following piece for Independence Day in 1981. Aide Michael Deaver later wrote: “This 4th of July message is the President’s own words and written initially in his own hand.” (more…)

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ca_200905_01_email_photo_GaoRedDoorOn September 12, 2007, Christian human rights attorney Gao Zhisheng wrote an open letter to the U.S. Congress exposing the brutality of the Communist Party, including the persecution of house church Christians.

Soon after, Gao was kidnapped by Chinese government authorities and tortured for 58 days. Officials threatened to kill him if he ever exposed the details of his torture. Gao Zhisheng refused to be intimidated into silence — he continued to speak out about human rights abuses by China’s ruling Party. Determined to silence him, government officials kidnapped him again on February 4, 2009.

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Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Michael Lawlor at a rally celebrating a State Court ruling favoring gay marriage

Sen. Andrew McDonald and Rep. Michael Lawlor at a rally celebrating a State Court ruling favoring gay marriage

All across America, giddy with their new majorities and super majorities, Democrats and their liberal Republican Allies have set themseleves to the task of dismantling American Freedom.

Leaving no stone un-turned, we see, in the Conecticut Legislature, a bill introduced by co-chairs Andrew McDonald and Michael Lawlor to end the control by the Catholic Church of its own parishes in direct and obvious violation of the Constitution. (more…)

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BEIJING, August 13 /CNW/ — China Aid Association has discovered that a number of Chinese House Church Pastors were forced to sign a written agreement that they would not participate in religious services while the Olympic Games are taking place in China. The document, drafted by Chinese government officials, specifies that the House Churches in China:

     “…refrain from organizing and joining illegal gatherings and refrain from receiving donations, sermons and preaching from overseas religious organizations and groups that have a purpose.”


The document also prohibits the churches from gathering in their communities for more than 3 months while the Olympics are taking place. Should church members violate these rules they will be subject to the disciplinary actions of the Chinese Government. (more…)

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dr-kp-yohannan-founder-and-president-of-gospel-for-asia.jpgCARROLLTON, Texas, January 13 /CNW/ — The founder and president of a Christian Ministry that operates over 30,000 worship centers in 10 Asian nations  says he is terribly disturbed by the increasing persecution of Christians in his homeland of India. And while it is evident that the rising tide of harassment and crimes against Christians is being carefully orchestrated by nationalist Hindu groups, he says such behavior is not condoned by either Hinduism at large or by the vast majority of the Indian people. (more…)

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Rancho Cucamonga, CA /Operation Rescue/— Three members of the Survivors were arrested on Tuesday, November 13, 2007, on Chaffey College campus in Rancho Cucamonga, California, in one of the most egregious displays of police misconduct that we have heard about in years.

The three young men, Joey Cox, and brothers James and Jason Conrad, were on campus to obtain permits for a pro-life outreach at the college. They had learned through many experiences to record their dealings for their protection. At Chaffey, the young men had both video and audio recorders running. (more…)

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stonewall-invitation.jpg…an enemy outside your camp (Hillary) makes you vigilant; an enemy inside your tent (Rudy) makes you dead. He can cut your throat in the night, or poison your food in the day. Rudy will slowly destroy the meager gains we have made, and will set the core of the GOP at war with itself. He will set the pro-life movement back 20 years… (more…)

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washington-capstone.jpgNational monument no longer visibly references God 

From the American Family Association:

The National Park Service, a branch of the federal government, has joined the Veterans Administration in establishing anti-Christian bigotry as public policy. The NPS has censored “God” from a key display of America’s Christian heritage in Washington. The reference is an engraving of “Laus Deo,” which is Latin for “Praise be to God,” on the east side of the 100-ounce aluminum cap atop of the Washington Monument. (more…)

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Pastor under investigation says he ‘will not stop preaching God’s word’

World Net Daily reports:

A Christian church in Kansas has told the Internal Revenue Service that it will not stop teaching and preaching God’s Word, “even if it relates to contemporary issues in the world,” after the federal agency demanded answers to 31 questions about its beliefs and warned about “political” activity.

Read more.

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Always Remember“I Bow Down To No Man”

By Ron Ewart, President, National Association of Rural Landowners 

On this Memorial Day that honors those that have fallen in battle to defend our freedom, their sacrifice has allowed all Americans to be free men and women. 

I am a free man in body and in spirit and I bow down to no one.  Nor will I bow down to this illegitimate government that tries to wrap us in chains against our will.  I shall resist with every fiber of my being, any attempts by government to break my free spirit and the spirit of that of other free Americans as well.   

I shall not bow down to the socialists who use the government to reward those that are undeserving, with the sweat of my brow, my blood and my tears.  (more…)

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