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by Dan Poletti


On Monday, May 19th, we discovered that at least three candidates for PCO had been filed against their will by a third party and a number of others had been filed without being present and without swearing their oath to uphold the Constitution. While much is known in Clark County about the source of those names, Former 18th LD Republican District Chair Mary Graham, the identity and origin of the one doing the filing has been less definitive, given that he hails from King County. APOLLO FRAUD 2

So who is this fellow, and why would he take an interest in PCO races several counties away? (more…)

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First there were the postcards.





Thousands of them.


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Tony Moore


On September 17, close Lori Sotelo associate, Tony Moore, President of the Federal Way school Board (Federal Way), while boarding a plane to take a taxpayer-funded junket to Europe was arrested and taken in to custody by King County Sheriff Deputies at SeaTac Airport .

Released on bond, three days later, Moore is facing up to 70 years in prison and up to 1.75 million dollars in fines if convicted of all seven felonies of which he is accused, all relating to the systematic theft, with accomplices, of product from a Multnomah County, Oregon dealer for his Tire Brokerage in Federal Way. (more…)

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seattle pride boyz 2013

Sea. Pride 2013

In the graphic, below, we have inserted only the identification of the participating King County Republican Executive Board members.  (https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B79PM7PKr4eJWDlvdlV1SF9feFE/edit?pli=1)

Making the documents legible may require clicking on each and enlarging it in your browser window.


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2014 closed for business longRichland, Washington

3:45 pm

Just seconds ago the Washington State Republican Central  Committee took the historic action to


the historic deliberative process of the Republican Party for 2014 by majority vote. (more…)

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squishing a pco close


The willful act of re-electing Lori Sotelo to Chair the King County Republican Party may be of astonishing significance.


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meydenbauer throne room 2King County is larger than 13 States, is the most liberal county in Washington, and regularly imposes, on the rest of the State, thinly disguised Marxist Politicians who go largely unchallenged by the King County Republicans (KCGOP).

The County has 2499 precincts. There are 2499 Republican Precinct Committee Offices established by Washington State Law. Only 1149 of those precincts are represented on the Republican Central Committee by officers elected on November 6, 2012 and certified by King County Elections.

On Saturday, December 8, only 457 of the 1149 showed up for the biannual Organization Meeting that is defined and mandated by State Law (RCW29A.80.030).

No such meeting was held. (more…)

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(Like Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War,” this message is, of course, for only a select audience.
You know who you are.)

the Pragmatist’s Parade

With preparations

Long since begun,

Your routes are set,

Your engines hum,

And crowds of waving watchers come. (more…)

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The message?

We don’t like you.

We  particularly don’t like Ross Marzolf and Matthew Lundh.

The PCOs  rejected them in April when Lori Sotelo presented them for ratification as co-chairs of the 37 LD  (after she removed Jonathan Fox, her previous choice for district chair). They elected Tamra Smilanich as their district chair, having waited in vain for Lori to present another candidate for ratification. [NB: The official KCGOP website lists Marzolf and Lundh as the chairs of the 37 LD, rather than Tamra.]

Matthew Lundh

Now, voters in two 37 LD precincts have rejected Ross Marzolf and Matthew Lund’s bid for PCO and by a large margin. And the KCGOP has lost two establishment votes for the party organization meeting at the end of the year. And in a third precinct,  Rowland Martin  edged out  Jonathan Fox by one vote.

What’s next, Chairman Sotelo? Moving Matthew Lundh to yet another area, perhaps an empty precinct, so that he can be appointed PCO?

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Caught in the act of using party funds to promote his own re-election as WSRP Chair (by paying for and approving mailings to support KCGOP Chair Lori Sotelo’s anointed PCO candidates), Kirby Wilbur  whined yesterday that he didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to lend his approval to KCGOP using WSRP’s mailing services for their illegal activities. And then had the gall to blame “those Ron Paul people” for trying to take over the poor beleaguered Republican Party.

Facing a barrage of telephone calls from Central Committee members and bad press across the state, Kirby sent the following Sunday afternoon: (more…)

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Fighting the Media

King County GOP Chair Lori Sotelo has been getting a lot of unwanted press exposure recently for her astonishing behavior in conventions and caucuses, attempting to coerce delegates to elect her chosen meeting controllers, lying to sheriff deputies about meeting rules, stealing the delegate election ballots and literally evicting an entire caucus from the meeting location she was obligated, under the rules, to provide:

Ben Swann’s Lead story – Washington State-Lori Sotelo at District 37 (more…)

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In February King County GOP Chair Lori Sotelo, in violation of WSRP Rules 7 and 8, cancelled  the 37th district pooled caucus location and established another, without notice. (more…)

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King County Chair Lori Sotelo

How the mighty have fallen! In the years since the end of the Reagan Administration the Republican Party’s internal ethics have been allowed to deteriorate dramatically. In King County, Washington, the seat of Seattle, a County larger than 13 States, the corruption has gone so far that cheating is the rule and fair process is the exception. Filmmaker George Abrantes captured a glimpse of it* on the first week of the caucuses to elect State delegates in an award-winning news clip: (more…)

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The 41 LD precinct caucuses were held at four large pooled caucus sites on Saturday. The Ron Paul campaign had been given verbal assurance by the King County GOP they were allowed to have a table presence staffed by volunteers at each site. Reports from each of those sites follow.

Islander Middle School:  There was one table behind the check-in tables.  Ron Paul volunteers had brought their own.  After they  started setting up the table 41LD chair Jackie Dunbar said that they couldn’t have it, but the volunteers informed her that Lori Sotelo told the campaign representative that a campaign table was permitted. (more…)

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The King County Republican Party Chair, Lori Sotelo, and her subordinates are already engaged in blatant caucus/convention cheating as they did in 2008 and 2010. It might finally catch up with them.

Rule Number ONE of the WSRP Convention Rules says,

A list of all precinct committee officers,… shall be made available for inspection by anyone requesting the same from the county chairman without charge or copies made available at cost.

Here is the text of the letter sent yesterday by the Ron Paul Campaign’s Legal firm to Sotelo and WSRP Chair, Kirby Wilbur: (more…)

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Years of lies, cheating and manifold rules violations in Lori Sotelo’s anti-Ron Paul vendetta in King County have finally been addressed by the campaign after literally being ignored since 2008.
The following is the exact text of a Paul campaign press release as it went out earlier today. See if you can find the hidden meaning of the “name change.”


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Let me tell you about a couple more races that the establishment stuck their hands in.

Marcia McCraw (right) hugs Jane Hague at sentencing

Lt Governor race of 2012:  Back in 2008 Marcia McCraw first ran for Lt Governor. She is a novice when it comes to political campaigns. The State GOP didn’t take her seriously and gave her no help. We all know Brad Owen won easily. Lets fast forward to 2011. (more…)

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We have eleven months until the State GOP reorganization meeting next January. I think it’s high time things really started to change in the state of Washington. We have over twenty five years of this Bellevue mafia crowd running the State GOP, and what do we have to show for it? Well, we continue to pile up losses year after year. I’m telling all of you this now because if things don’t change in a hurry it’s going to get even worse. This upcoming election has the words “getting stomped on” written all over it. More about that as this story unfolds.


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In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King we’d like to re-publish this article that originally appeared in 2005. It centers on the revisionism that opposes the things that Dr. King stood for and it upholds the true meaning of his life. Read to the bottom for three factors of which every Washington State Republican needs to become aware, RIGHT NOW.

If you’re old enough to have known the America of Ronald Reagan and John Wayne you must regard the fact that a man like Larry Gossett could even hold public office as stuff of the Twilight Zone. That “Mainstream” [former] King County Republican Chair Michael Young would work to keep Marxist Gossett in office is off the charts for irony. (more…)

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When last we left our adventurers—the plucky little King County Precinct Committee Officers—making their way through the political minefield on the shores of Lake Washington, their retiring Chair had begun the biannual organization meeting as if she had already been re-elected Empress, controlling the microphone and dictating agenda for her own benefit. (more…)

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On your way to your seat at the The King County Organization Meeting of 2010 you were handed literature that would make an untrained (or mistrained) Precinct Committee Officer think that the new King County Republican Party had inherited rules and bylaws and a Chair.

The meeting opened at 9:15 and the Chair that the literature made you think was in charge (Lori Sotelo) immediately began dictating agenda.

She decided there would be an invocation and simply announced it. Who could object to that? (more…)

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Sometimes you get a response that causes chuckles. This one needs a little background.

Suellen Roche has been accused. Suellen is the King County Republican that has acted as both County and State Party Credentials Chair and in that capacity has been the vessel for outrageous Credentials cheating, of which, by my direct observation, she seems more than capable of being completely unaware. We have made the allegations of her misconduct as Chair publicly since 2008.

(click to enlarge in a new window)


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Lori Sotelo

by Karen McCall, PCO

[From the email underground, this  letter to Lori Sotelo came to The Reagan Wing as a comment to another article.]

Dear Lori Sotelo,

My name is Karen McCall – PCO in the 31st District. I have been a PCO for over 20 years. I am very unhappy with what has happened during this election time. According to the KCGOP PDC reports, the State Senate Caucus passed through the KCGOP $115,000.00. You gave the money to four Republican State Senate Candidates who had never been elected before including $33,000.00 to Steve Litzow in the 41st District.

Another pro-death Catholic

Steve Litzow was endorsed by, and sits on the board of, the Washington State National Abortion Rights Action League Political Action Committee. As you well know, NARAL is radically fanatic about abortion on demand, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, taxpayer funding, no parental notification, on and on ad nauseum. They go against everything we stand for as Republicans.


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Dear Doug,
As someone once said (paraphrase): “If nominated, I will not run, if elected, I will not serve.”
I have NO interest in being 37th District Chair.  I have informed Lori Sotelo and she has not offered me the position should she be reelected.
Good luck to whomever is the next Chair.
Ross Marzolf

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[The following is from David Gage who has taken up the challenge to oppose Lori Sotelo and the most formidable assemblage of GOP/Left pragmatist power in any County, running to succeed her as King County Chair. Dave faces the opposition of a county party administration for whom liberal bias, ballot fraud, blatantly opposing conservative Republican candidates for office and several types of repetitive cheating are "business as usual." ~ Doug] (more…)

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