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fraud stampClark County, Washington

by: Dan Poletti, CalledUntoLiberty

It appears that a Washington State Republican Party operative has been caught filing at least 20 online PCO applications on behalf of Clark County residents, some of whom had no intention of filing and gave no permission to use their names. Richard ‘Apollo’ Fuhriman, a lawyer and former Bothell City Council candidate who is apparently no stranger to filing for office from outside of his voting district has apparently expanded his operations to include PCO filings way down here in Clark County. On a day when the local chatter among establishment sympathizers has been on an email sent by Christian Berrigan urging PCO candidates to call their opponents in order to assess their level of enthusiasm, the real news story is that there was a very good reason for making those phone calls, namely, that several of those candidates never wanted to file in the first place. (more…)

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It appears Susan Hutchison, Lori Sotelo, and the Washington State Republican Party are, once again, committed to the old GOP/Left tricks of anointing a Liberal Party insider as THE GOP candidate for  key offices in 2014,  entirely without grass roots involvement. (more…)

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 Congressional & state incumbents sweeping primary

texas primary( Forwarded message from Devvy Kidd)

Date: Mar 4, 2014 7:35 PM

I should have turned this damn thing off, but thought I’d take a peek at the “election” results.

I want to throw up. (more…)

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Grays Harbor Insiders complete political assassination of newly elected chairman

R. Clayton Strang

Beth DeVaul ran against Michael Thompson for Chair at the Grays Harbor [County] Republican Party organization meeting in January, where Thompson won.

DeVaul  and ThompsonSome people don’t give up.

ELEPHANT shot in redfootSomething important just happened, and you may have missed it.  Of course, with all of the goings on in the WSRP lately, it’s no wonder!  We have the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington imploding and the WSRP State Committee  voting to cancel the 2014 Convention.  Add to that the recent scandals that President Obama and his administration are involved in, and of course your attention was diverted! But there was Washington State Republican blood on the floor in May.


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Editor’s note: This article was written within 48 hours of the first day of business at the 2012 Washington State Republican Convention in Tacoma and uploaded to The Reagan Wing, where it has waited for nearly a year, although regularly revisited by our staff… Like the story of the Republican Liberty Caucus Kickoff in January 2013, Something held us back from publishing …until now. The author, was an eyewitness to the events discussed in Lord of the RLC #9: The Silmarillion Secret. This article is published now as a response to the comments of  Michael & Katja Delavar.


Standing on Principle at the Washington State Convention

Michele St. Pierre (c)2012 (more…)

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Book Tolkien Silmarillion AST Russian Hardcover 2000Editor’s introduction: The Silmarillion is J.R.R. Tolkien’s history, in five parts, of the First Age of Middle-Earth – essential background material for readers of the  Lord of the Rings saga. We’ve appropriated its title and format for similar purposes in our current series, continuing the Lord of the Rings metaphor that has – eerily – become a living allegory for the GOP and its relationship to the conservative movement, the libertarian movement, and the Pro-life Fellowship of the latter two (who, like elves and dwarves, previously had little use for each other) that was created by the candidacy of Ron Paul.

The metaphor was originally conceived by Doktor Jeep, who is, among other things, a Rreagan Wing author, in two prescient sentences  that foreshadowed all the consequences to which the series is leading. This chapter (#9 in the series), like The Silmarillion, covers enormous narrative history, in what here can only  be summary. There is a lot of detail and documentation of which the following is only a synopsis. But this is one of the most significant synopses we’ve ever published. It contains the names (in bold) of the six (6) key destroyers of the Ron Paul and Rick Santorum Presidential hopes in Washington State. (more…)

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[Ed Note: This is part three of Kit's series on the dark side of the RLC. Emphasis ours.  Part one was cross published at the Reagan Wing here and Part two here.  Kit Lange writes for the conservative blog Victory Girls. Clayton Strang is a Reagan Wing authorand writes for Red State.]

Exposing the Republican “Liberty” Caucus, Part 3: Shady Money and Shadier Leaders

by Kit Lange and R. Clayton Strang

Authors’ Note: This is the third installment in a series exposing the Republican Liberty Caucus for the leftist, pro-abortion, anti-Christianity organization that it is, and throwing open the closet on their corruption, lies, and machinations. Part 1 showed the first few years of history, and Part 2 brought it up to the present day. Part 3 focuses on the new leader of the RLC, and the largest state charter, Washington State, where this author was a paying member of the RLCWA until very recently. (Apparently our resignations were not accepted…read on.)

rlcwa logoThere are two kinds of issues: core, and peripheral—and these are different for every person. Core issues elect candidates, for they are what people camp on. Peripheral issues are the ones that you’re willing to negotiate on; a candidate may disagree with you, but you’ll still vote for him if he meets your core. One voter, for instance, may have considered the war in Iraq their number one priority core issue in the 2008 election—and the reason they voted for Obama, even if they disagreed with his social policies. A social conservative (or as some of them call themselves, liberty-minded conservative) holds one value above everything else: the defense of life. Some hold this as equal and even above the Second Amendment right to self-defense against tyranny, for the killing of an unborn child is the ultimate in tyranny.

We have already seen how the RLC has always been pro-abortion. Its leaders are staunch abortion defenders—even up to the minute a baby takes its first breath outside the womb. To hardcore “libertarians” like Dave Nalle and Bill Westmiller, a woman has the “right” to murder her child even as she gives birth to it, as long as it has not taken a breath yet. In order to attract social conservatives, however, they toned down their shocking belief system and made it “neutral,” claiming that “honest and ethical” differences of opinions could exist.  Current RLCWA leadership, including state chairman Sandra Belzer and Snohomish County Chairman Brian Landsberger, claimed they were pro-life, and offered assurances to prospective members that they could help the RLCWA change their platform to reflect life as the foundation of liberty.  Sadly, several pro-life activists actually believed them. (more…)

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Not Doug ParrisLast week when Doug Parris (a member in good standing of the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington) was blocked from posting or commenting at the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington State (open) Facebook page (that allegedly has more non- members than members), TheReaganWing didn’t publish it, although  all of the Reagan Wing posts and comments were deleted from the page at the same time.

This morning the Reagan Wing reported that Parris had been removed from the RLCWA “Membership Page,” a different thing entirely. [see: A Stab in the Dark]

This afternoon, one RLCWA member added Parris back to the open page where we then published the three most recent articles in our series on the RLCWA. (more…)

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macbeth_brujas1ACT I  SCENE I         A desert place. Thunder and lightning.

Fair is foul, and foul is fair:

Hover through the fog and filthy air.

The irony was palpable, the debate pressed with “War is Peace” and “up is down” arguments.

Kirby in email: “This isn’t a conspiracy.”


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(Like Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War,” this message is, of course, for only a select audience.
You know who you are.)

the Pragmatist’s Parade

With preparations

Long since begun,

Your routes are set,

Your engines hum,

And crowds of waving watchers come. (more…)

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Substantial portions of the following were originally published in 2009.

Anti-Christian bigotry is becoming a central strategy of American Totalitarians.

And the key is a propaganda technique that is as dishonest as can be. It consists in the intentional misdefinition of the words “Right” and “Left.”

“Right” actually means toward freedom.

“Left” actually means toward Government Control.

Heavily biased Seattle media want you to believe the opposite. And direct experience shows that their propaganda has been successful. (more…)

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What was at stake (in the following video from yesterdays National Convention proceedings) was the rule to end all rules – giving the National GOP Establishment the right to change rules in the middle of a contest… like the Washington State GOP Establishment has been doing. You know – the way Obama governs.

What you will see in the video is, on the first level, John Boehner serial-cheating in the adoption of National Convention Rules… by refusing to hold a standing vote despite calls for “division,”  then ignoring points of order shouted at high volume because the mics had been turned off. (more…)

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As previously reported here at the Reagan Wing, WSRP chair Kirby Wilbur, in the course of attempting to justify the misuse  of party funds for his personal campaigning and that of his allies, including Lori Sotelo has suggested, completely without  evidence, that PCO candidate campaign postcards mailed from Tampa, Florida were the work of a nefarious and secretive anti-Republican group. Some Republicans, including Ron Paul supporters, have expressed concern, even dismay,  and  have asked that the source of the mailings come forward to be identified. In an attempt to imply a takeover conspiracy, Wilbur transparently alleged that the “unethically anonymous group”  was  the Ron Paul presidential campaign.

The Reagan Wing is privileged to reveal the source of these mailings. (more…)

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Terry Jones on the Passing of National Defense Authorization Act

[When is Mitt Romney going to say this? ~ Ed.]


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The following is the unedited speech that Richard Finegold, a candidate for the State Convention Rules Committee representative, was prepared to give on April 28th, 2012, at the King County GOP Convention. In a clear violation of the governing Robert’s Rules by Michael Young, they refused to let him address his own nomination. Here is the speech they didn’t want you to hear.


Hi, everyone! It’s a nice day, isn’t it? A sunny day, just like 4 years ago, when we met at Green River Community College. Ah.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been to a lot of caucuses, about one a week. And I’ve seen things. (more…)

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The Moses Lake Meeting of the 2012 Washington State GOP Credentials Committee was an atrocity.

All the authorities agree; the RNC rules, the WSRP rules, Robert Rules of Order… there must be a “call to convention,” a notice given to the qualified delegates of the place and time and inviting their participation to make it a valid Convention. Each authority stipulates rules for that call explicitly.


Because it is too easy for the people charged with running a Convention or caucus or committee to manipulate its outcome with people… that will vote the way they want… (more…)

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Acting King County Republican Party Premier Lori Sotelo  demonstrated two things, yesterday, beyond any remaining doubt:

  • That the GOP Pragmatic/Romney left has very good reasons to hate video taping, and,

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King County Chair Lori Sotelo

How the mighty have fallen! In the years since the end of the Reagan Administration the Republican Party’s internal ethics have been allowed to deteriorate dramatically. In King County, Washington, the seat of Seattle, a County larger than 13 States, the corruption has gone so far that cheating is the rule and fair process is the exception. Filmmaker George Abrantes captured a glimpse of it* on the first week of the caucuses to elect State delegates in an award-winning news clip: (more…)

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Climate has always fluctuated, as Willard admits. The idea that the government has to increase taxes and regulations and suppress economic activity so that the weather will always be the same is a scam that wouldn’t fool a clever 10-year-old.


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Ever since Pro-Lifers chased Rudy Giuliani out of the 2008 Nomination Race, Mitt Romney has become the foremost gay rights Republican.


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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2012

It was 2008 and the political stakes were high. Although McCain had won the Primary in Washington State, the results of the caucuses and subsequent County Conventions (where half the delegates for the Presidential nomination would come from) were quite dicey. An ominous storm had been brewing, filling the GOP Mainstream Establishment with fear and angst. The storm was called Ron Paul and the GOP began to prepare big time, launching into a plethora of dirty tricks and behind the scenes underhanded maneuvering, as they manipulated the political process through cheating and lawbreaking to ensure they would bring home the nomination for John McCain.

They were not entirely sure whether the Ron Paul delegates had a majority. But, if Ron Paul secured the 20 available delegates from Washington State, it would be a huge black eye in the face of the McCain campaign.



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Romney criticizes Obama


for not being more liberal!


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Circulating this week in an attempt to deceive delegates is a



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The following email was circulated among County delegates who had put Romney as their Presidential Preference in the precinct caucus.

Besides making the absurd assertion that Mitt Romney is a fiscal conservative, in contrast to everything he has ever done, it spins total fabrications we have taken the liberty to highlight in RED: (more…)

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Each of the  Romney activists named in the title are fighting the national Santorum campaign while attempting to maintain positions in Santorum leadership in Washington State.


Garry Pagon was forced to resign, but not “fired” March 29 for disloyalty to the Santorum Campaign. (more…)

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