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The Washington team left Nevada yesterday.


Anthony with Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes

Gavin and Nathan Seim and Anthony Bosworth traveled in convoy and arrived safely home in Washington this evening (Wednesday late).

Gavin, Nathan 4-14-04

Gavin and Nathan (R) Seim with camera (Margaret Bundy in the green T-shirt (right) Courtesy Anthony Bosworth

Before they left, Gavin recorded a brief call to action by Stewart Rhodes, founder of OathKeepers: (more…)

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Imperial_War_ElephantThe Clark County Republican Party did something almost unheard of recently.

It was consistent with the Republican Platform…

It was consistent with the entire course and purpose of the Republican Party since the emergence of Ronald Reagan…

It reflected the opinion of the grassroots of the Party from Key West to Point Barrow… and…

It took courage.

Perhaps that’s why it is so rare.  R3VOLUTIONARY, really… (more…)

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Taylor Shea OverstreetFrom Freedom Agenda Washington:
Reps. Taylor, Overstreet, and Shea are proud to announce that we will be speaking in support of the tremendous courage and leadership of Sen. Mike Lee at his rally in Salt Lake City, Utah, tomorrow. We are honored and humbled to be a part of this rally for one of the true heroes of our time.Leadership is not the ability to compromise it is the ability not to. (more…)

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[Editor's note: Some comments under the articles referenced below (or eleswhere) have called into question the veracity of the facts in the articles. However, when asked for even one example of an error or lie, the commenters alleging falsehoods have gone silent.  This article first appeared this morning, May 29, at Red State]

It’s been quite a month for Washington State liberty activists, hasn’t it?  We’ve seen the RLCWA faced with an easy decision.  We saw the bulk of that body stand on the wrong side of history, and then we witnessed at the organization began to tear itself apart.  Through it all, a dedicated group of new journalists have been there to document and report on it.  Kit Lange at the Victory Girls Blog (see hereherehere, and here) Doug Parris and Roberta from the Reagan Wing (see the last 20-plus posts on the site) and Michelle McIntyre from Life of the Party (see here) have all been instrumental in spreading the truth about this group.   I’ve even waded into the pool at the Reagan Wing and here on Red State (see herehere, and here).  We tell the truth.  That’s it.  And we’re called “divisive.”ministry of propaganda

It’s worth noting that no one has made the assertion that anything that we’ve said is wrong or factually incorrect; instead, we’re told that we’re dividing the (liberty) movement.

Are we, though?  Are a few people the cause of division?  Or is the movement divided and a few people have the courage to point it out?  I would argue that the latter is true.  The movement for liberty in this State (and in fact, our Nation) is divided.  It is necessarily divided.  There are people committed to real liberty, and those who are not. (more…)

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doug at podium 2[Ed. note: We are aware that Doug Parris spent many hours distilling the text of his speech (below) from his experience,  for what he believed was a rare opportunity in the Washington State RLC (as we have already published). Following that conference, the expressions of the outstanding legislators (Five is Company) and his own speech, Doug sensed, in both the theme of Matt Dubin’s presentation and the rising participation of one of the GOP Establishment’s key operatives (Dani Bolyard) that the RLC’s opportunity was in danger. (Those concerns have been echoed recently by many over the news that Lori Sotelo is a member of the RLC.)  (more…)

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fellowship-lord-of 2The January 27 RLC Kickoff turned out to be a landmark event, highlighting, as speakers, State Legislators willing to stand for life and liberty without compromise and who, in so doing, represent the principles on which the nation was founded and the hope of restoring the Republic.

The Freedom Agenda


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long-expected-partyEditor’s note: The following reflections on the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC)  were penned in the 48 hours following the kickoff event for the Washington chapter of the RLC, held in Yakima January 27.  We  intended   to  incorporate this material into  the series we were publishing on the contrasting conventions that weekend in Olympia (The Roanoke Conference) and Yakima (where many from the liberty wing of the Republican party gathered, including significant members of the Washington state legislature). We have been working with this material for several months.   We were held back from completing that series by Something.



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