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The following was received Wednesday afternoon in reaction to the recent Hutchison Note article (Part One and Part Two). The article has unleashed what has become, in some counties, a firestorm of grassroots anger and Old Guard Republican Establishment slander attacks on their own grassroots.

From: [email underground]
Date: Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Subject: Susan’s email screener
To: Doug Parris


  I think I know who it was that screened Susan’s email; (more…)

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[We ended Part 1 of this tale having set the stage for a meeting Doug had told Susan they had to have as long ago as August 2013 when they ran into each other at the RLCWA board meeting in Ellensburg, which we reported on here. We continue as Susan and Doug sit down to begin their meeting...]

I went to see State Party Chair Susan Hutchison because I believed she had assumed that office with the opportunity to change the WSRP Culture of “Circle the Wagons” and defeat, but was in danger, instead, of being digested. What I really wanted was to crash through the door with an offer of salvation from the Terminator series:


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Signing the dealI carried it with me as I approached the door of the Washington State Republican Party offices. It was printed on two sheets of 8-1/2 X 11 – 20 lb. bond.

time bomb puzzleI had to talk to Susan about it. It had been the most important thing on my mind for seven days. I knew time would be getting ahead of me. It couldn’t be put off. Even as I peered through the glass into the Party headquarters, unbeknownst to me, the Reagan Wing editor was in the process of queuing up an article by Phil Spackman that would set the clock ticking, but in my mind it was already ticking. (more…)

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(The author, Michelle McIntyre, has completed a single-issue vetting of a key candidate for the 26th LD House Position. We know of no one more qualified by experience to vet a candidate on the Life issue. Some of her qualifications appear below.)

adam-cTomorrow night at the Givens Community Center (7 p.m. Dec. 4, 1026 Sidney Avenue, Port Orchard) the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs) of the 26th legislative district will meet to select three Republican nominees to be considered by the Pierce County Council and the Kitsap County Commission. One of those candidates will fill the state house seat vacated when Jan Angel won her bid for state senator in the special election last month.



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Hear Ye! king amnesty the thirteenth

The Prince is gone. Long live the Queen.

When last we visited Jeff Kent’s Neighborhood of Make Believe (5/3/08), Jeff had ridden through every village, middlesex and town in State Committee Land with the Royal proclamation that all loyal subjects must nominate “King Friday XIII” to protect America’s borders(!!!). In the Neighborhood of Make Believe, you see, the borders are protected by pretending they don’t exist.  (Read about it here. ) (more…)

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[The author of this post has expressed that he in no way, shape, or form intends it as a commentary on either newly elected WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison or  former Vice (and former acting) Chair Luanne Van Werven.  He further specifically disavows any claim, (inadvertently implied – or imaginatively imputed by adversaries) to being an attorney. ~~ Ed.]

RCW 29A.80.020

State committee.

“The state committee of each major political party consists of one committeeman and one committeewoman from each county elected by the county central committee at its organization meeting. It must have a chair and vice chair of opposite sexes. This committee shall meet during January of each odd-numbered year for the purpose of organization at a time and place designated by a notice mailed at least one week before the date of the meeting to all the newly elected state committeemen and committeewomen by the authorized officers of the retiring committee. At its organizational meeting it shall elect its chair and vice chair, and such officers as its bylaws may provide, and adopt bylaws, rules, and regulations.”

gender quotasThe WSRP State Committee has elected a new Chair to replace Kirby Wilbur, and of course, congratulations are in order!  There does, however, appear to have been a slight oversight regarding  state law.  (more…)

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wsrp straw poll resultsOf 644 votes cast between 9:50 a.m. Wednesday and midnight Thursday when the survey [at NW Daily Marker] was closed, [Susan] Hutchison received 222 votes, 34.5% of all votes cast, to top the list of preferred candidates among respondents.

Not surprising to anyone who has watched the groundswell, Clark County Republican operative Christian Berrigan was the second-highest vote-getter with 159 votes (24.7%).

Read the story here


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They came, they saw, they opened their mouths…


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[Hat tip to The Email Underground]

Republican_-_Cartoon_1The following is the substance of the campaigns the candidates for the chairmanship of the Washington State Republican Party are running to win the hearts and minds of the State Committee members.

Since 2004 The Reagan Wing has labored to make the choice of a Party Chair a decision grassroots Republicans could influence.  For many decades the average Republican had no idea how the Washington State Republican Party Chairman got his position, much less that they had any say in the matter. (more…)

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palace cafe


The RLCWA held its historic first quarterly Board meeting Sunday at the Palace Cafe in  Ellen’sma or Yaki-berg… or…  someplace convenient to the center of the State. And inconvenient to everywhere else.

Not so convenient, either, was the seating.

Considerable efforts were exerted to restrict access. (more…)

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facebook_revenue_The required post-convention meeting of the RLCWA Board was held as a Facebook Chat Session. Board Members were notified by email,  but not given the required 3 day lead, preventing some board members from being present, not having seen the email in time. Absent members were only able to review the chat session,  too late to participate. Holding a private Facebook Chat didn’t begin to satisfy the requirement to notify ALL RLCWA members and allow them to attend the meeting. Official “minutes” of that meeting were sent out to all members, but RLCWA “minutes” are so highly redacted of what actually went on you will be amazed at the difference between the actual chats and the “official” (falsified) “minutes.” And this was the only meeting that even made any semblance of following the required Bylaws  by the Board that RLC members elected to represent them.


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walsh scoreborad

Walsh and scoreboard

The Reagan Wing has learned that Republican Libertarian Caucus of Washington insiders have recruited, committed 25 delegates to, and on Sunday will endorse Jim Walsh, Grays Harbor County’s State Committeeman, to be the next Chair of the Washington State Republican Party Central Committee, all without legitimate authority.

The news comes amidst repeated reports and extensive documentation that a few individuals, Chair Sandy Belzer Brendale, Matt Dubin, and Dani Bolyard, have conducted extensive meetings in secret, conducted by illegal methods, all in direct violation of the RLCWA bylaws and effectively removed all decision making processes from the grass roots oversight and control originally built into the bylaws adopted at the April founding Convention. Dubin, Bolyard and Brendale are now making those decisions unilaterally. (more…)

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R. Clayton Strang

Reagan Wing readers may recall an article last month concerning the Grays Harbor County Republican Party and some shady goings on (catch up here).  Well, it looks like they may be at it again. (more…)

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Someone found this letter floating through the clouds from Mr. Dubin in Seattle. He is an attorney, a good one it is rumored.dubin-closer

He is also the new chair of the King County Washington RLC, the infant child of the old RLC, the Republican Liberty Caucus… another one of those ‘GOP excitements’ which has been hanging around the shadows of the GOP for over twenty years.

Having served out it’s usefulness apparently, long ago, the RLC became arguably invisible, sitting on the shelf alongside dozens of other hulks which, like great ships, are left with but two elements of value… their license, and their hulls!
RLCWA-kingAs providence would direct, the RLC appeared to have life literally breathed back into it’s lungs when 35 years of Congressman Ron Paul labor suddenly sprouted blossoms and began a mostly harmonious fruit-bearing, starting with the 2008 election season. Fast forward to the recent formation of the much hoped for branch of that Ron Paul Liberty Tree, manifest in the organization of RLCWA. The enormous King county provided the vibrant and rich soil seemingly perfect for a portion of that tree. But shadows might have crept across the horizon, or do they not? (more…)

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Eomer & Riders[Editor's note: By the time of the War of the Ring, Théoden, King of the Rohan, was becoming weak with age. He was controlled by  Wormtongue, his chief advisor, (in the secret employ of Isengaard).  Rohan was being overrun by enemies. His adopted son Éomer  and soon to be Théoden's heir, is banished by Wormtongue, in service to Isengaard's corrupt ruler, Sauruman. Éomer, along with  riders loyal to him,  track and destroy the Uruk-hai, who are on their way to Sauuman with captives Merry & Pippin.] (more…)

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macbeth_brujas1ACT I  SCENE I         A desert place. Thunder and lightning.

Fair is foul, and foul is fair:

Hover through the fog and filthy air.

The irony was palpable, the debate pressed with “War is Peace” and “up is down” arguments.

Kirby in email: “This isn’t a conspiracy.”


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mitt log cabinNational Convention Welcomes Gay Romney Activist Speaker

Excerpts, below are from a News Release from the Chairman of the RLC immediately prior to the  RLC National Convention in Austin, Texas.

line of 13 rhinos

rlc-newsreleaseAUSTIN, TX – The Republican Liberty Caucus joins grassroots Republicans across the state in expressing concern and dismay over the negative example being set by the Harris County Republican Party in their recent rejection of Christopher Busby as an applicant for Precinct Chair. At a time when the party nationwide is working to clean a tarnished image and embrace inclusiveness, for the second largest county party in the nation to reject a qualified applicant solely because he is openly gay sends exactly the wrong message to the constituencies the party needs to reach… (more…)

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The ents go marching4

In the few days and weeks BEFORE the RLCWA Convention but AFTER we knew that RLC (National)’s structure was in danger of aborting (you’ll pardon the expression) the Washington State liberty movement, a bunch of stuff happened.  (more…)

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Last December  liberty activists from Snohomish County gathered to form the Snohomish County charter of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

snocorlc_headerThere was just one problem: the “Abortion” section of the Statement of Principles (SoP) of the national RLC. (http://www.rlc.org/about/statement-of-principles/) (more…)

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[Ed Note: This is part two of Kit's series on the dark side of the RLC. Part one was cross published at the Reagan Wing here. Kit Lange writes for the conservative blog Victory Girls.]

Exposing the Republican “Liberty” Caucus, Part II:

Fetuses are Just Like Dandruff

by Kit on May 12, 2013


Bill Westmiller

Bill Westmiller

In 2004, Bill Westmiller became the national chair of the Republican Liberty Caucus.  Westmiller’s main claim to fame in the Republican Liberty Caucus is his authoring of the current language of the RLC Statement of Principles.  In 2004, Westmiller submitted modified language to the National Convention that would put what they called a ”neutral” position on abortion.  At the time, Westmiller stated that “The neutral abortion plank is intended to avoid conflicting statements from state organizations and describe our motives.”  Unfortunately for pro-life conservatives, Westmiller left out part of the story—and why not?  The other founders of the RLC were die-hard libertarians, and as such were pro-abortion themselves.  They already knew about the RLC’s pro-abortion roots because they designed them.  The knowledge that Westmiller once compared an unborn baby to a flake of dandruff was no big deal.  That’s how they felt too. (more…)

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The Problem with National: (CATCH 22 Bylaws)

As I described in  Lord of the RLC #6a: A Journey in the Dark (Principles), when Sandra “Sandi” “the Belz”  Belzer Brendale, in the summer of 2012, laid the foundation for the Washington State RLC, by little more than the heat, light, and sincerity of her own personality, we listened.

Get-Involved-Take-Back-AmericaWhen we looked at the National RLC Statement of Principles and instinctively understood that a grand confrontation between its “classical Libertarians” and the “true conservatives”  was inevitable… somewhere on the horizon… we were deeply concerned, but we had faith in Sandi and believed her when she said  she had a plan to “fix it,” and we joined.

Sandi Belzer Brendale had begun to call the patriots from the hills to battle to save the nation. (more…)

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wolf_sheep_infiltrator[Ed Note:   This is the first of  three articles by Kit Lange of Victory GirlsAt the time of the RLCWA Convention Kit and Clayton had not yet completed this research. It would be possible to hypothesize that the glaring errors in the  RLC's Statement of Principles (that we pointed out here)  were an accident or an oversight unless you knew the facts Kit  exposes in these articles.]

Exposing The Republican “Liberty” Caucus Part

I: Pro-Abortion, Pro-Illegal, Anti-Liberty History

by Kit Lange and R. Clayton Strang

The Republican Party is broken.  This is undeniable fact.   It is no longer the effective machine for liberty and freedom that we grew up with.  The party of Ronald Reagan, who stood and fought for the right things, seems to no longer exist.  Grassroots conservatives, however, refuse to give up.  For some time, we have been trying to find something — anything, that can restore the national GOP to a party of integrity and values, and it is a national restoration that is necessary. (more…)

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King of Libertopia

The tomb of Durin I; legendary first King of Libertopia

The problem with National (Principles)

It was glaring.

But who would notice? The problem with the RLC, I mean.

When “the Belz” began to barnstorm, in the summer of 2012, on the stump for the Washington Chapter of the RLC, I specifically attended a Ron Paul reunion event at Lil’ Erickson’s to listen to her and ask what “the program” would be. Not what the RLC would stand for, but what it would DO. Sandi Belzer Brendale was articulate about a “two pronged” approach: 1, “education” for which she would tap the John Birch Society and 2, “literature distribution” for which she would tap the John Birch Society. So far, so good. Sandi was – like Lil’ – a member of the John Birch Society. (more…)

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doug at podium 2[Ed. note: We are aware that Doug Parris spent many hours distilling the text of his speech (below) from his experience,  for what he believed was a rare opportunity in the Washington State RLC (as we have already published). Following that conference, the expressions of the outstanding legislators (Five is Company) and his own speech, Doug sensed, in both the theme of Matt Dubin’s presentation and the rising participation of one of the GOP Establishment’s key operatives (Dani Bolyard) that the RLC’s opportunity was in danger. (Those concerns have been echoed recently by many over the news that Lori Sotelo is a member of the RLC.)  (more…)

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