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Moats_EdThe Moats for Congress campaign on May 17, 2014 reasserted its intention of winning the Republican primary to be the the party’s standard bearer for the 1st Congressional seat despite the Washington State Republican Party Chairwoman Susan Hutchison publicly endorsing another candidate one day after the official filing period closed.

In Saturday’s Seattle Times, Hutchison endorsed Pedro Celis saying he can raise enough money for a credible campaign. Hutchison also said the party won’t endorse anyone in the primary for the 4th Congressional District.

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Pedro Celis 2The following article was originally published in November, 2006. It is composed entirely of published news reports at that time about PLAZA BANK and its profitable connections with Illegal Immigration and the Marxist movement. It has become crucially pertinent again now that one of its FOUNDERS, Pedro Celis, is running for Congress… as a Republican (!!!). Anyone with a direct connection to the activities described in this article disqualifies himself from standing for election to represent law-abiding Republicans. 
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Anthony @ gun show

Anthony Bosworth and Congressional Candidate Gavin Seim at Yakima Gun Show

One of the heroes from the Battle of Bunkerville, where American patriots risked their lives to hold the Federal Government accountable to Constitutional Law, has made a major splash in the Yakima County Sheriff’s race.

A Yakima Herald poll, now in its fifth day, designed to undermine him (with the false claim that he has no law enforcement training or experience) has, instead, uncovered enormous support.

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It appears Susan Hutchison, Lori Sotelo, and the Washington State Republican Party are, once again, committed to the old GOP/Left tricks of anointing a Liberal Party insider as THE GOP candidate for  key offices in 2014,  entirely without grass roots involvement. Continue Reading »

They lived in glass houses…

glass houses

…but they couldn’t see anything.

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First there were the postcards.





Thousands of them.

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The Washington team left Nevada yesterday.


Anthony with Oathkeepers founder Stewart Rhodes

Gavin and Nathan Seim and Anthony Bosworth traveled in convoy and arrived safely home in Washington this evening (Wednesday late).

Gavin, Nathan 4-14-04

Gavin and Nathan (R) Seim with camera (Margaret Bundy in the green T-shirt (right) Courtesy Anthony Bosworth

Before they left, Gavin recorded a brief call to action by Stewart Rhodes, founder of OathKeepers: Continue Reading »


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