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Pedro Celis 2The following article was originally published in November, 2006. It is composed entirely of published news reports at that time about PLAZA BANK and its profitable connections with Illegal Immigration and the Marxist movement. It has become crucially pertinent again now that one of its FOUNDERS, Pedro Celis, is running for Congress… as a Republican (!!!). Anyone with a direct connection to the activities described in this article disqualifies himself from standing for election to represent law-abiding Republicans. 

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It appears Susan Hutchison, Lori Sotelo, and the Washington State Republican Party are, once again, committed to the old GOP/Left tricks of anointing a Liberal Party insider as THE GOP candidate for  key offices in 2014,  entirely without grass roots involvement. (more…)

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diversity elephant

In case you missed it… a significantly revealing item is visible on the King County Republican Calendar this month… captured, below, before it can be altered. (more…)

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I am proud to say that I allowed King County Superior Court to violate my Constitutionally-protected rights this week. I accepted jury duty.

Washington State’s jury duty law is in direct contradiction of Article XIII of the U.S. Constitution.


Fred Stephens introduces Silas Potter

But what’s a little slavery among friends? I’m  happy to be considered as a potential adjudicating peer of any accused grand thief, murderer, or driver with an Breathalyzer reading that is allegedly over the legally allowable statistic. And the experience gave me the opportunity to hear portions of  the case of David A. Johnson, the black entrepreneur who had the misfortune of running into Silas Potter,  head of the Seattle Public School district’s Regional Small Business Development Program [whose much-celebrated purpose, illegal on its face, was to give small businesses  aid based on  racial and gender preferences]. Potter, in turn, worked for or with: a) the Seattle Schools Superintendent, b) its Chief Financial and Operations Officer and directly under c) the now-awesome Fred Stephens.

Their collective political enterprise came apart. (more…)

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[Ed. note: Readers of the The Reagan Wing know we regularly publish events of note in the Republican Party.]

Sotelo NationalApril 21, 2013 is the first anniversary of one of the most significant events in  the history of King County Republican Caucuses.  Yes, those of you who follow these events  well remember the 37LD basketball court caucus where the curtain of secrecy  was finally drawn aside, and the resultant national YouTube and Fox News debut of King County’s own Lori Sotelo! (more…)

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roanoke podium wilburIn his reelection/inaugural speech on Jan. 19th, State GOP Chair, Kirby Wilbur, announced, “I voted for Mitt Romney and Rob McKenna and I’m not ashamed because the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat!”

It could have been a fitting introduction to the Roanoke Conference six days later. Because for three days, Wilbur – and the  Conference – pondered how the Party could continue to run Washington State’s worst Republicans – the kind for whom Wilbur has worked overtime securing nominations – and still find a way to stop  their epidemic of losses to the best Democrats. *

And over the course of the Conference the latest “New Direction” emerged. (more…)

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RLCThe best of all its possible futures passed before the Washington State Republican Party in the guise of visions cast the weekend of January 25th – 27th   All the elements that will decide the Republican fate (what the Party will do, and receive in return for their efforts) were on display. But since those visions were cast in two conferences, held simultaneously (as luck would have it) in two hotels in two cities (NOT as should happen, in a common State Convention), not one single person actually saw them all. There were no rebuttals or counter-arguments to any proposal at either pole. And the Party as a whole will not, by majority vote of elected representatives, decide its own direction. (more…)

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meydenbauer throne room 2King County is larger than 13 States, is the most liberal county in Washington, and regularly imposes, on the rest of the State, thinly disguised Marxist Politicians who go largely unchallenged by the King County Republicans (KCGOP).

The County has 2499 precincts. There are 2499 Republican Precinct Committee Offices established by Washington State Law. Only 1149 of those precincts are represented on the Republican Central Committee by officers elected on November 6, 2012 and certified by King County Elections.

On Saturday, December 8, only 457 of the 1149 showed up for the biannual Organization Meeting that is defined and mandated by State Law (RCW29A.80.030).

No such meeting was held. (more…)

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Acting King County Republican Party Premier Lori Sotelo  demonstrated two things, yesterday, beyond any remaining doubt:

  • That the GOP Pragmatic/Romney left has very good reasons to hate video taping, and,

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The King County Republican Party Chair, Lori Sotelo, and her subordinates are already engaged in blatant caucus/convention cheating as they did in 2008 and 2010. It might finally catch up with them.

Rule Number ONE of the WSRP Convention Rules says,

A list of all precinct committee officers,… shall be made available for inspection by anyone requesting the same from the county chairman without charge or copies made available at cost.

Here is the text of the letter sent yesterday by the Ron Paul Campaign’s Legal firm to Sotelo and WSRP Chair, Kirby Wilbur: (more…)

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