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[We ended Part 1 of this tale having set the stage for a meeting Doug had told Susan they had to have as long ago as August 2013 when they ran into each other at the RLCWA board meeting in Ellensburg, which we reported on here. We continue as Susan and Doug sit down to begin their meeting...]

I went to see State Party Chair Susan Hutchison because I believed she had assumed that office with the opportunity to change the WSRP Culture of “Circle the Wagons” and defeat, but was in danger, instead, of being digested. What I really wanted was to crash through the door with an offer of salvation from the Terminator series:


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Signing the dealI carried it with me as I approached the door of the Washington State Republican Party offices. It was printed on two sheets of 8-1/2 X 11 – 20 lb. bond.

time bomb puzzleI had to talk to Susan about it. It had been the most important thing on my mind for seven days. I knew time would be getting ahead of me. It couldn’t be put off. Even as I peered through the glass into the Party headquarters, unbeknownst to me, the Reagan Wing editor was in the process of queuing up an article by Phil Spackman that would set the clock ticking, but in my mind it was already ticking. (more…)

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“If you ask it of me, I will give you the One Ring.”

In The Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkein, by allegory, demonstrates spiritual mechanics that have operated within and around the Liberty Movement.

Sandras Galadriel Brendale


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Midnight_ConspiracyAct I (of RLCWA State  Convention in Four Acts):   

 The “Agenda” and conspiracy

As we chronicled in Lord of the RLC #8: Flotsam and Jetsam, the run-up to the State Convention was dominated, first by Clayton Strang’s prosecution of Ron Paul’s Life principle, opposed notably and with great effort by Matt Dubin. That Facebook debate was quickly attended by the expression of considerable back-channel consternation by Sandi Belzer Brendale, who very clearly wanted Clayton (not Matt) to shut up and the debate to disappear. That created serious doubts about whether Sandi would attempt Sotelo/Young/Esser/Wilbur-style means of accomplishing her aims through parliamentary skullduggery. (more…)

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Dubin and Bolyard checkmate RLC, defeat Ron Paul’s principles

tumblr_mh9699ZuQZ1s30gcpo1_400On Saturday, April 27, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington held its first Convention [at least the first of the current charter; the National RLC has been around (with appearing and disappearing State Charters) for more than 20 years].

The explosion of members in Washington State before the Convention might be attributed to a number of factors, but among them must be the salutary efforts of its leadership team, its chair, Sandi Belzer Brendale, and the resounding send-off given by the “Freedom Agenda” State legislators at the RLCWA Kickoff. That group, highlighted by Matt Shea, also included David Taylor, Jason Overstreet and Elizabeth Scott. Their speeches at the Kickoff were inspiring and so wonderfully out-of-character for politicians (they were principled), it is fair to call them astonishing.

But the key element in making the RLCWA (for a time) the fastest growing State Charter in America, in our opinion, was the vacuum left after the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign, by the Campaign for Liberty’s  top-down national leaders. The question  continually asked during 2008 by anyone who saw the enormous raw strength of the movement was, “What happens to this political force when the campaign is over?” (more…)

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Book Tolkien Silmarillion AST Russian Hardcover 2000Editor’s introduction: The Silmarillion is J.R.R. Tolkien’s history, in five parts, of the First Age of Middle-Earth – essential background material for readers of the  Lord of the Rings saga. We’ve appropriated its title and format for similar purposes in our current series, continuing the Lord of the Rings metaphor that has – eerily – become a living allegory for the GOP and its relationship to the conservative movement, the libertarian movement, and the Pro-life Fellowship of the latter two (who, like elves and dwarves, previously had little use for each other) that was created by the candidacy of Ron Paul.

The metaphor was originally conceived by Doktor Jeep, who is, among other things, a Rreagan Wing author, in two prescient sentences  that foreshadowed all the consequences to which the series is leading. This chapter (#9 in the series), like The Silmarillion, covers enormous narrative history, in what here can only  be summary. There is a lot of detail and documentation of which the following is only a synopsis. But this is one of the most significant synopses we’ve ever published. It contains the names (in bold) of the six (6) key destroyers of the Ron Paul and Rick Santorum Presidential hopes in Washington State. (more…)

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Someone found this letter floating through the clouds from Mr. Dubin in Seattle. He is an attorney, a good one it is rumored.dubin-closer

He is also the new chair of the King County Washington RLC, the infant child of the old RLC, the Republican Liberty Caucus… another one of those ‘GOP excitements’ which has been hanging around the shadows of the GOP for over twenty years.

Having served out it’s usefulness apparently, long ago, the RLC became arguably invisible, sitting on the shelf alongside dozens of other hulks which, like great ships, are left with but two elements of value… their license, and their hulls!
RLCWA-kingAs providence would direct, the RLC appeared to have life literally breathed back into it’s lungs when 35 years of Congressman Ron Paul labor suddenly sprouted blossoms and began a mostly harmonious fruit-bearing, starting with the 2008 election season. Fast forward to the recent formation of the much hoped for branch of that Ron Paul Liberty Tree, manifest in the organization of RLCWA. The enormous King county provided the vibrant and rich soil seemingly perfect for a portion of that tree. But shadows might have crept across the horizon, or do they not? (more…)

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Eomer & Riders[Editor's note: By the time of the War of the Ring, Théoden, King of the Rohan, was becoming weak with age. He was controlled by  Wormtongue, his chief advisor, (in the secret employ of Isengaard).  Rohan was being overrun by enemies. His adopted son Éomer  and soon to be Théoden's heir, is banished by Wormtongue, in service to Isengaard's corrupt ruler, Sauruman. Éomer, along with  riders loyal to him,  track and destroy the Uruk-hai, who are on their way to Sauuman with captives Merry & Pippin.] (more…)

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The ents go marching4

In the few days and weeks BEFORE the RLCWA Convention but AFTER we knew that RLC (National)’s structure was in danger of aborting (you’ll pardon the expression) the Washington State liberty movement, a bunch of stuff happened.  (more…)

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wolf_sheep_infiltrator[Ed Note:   This is the first of  three articles by Kit Lange of Victory GirlsAt the time of the RLCWA Convention Kit and Clayton had not yet completed this research. It would be possible to hypothesize that the glaring errors in the  RLC's Statement of Principles (that we pointed out here)  were an accident or an oversight unless you knew the facts Kit  exposes in these articles.]

Exposing The Republican “Liberty” Caucus Part

I: Pro-Abortion, Pro-Illegal, Anti-Liberty History

by Kit Lange and R. Clayton Strang

The Republican Party is broken.  This is undeniable fact.   It is no longer the effective machine for liberty and freedom that we grew up with.  The party of Ronald Reagan, who stood and fought for the right things, seems to no longer exist.  Grassroots conservatives, however, refuse to give up.  For some time, we have been trying to find something — anything, that can restore the national GOP to a party of integrity and values, and it is a national restoration that is necessary. (more…)

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King of Libertopia

The tomb of Durin I; legendary first King of Libertopia

The problem with National (Principles)

It was glaring.

But who would notice? The problem with the RLC, I mean.

When “the Belz” began to barnstorm, in the summer of 2012, on the stump for the Washington Chapter of the RLC, I specifically attended a Ron Paul reunion event at Lil’ Erickson’s to listen to her and ask what “the program” would be. Not what the RLC would stand for, but what it would DO. Sandi Belzer Brendale was articulate about a “two pronged” approach: 1, “education” for which she would tap the John Birch Society and 2, “literature distribution” for which she would tap the John Birch Society. So far, so good. Sandi was – like Lil’ – a member of the John Birch Society. (more…)

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[Ed. note: Despite the propensity of readers to presume that all Reagan Wing articles are authored by its chief writer, Doug Parris, we do in fact have a staff – who are responsible for this article, as noted in the byline.]

ban dougToday the Reagan Wing discovered that King County RLC Chair and RLC Washington Vice Chair Matt Dubin, who very publicly announced his Facebook friendship with King County Chair, Lori Sotelo, just before the January RLC Kickoff and welcomed her as an RLC member before the April State Convention, has now un-friended and blocked Doug Parris from his personal Facebook page.

According to Parris, “Every objective means Facebook makes available indicates Dubin removed me as a friend.” (more…)

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[Ed. note: Readers of the The Reagan Wing know we regularly publish events of note in the Republican Party.]

Sotelo NationalApril 21, 2013 is the first anniversary of one of the most significant events in  the history of King County Republican Caucuses.  Yes, those of you who follow these events  well remember the 37LD basketball court caucus where the curtain of secrecy  was finally drawn aside, and the resultant national YouTube and Fox News debut of King County’s own Lori Sotelo! (more…)

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wilbur micWe know through private channels that Washington State Republican Party Chair Kirby Wilbur always carries a concealed firearm.

However we know from public experience, that he does not, in practice, support the right of others to do so.

The Second Amendment was one of many casualties of Kirby’s stewardship of the 2012 Washington State Republican Convention and Caucus process.

Mr. Wilbur, in every possible way, treated that process as though its sole purpose was to anoint the candidacy of Mitt Romney and Rob McKenna by any means necessary.


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So this is Christmas.

lineofgondor_narsil2While everybody celebrates, there is none for me. It was cancelled. Sure, I can go through the motions like anybody else. But this month it was cancelled. Sandy Hook? Sort of. Not by the incident itself.

If twenty nut jobs kill twenty kids over the course of a year, we won’t hear about it.


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By: Matthew Pfeffer, Spokane, Washington

For this discussion, the following two provisions of the Twelfth Amendment apply:

The Electors shall meet in their respective states and vote by ballot for President and Vice-President, one of whom, at least, shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves; they shall name in their ballots the person voted for as President, and in distinct ballots the person voted for as Vice-President, and they shall make distinct lists of all persons voted for as President, and of all persons voted for as Vice-President . . . . (more…)

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There are some scenes in your life that are so significant you can never forget them. And there is no common vocabulary to describe them. Words like “epiphany” and “allegorical” fall short even after the dictionary has been dragged out.

I went to a meeting early in 2008 to discuss “the future of the Ron Paul Movement” in an upscale South King County subdivision. Only four people showed up, but “as it happened” we (supernaturally?) represented four of five tributaries of the phenomenon, the R3VOLUTION that had unexpectedly exploded across America that year, re-igniting the grassroots nationwide and spawning “money bombs.”


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It is my belief that Obama already has the voting blocks necessary to win. He will win on every topic as polarizing. My belief is that the ONLY thing that will defeat Obama is a FOCUSED attack on Economics problems.

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Litzow and openly homosexual Murray accepting award for Gay Rights leadership.

From Steve Litzow [at his facebook page]:

On Thursday evening the Municipal League of King County presented me [Mr. Litzow] with the Warren G. Magnuson Memorial award. Sen. Ed Murray was also recognized for our bipartisan leadership during the 2012 legislative session including passage of the bill that created Washington’s marriage-equality law in February.


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[Note on UPDATE: Since the original publication of this article on April 7, its author, Bruce Morton, has been the target of attacks both public and personal. He has requested that we redact some information from the report for which he has been under intense pressure by people he regards as friends. In deference to Bruce’s wishes and repeated requests we are removing factual material from the article that documents some of its claims, to protect Romney operatives from scrutiny for public acts for which they now seek anonymity [has the person in question removed their FaceBook post?]. The record has not changed, only Bruce’s coverage of it. In addition, it should be pointed out that Bruce is not in direct control of the reader comments that are allowed to be published. We have an independent comments editor who is in charge of screening new commenters to remove slander, profanity and undocumentable accusations. ~ Doug]
Snohomish County. April 2, 2012.

By: Bruce Morton

Many dishonest and underhanded tactics have been employed by Mitt Romney’s followers in his presidential campaign. A few examples are in order.

On March 24th, at a fire station in Marysville, the Paul campaign held a training session for delegates in the 39th LD. This event was promoted on the Snohomish County Ron Paul Meetup site and email invitations were sent out to county Paul delegates.

As the meeting was about to begin Lil Erickson recognized a Romney supporter sitting in the back. This wasn’t just any Romney supporter, it was Bob Williams, the Snohomish County Romney campaign coordinator. (more…)

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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2012

It was 2008 and the political stakes were high. Although McCain had won the Primary in Washington State, the results of the caucuses and subsequent County Conventions (where half the delegates for the Presidential nomination would come from) were quite dicey. An ominous storm had been brewing, filling the GOP Mainstream Establishment with fear and angst. The storm was called Ron Paul and the GOP began to prepare big time, launching into a plethora of dirty tricks and behind the scenes underhanded maneuvering, as they manipulated the political process through cheating and lawbreaking to ensure they would bring home the nomination for John McCain.

They were not entirely sure whether the Ron Paul delegates had a majority. But, if Ron Paul secured the 20 available delegates from Washington State, it would be a huge black eye in the face of the McCain campaign.



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The following email was circulated among County delegates who had put Romney as their Presidential Preference in the precinct caucus.

Besides making the absurd assertion that Mitt Romney is a fiscal conservative, in contrast to everything he has ever done, it spins total fabrications we have taken the liberty to highlight in RED: (more…)

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Each of the  Romney activists named in the title are fighting the national Santorum campaign while attempting to maintain positions in Santorum leadership in Washington State.


Garry Pagon was forced to resign, but not “fired” March 29 for disloyalty to the Santorum Campaign. (more…)

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Reaganwing Staff


Below is a video which shows explicitly how Santorum and Gingrich supporters at the Pierce County Convention are getting set up by the Romney Campaign. They are being told that Ron Paul supporters are disruptive and “savage” (scurrilous slanders) and they need to ally with Romney against them. Which just means that Romney will get his 1,144 delegates on the first vote at the National Convention and thus SANTORUM WILL LOSE. GINGRICH WILL HAVE NO CHANCE. They are being induced to commit voluntary political suicide. (more…)

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