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“…so because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew you out of My mouth.”


Fat man, sleigh, red suit, the child’s toy desire, the love of “children;” annual retail windfall as a leading economic indicator; the hated “Christian Influence” of lighted evergreen trees, stable re-enactments and a massive gift exchange…

When Herod the first encountered the “wise men” from the east seeking the “child that would be born” it was because there was a spontaneous movement in Israel that believed the time of “The Messiah” was at hand that he was driven to microscopically examine the prophesies. In general the “modern mind” has no concept of what it was they (the movement, the wise men and Herod) were all expecting. But it was from those investigations that Herod was able to send the visitors from the east to Bethlehem.

And the meaning of those prophesies is the reason he lied and told them he was on their side, part of the movement, and asked to be their facebook friend. It was the nature of that expectation that he considered a significant danger to moderate rule, that is, his own. Continue Reading »


If some of our leaders fall in the battle,  we must move on. We must be relentless.”

Michele St. Pierre (c) 2012

Rand Paul a Traitor?

Along with many of you in the Liberty Movement, I watched and listened with sick horror to Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney. But thinking about it, in a political sense, in a global context of what is happening in our world, I would like to offer a hypothesis. Continue Reading »

While everyone else is busy with other things.











He is risen. Continue Reading »

From the emergence of Donald Trump on the Presidential candidacy stage he has been weighed by seasoned conservatives and found wanting. He has not hit the correct “note” on the keyboard of their crucial issues. He has not displayed the proper pedigree of experience or history of advocacy for the principles they, themselves expound much better. In a wide field of Republican politicians he came out, and by his brash display of incorrect comments demonstrated that he is not one.

And over and over again I heard from friends (for whom I had held high respect) some form of the complaint, “He’s not one of us” and “he is for big government.” Continue Reading »

Yesterday I watched the Trump press conference. He was a lion surrounded by a pack of jackals.


Donald Trump did what no major office holder—indeed, no candidate for major office—has ever done. This is the intervention of God in American politics. Continue Reading »

bipartisan moneyI estimate that somewhere between 80 and 95 percent of the corruption in the Republican Party of Washington State originates, depends on, or culminates in King County.


On October 27, King County SUPERIOR COURT will, again, hear a landmark case determining whether the King County Judiciary is willing to begin upholding Washington State Law and require Lori Sotelo’s King County Republican Party organization to obey it. Continue Reading »


The following article was originally written in 2012;

The documentable facts about Lori Sotelo are voluminous. A complete account, the kind that handles every sort of objection and counter-claim up front, would be tens of thousands of words long. We’ve already written volumes on Lori, and the incredibly counterproductive acts of the two previous administrations of which she has been an active part dating back to 2002 and the campaign that brought them to power. So this article will be a summary and full of links to some of that documentation. Continue Reading »


Ruth Gibbs – 2006

Longtime Washington State and King County Parliamentary cheater, Ruth Gibbs has joined the fray, this time on Facebook, instructing Cruz supporters how even a Trump majority can be thwarted at the National Convention.

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