Not yet indicted.

Since the publication of Michele St. Pierre’s Death Kept Secret on June 18, The Reagan Wing has been in active investigation of the circumstances surrounding her death, including the criminal activities of those persons who had come to surround her with a web of deceit, control all communication in her last days, and are now obscuring her memory.

That same day, June 18, 2015, we were messaging, live, with two of the victims of the scam and its ensuing violence at 36 E. Sourdough Rd., Tonasket, as the Tonasket police (whom they had called) detained them for arrest on false information. Continue Reading »

Many people have been asking via comments on FaceBook and at The Reagan Wing “how they can help” James Faire.


Strat is incarcerated in the Okanogan Jail. He is, by nature of that custody Continue Reading »

The Reagan Wing learned Saturday evening that Angela Nobilis-Faire was bonded  Saturday afternoon. angela nobilis faire facebook 1

However…  Continue Reading »

angel and strat framedThe Reagan Wing is in possession of documented proof that, contrary to current news reports, “Strat” and “Angel” Faire, who are long-time liberty activists, sacrificial Michele St. Pierre care-givers, and mercy-fund raisers on her behalf, have been framed and are now accused murderers.

Who is James Faire?

Continue Reading »

michele revolutionaryThe Reagan Wing has learned, through Snohomish County authorities,  that well-known author, speaker, state wide liberty leader and Ron Paul activist, RCLWA board member, Michele St. Pierre, passed from this mortal life at 4:45 AM Monday, June 15, 2015 and her passing was kept secret by the small circle of care-givers that has, gradually, over the last year, taken control of access to and information coming from Michele’s Stanwood residence. Continue Reading »

The following was originally published in 2005. It was (and is) a call to war and was republished as “GOP history ~ Bad Republican Judges: Sandy” at the Reagan Wing on November 11, 2009, at that time in honor of Veteran’s Day and in memory of R71. It is republished, here, again, in response to the assertion that Islamists who believe they are above the law are a danger to the Republic. The danger they represent DOES NOT COMPARE to the danger of police, judges, and legislators who, empowered as government, believe themselves above the law.
Lawrence v Texas' Sandra Day O'Connor: failure as a Supreme

Lawrence v Texas’ Sandra Day O’Connor: failure as a Supreme

Now that she’s out of our hair, the smart money politically is to say nice things about retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Continue Reading »

vote2016The following article, by guest author Kelleigh Nelson, was written in November, 2012 immediately after the re-election of Barack Obama and has existed, somehow invisibly, as a draft, backstage as it were, while the Reagan Wing cast and director scurried about producing other dramas. But now it has become clear that this article, recently re-discovered, casts a stark light on the path ahead in 2016 elections. Continue Reading »


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