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Not yet indicted.

Since the publication of Michele St. Pierre’s Death Kept Secret on June 18, The Reagan Wing has been in active investigation of the circumstances surrounding her death, including the criminal activities of those persons who had come to surround her with a web of deceit, control all communication in her last days, and are now obscuring her memory.

That same day, June 18, 2015, we were messaging, live, with two of the victims of the scam and its ensuing violence at 36 E. Sourdough Rd., Tonasket, as the Tonasket police (whom they had called) detained them for arrest on false information. (more…)

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vote2016The following article, by guest author Kelleigh Nelson, was written in November, 2012 immediately after the re-election of Barack Obama and has existed, somehow invisibly, as a draft, backstage as it were, while the Reagan Wing cast and director scurried about producing other dramas. But now it has become clear that this article, recently re-discovered, casts a stark light on the path ahead in 2016 elections. (more…)

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By: Gavin Seim

Churches fill to the brim this Sunday, but how many pastors and congregants speak watery words, staying silent in the face of the judges, lawyers, politicians, and frauds that Jesus stood BOLDLY against?EasyChristianity650pw (more…)

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In the early hours before the dawn of Holy Saturday, some rose early to see a total eclipse of the moon … and some rose early to a partial eclipse of liberty … to act

Communist flag flies in Olympia

Communist flag flies in Olympia Photo credit Maria Bosworth

The Communist Chinese Flag was flown over the Capital of Washington State, yesterday [Friday, April 3] and this morning.


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Faith @ door

Faith stepped up to the doors of the Washington State Legislature Saturday showing no signs of fear. No one, in fact, seemed afraid. And no one was belligerent.

It was eerie. Faith is six years old. The Movement is well over 200.

I was surprised so many showed up. Because this event was planned to directly confront the business end of abusive government, the guys with guns and no morals. (more…)

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From Gavin Seim:



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Anthony and Paul

Anthony and Paul in Yakima County


Son, I fight so in this time you can be a boy…and son we train, so that in your time, you can be a man.

~~Anthony Bosworth          


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