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From the emergence of Donald Trump on the Presidential candidacy stage he has been weighed by seasoned conservatives and found wanting. He has not hit the correct “note” on the keyboard of their crucial issues. He has not displayed the proper pedigree of experience or history of advocacy for the principles they, themselves expound much better. In a wide field of Republican politicians he came out, and by his brash display of incorrect comments demonstrated that he is not one.

And over and over again I heard from friends (for whom I had held high respect) some form of the complaint, “He’s not one of us” and “he is for big government.” (more…)


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The following  articles, one published on WND in the last 36 hours and the other here, at TRW, in May 2011, cover the same topic from two perspectives.

usurperI: Obama prepares to kill 2nd American revolution

by Larry Klayman ~ Larry Klayman is a former Justice Department prosecutor and the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. His latest book is “Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment.”

In the last few weeks WND has published three articles, all of which are verifiable from independent investigation and fact checking, that unmask Supreme Leader Barack Hussein Obama’s plan to use force to extend his increasingly dictatorial power and take over the United States. (more…)

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The following report, last published on May 20, 2007, contains priceless archive material. What you are about to read is the fourth re-publication of some of it.  Every King County PCO needs to have read it to be qualified to vote in the KCGOP organization meeting. (more…)

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Dino Rossi, here, takes the position long held by the GOP’s “Internationalists.”

Clint Didier’s position, the “Patriot Position,” is, by contrast, the one the Establishment has all but banished from the Party.


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comedian justice capped

Sometimes the truth is so outrageous it must be diluted for the general public to consume. People want to trust those in power.




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r3volutionary heritage clearWe stand on the last shores of Freedom, our back to the Sea, at the dawn of a great struggle for our survival as a free people. Great heroes went before us, laying the FOUNDATION of this nation with principles almost all now abandoned, forgotten. The structure stands. The Foundation has been fractured.

They gave everything for this cause.

They risked lives and fortunes and some lost everything. They founded and preserved for us the freest nation in 3,000 years.

We inherited it for nothing. Our generation is letting it slip away.

Let us live up to the mark of the Founders.
Let us engage this battle with all our might. Let us sacrifice our petty ambitions and our self-coddling fears. Let us fight like warrior poets and win back our freedom.

We stand in the shadow of giants, in pathways stained with their blood. Let us be worthy of our forefathers.

Let us give such a fight as will shake the earth and astonish our adversaries.


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