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News Item July 2012, Olympia, WA: Clint Didier files against radical leftist incumbent for State Lands Commissioner…

Early one mornin’, the sun was shinin’
I was lyin’ in bedWonderin’ how it came to be
The “CONSERVATIVE” Party got called “red” (more…)

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Clint Didier takes on the most

powerful and destructive 

special interest lobby 

in the Country.

April 16, 2011.


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This was the second appearance in two days for Michele St. Pierre and myself and the first, ever, performance, anywhere, of the hitherto unpublished

“Come prepared for any weather,” said organizer Joni Dear, and she specified 1. Rain, 2. Sunshine, and/or 3. Snow. We started out on cloudiness but soon moved to the harder stuff. More than one speaker was held up in unseasonable traffic coming through Everett to the south.

We were set to introduce Clint Didier, who drove well over 500 miles round trip to do the event.


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Going without these platform commitments from those we support is why they never come to pass – and never will.

A debate is taking place with many Republican voters concerning my recent conditional endorsement of Dino Rossi.  Rumors abound as to my intentions and objectives. I am receiving both applause and consternation. Therefore, an explanation is in order.

I want Patty Murray to lose in November as much as any Republican. That is exactly why I have chosen the course I have in making a conditional endorsement. I ask that you read all I write in order to more fully understand my heart and my thinking.

Those more heavily involved in Republican Party politics know there are two camps within the GOP.  (more…)

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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2010

With Clint Didier’s refusal to endorse Dino Rossi, without concessions, frantic Rossi supporters, realizing that they don’t have anywhere near enough votes to win in the General Election without the help of the Didier Constitutionalists, have been circulating through the blogs, meetups and other social networking sites desperately trying to castigate and shame Didier advocates into supporting and voting for Rossi. With various predictable, shopworn, hackneyed arguments they beat the drums of fear relentlessly. (more…)

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It didn’t take long for Dino Rossi to reject Clint Didier’s requirements for his endorsement. Rossi’s spokeswoman, Republican Senatorial Leader Mitch McConnell’s former Press Secretary, Jennifer Morris, issued this statement:


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For the last few days Clint Didier has had his team around him working to find a way Dino Rossi can win the US Senate race over leftist Democrat Patty Murray.

Unusual. I know.

Clint is a very unusual phenomenon. I’ve been involved in a few campaigns in the last thirty years and I can’t remember anything like it. (more…)

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Please re-distribute this everywhere


Val Stevens

from Senator Val Stevens …

Recently, the Clint Didier U.S. Senate campaign released a radio commercial on several Christian radio stations throughout Washington State comparing Clint Didier’s views on abortion with that of Dino Rossi and challenging Dino’s claim that he is pro-life.  This ad has created a firestorm within the Christian community, which, until now, has been mostly unaware of these facts. (more…)

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John Carlson


Synopsis of events added…

Isn’t it rich?
A mockery of hope?
One who twists protestant views,
Another the pope.
Send in the clowns.



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The Washington Life Coalition has put out a comparison chart for the U.S. Senate Candidates.   http://washingtonlifecoalition.com/2010/08/u-s-senate-candidate-chart/

Click the image to enlarge.

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Never let it be said that I’m unforgiving.

Despite being cut off, scurrilously insulted, and hung up on by him, on the air, then falsely accused of inventing “a conspiracy” after I was cut off and couldn’t refute his lie, here I am giving attention to David Boze of KTTH. (more…)

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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2010

You’ve all heard people say it and you might believe it yourself. “I like Clint Didier, but I have to vote for Dino Rossi, because he is the only one who can beat Patty Murray.” Really?

With stubborn wrongheadedness, mainstream Republicans cling steadfastly to the belief that only the moderate, not really conservative candidate can win, even though it has proven to be a faulty strategy. The same thing, after all, was said about McCain. On blog after blog, on the radio and on Facebook they keep insisting that Rossi is the only one who can win, as if by chanting it in recitation together their cosmic mantra will somehow make it so.

Rossi made the list of Crew’s Crooked Candidates. Granted, this site is run by admitted progressives, but they do list the reasons for his inclusion and they are troubling. Guilt by association with criminals might not be sufficient to convict him in a court of law, but perceptions by voters DO influence elections. If you look at the left’s websites, they have plenty of dirt ready to sling at Rossi. Wouldn’t it be great to have a candidate who is not so tainted?

Rossi’s appearing at a sales event promoting making money off of foreclosures after declaring his candidacy might not be illegal, but it was certainly tasteless given the suffering of so many in this economic downturn. It plays seamlessly into the “sleazy real estate dealings” accusation.

Jumping in at the last minute and not running a real campaign or engaging the other candidates might be perceived as a clever political strategy. In fact I have seen his hiding out referred to as “expert political gamesmanship” and “he only loses if he engages the other candidates in the primary, so why should he do that?”

Only thing is, ducking and hiding might be praised by politicos but it is not well perceived in the general public, who are certainly more than a little tired of politicking over principles and fluff over substance. (more…)

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August 5, 2010

Dear Friend of Liberty,

Campaign for Liberty’s survey deadline for your August 17th primary election has passed.  The results are in, and there are some important things you need to know about your candidates.

A few weeks ago, Campaign for Liberty urged each of your candidates to stand up and pledge to support Liberty issues in their campaigns.

Unfortunately, not all of your candidates are standing up for freedom.

You see, Republican Dino Rossi has not responded to his Candidate Survey. (more…)

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The Washington Life Coalition (WLC) released a brand new internet video today to appeal to pro-life voters in the state of Washington who have been led to believe they should support Dino Rossi in his bid for U.S. Senate.  The video chronicles some of Rossi’s statements on the issue of abortion, and then reveals an egregious vote that Rossi cast as a state senator, overlooked by the pro-life movement in Washington.  The news of this vote calls into question Rossi on an issue he refers to as “a matter of conscience.”

In 2002, Dino Rossi voted for SB 6537 which forces hospitals to promote “emergency contraception” to rape victims and provide it upon request within 72 hours of sexual contact.  Emergency contraception, also known as “the morning after pill,” causes an abortion if the woman is pregnant.  The bill passed and is now the law in WA state.  Physicians, nurses and health care workers in hospital emergency rooms are forced to act against their conscience, which is formed by their professional training as well as their moral, ethical and religious views.

WLC is a coalition of pro-life activists who are concerned with electing representatives in government who will uphold the unalienable rights of all: the rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  WLC encourages pro-life voters to take a close look at the other candidates in the U.S. Senate race, as well as with all races for public office, to find person(s) with the will to advance the cause of restoring these unalienable rights for all.

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If I call Obama a liar, you won’t find me apologizing for it the next day”

~ Clint Didier, 7:25PM, August 4, 2010

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The latest poll on the U.S. Senate race has Clint ahead of Dino Rossi, and shows Clint posting a 10% increase from a month ago. He’s on the move!

The “Washington State Political Polls” are conducted by a non-partisan consumer research group, and asked people to choose between 15 candidates in the primary.

The last poll (Aug. 1) of more than 7,500 likely voters shows Clint with 18.9% of the vote, and Dino Rossi  trailing, at 18.1%.

Patty Murray came in at 41.7%, but together, Republicans captured a whopping  48.7% of the vote!!


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A revised part 3; The individuals I have listed here are simply how I see them and represent no one’s opinion but mine.   To me they have and continue to make a positive difference in the state of Washington. Most of these people I have taken the time to get know. So I have no doubts about any of them. With that in mind lets begin again.
Pam Roach

A little less than a week ago I had the opportunity to meet Pam for the first time. This was something I had wanted to do for a very long time. We talked for close to two hours. It didn’t take me too long to realize that she isn’t the person that the WSRP AND KCGOP leadership make her out to be. I should point out I never believed the things that were being said about her anyway (just consider the source). (more…)

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Michele St. Pierre © 2010

KenvsNixonIn America, where the right to free speech is codified in the First Amendment of our Constitution and revered by anyone who loves freedom, the art and magic of great debates are spangled throughout the annals of American History.

From Congressional debates on the seminal issues of the times, to the sometimes raucous and rowdy debates between candidates opposing one another it can be truly thrilling to watch minds and viewpoints collide and spar for supremacy. Through the conflict of divergent opinions, choices will be made which will effect political change, get legislation passed or give voters the information they need to see that worthy candidates are elected who truly reflect the values and principles of the American people. (more…)

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The Cream of the Crop

by Chuck Skirko

The Republican field of senate candidates was the best in decades. Every one of them would have been a better match for Patty Murray than Dino Rossi, whose false conservatives credentials have been thoroughly exposed in a series of articles about his voting record as a state senator. [http://wp.me/p3Rqg-2nd, http://wp.me/p3Rqg-2nm, http://wp.me/p3Rqg-2nE ] The only candidate willing to stand up against the status quo is Clint Didier.  He’s the only candidate willing to speak out against the establishment of both parties.  He’s the honest small business owner and farmer from eastern Washington.

Clint Didier is the correct replacement, not only for Patty Murray, but for the worn out, top down command system of the Washington state GOP elites.

As a small business owner in Eastern Washington, Clint Didier embodies everything that’s good, right, and just in Washington and in America.  He’s raising a beautiful family, coaching high school football, and providing for his family with what the ground produces.   This is an example of an American success story, but it hasn’t been easy. Success is born from dedication, honor, discipline, and faith in God.   Clint Didier’s success is tied to all of that, Clint Didier is the epitome of the statesman the Founding Fathers expected of our legislators.

In Washington State, voters will have a choice in the primary; they can vote to once again give us the choice of two evils and more of the same, or they can vote to replace Patty Murray with a man of the people, who understands the people, and understands his job is to represent the people, not the party interest, and not his own personal interests.  That man is Clint Didier!

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People, when was the last time you had a candidate asking you for $15? Get your friends out and support Clint, please.

News from Clint Didier for Senate
To My Friends,

Things are well, but there is something I immediately need you to do to help me.

Today and tomorrow is our first official internet “money-bomb” and a “money-blast” being done by Sarah Palin to her Facebook followers. We very much need you to be a part of this effort!

You are part of our faithful Didier support team with nearly all of you having contributed at some level in the past.  At present, there are well over 12,000 supporters on our list. 

I’m asking you to please go to www.clintdidier.org today and contribute just $15. (Go there now and watch the football move down the field to score as you and others participate). (more…)

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Yesterday, US Senate candidate Paul Akers challenged Patty Murray, Dino Rossi, and Clint Didier to a debate before the US Senate primary election. KVI radio talk show host John Carlson offered to moderate and broadcast the debate.


Thanks to bloomergal for the tip.

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With thanks to bloomergal.

Clint’s having a fundraiser in Everett this Saturday July 24th – admission is free to the public!

2:00-5:00 at Henry M Jackson Park-1700 State Street

Didier is expected to speak for approximately 20 minutes and then take questions in a townhall style format for 30 to 40 minutes.

Mike Siegel will be the MC. They’re raffling signed footbals and other memorabilia!


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