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2014 closed for business longRichland, Washington

3:45 pm

Just seconds ago the Washington State Republican Central  Committee took the historic action to


the historic deliberative process of the Republican Party for 2014 by majority vote. (more…)


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gandalf retrieves ringThe Republican Liberty Caucus Kicked Off in Middle Washington the same weekend that the Roanoke Conference was washed up on our Left Coast. The two conferences were held on opposite ends of the philosophical spectrum within the Republican Party and incorporated within them every possible immediate future of the Republican Party. (more…)

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Alan Mulally saves Pres. Bush from certain death by preventing him from putting a 110 volt plug into a hydrogen outlet

Alan Mulally saves Pres. Bush from certain death by preventing him from putting a 110 volt plug into a hydrogen outlet while Dick Cheney laughs

IN Roanoke 2: The Wilburness Mandate  we reported on the political vision of  the Roanoke Conference, one of three visions of the future we discerned  between Roanoke 2013 and the RLC Kickoff event in Yakima.

But at Ocean Shores  Midstreamers also emitted hints of  new methodology, in addition to their old politics, that is, steering to the midpoint between American status quo and Democratic Socialism. (more…)

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roanoke podium wilburIn his reelection/inaugural speech on Jan. 19th, State GOP Chair, Kirby Wilbur, announced, “I voted for Mitt Romney and Rob McKenna and I’m not ashamed because the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat!”

It could have been a fitting introduction to the Roanoke Conference six days later. Because for three days, Wilbur – and the  Conference – pondered how the Party could continue to run Washington State’s worst Republicans – the kind for whom Wilbur has worked overtime securing nominations – and still find a way to stop  their epidemic of losses to the best Democrats. *

And over the course of the Conference the latest “New Direction” emerged. (more…)

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We threw it all away.

For as long as we have been a nation, there has always existed a remnant of patriots, willing, anxious, to defend Constitutional Government– freedom as conceived by our founders.  (more…)

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The Moses Lake Meeting of the 2012 Washington State GOP Credentials Committee was an atrocity.

All the authorities agree; the RNC rules, the WSRP rules, Robert Rules of Order… there must be a “call to convention,” a notice given to the qualified delegates of the place and time and inviting their participation to make it a valid Convention. Each authority stipulates rules for that call explicitly.


Because it is too easy for the people charged with running a Convention or caucus or committee to manipulate its outcome with people… that will vote the way they want… (more…)

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… in the battle that looms in 2012 against the forces of darkness, against the forces empowering and empowered by Obama, the Republican Elite (record their names as they reveal themselves) propose to engage the beast with a machine, a clone, a Republican battle-droid artificially fabricated in years of polls and focus groups, in countless hours of tactical evasion and practiced “messaging.” (more…)

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