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The following article was originally written in 2012;

The documentable facts about Lori Sotelo are voluminous. A complete account, the kind that handles every sort of objection and counter-claim up front, would be tens of thousands of words long. We’ve already written volumes on Lori, and the incredibly counterproductive acts of the two previous administrations of which she has been an active part dating back to 2002 and the campaign that brought them to power. So this article will be a summary and full of links to some of that documentation. (more…)


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gop song and dance(The following commentary is from the email underground, the grassroots network of true patriots. This email was motivated by the blatant cheating, by the Whatcom County GOP Establishment,  on behalf of  a far left candidate for Congress, a man whose political philosophy puts him at the CENTER of the Democrat Party, but who covers it up with ambiguity and deceptive platitudes. ~~Ed.)


This is bizarre…  Pedro Celis has the history of a neomarxist, 100% pro-amnesty, the appearance of support by La Raza, more Fed money, banker for illegal aliens… (more…)

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They lived in glass houses…

glass houses

…but they couldn’t see anything.


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TaxpayerRobbery_Government-UncleSamHigh-Tax States are that way because their political leadership has a socialist/liberal/Marxist philosophy.  Washington State has had historically high liquor prices in controlled-price  monopoly stores so… passage of an enterprising Citizen’s Initiative privatized liquor sales, bypassing our bureaucratic parasites…

So have they  gotten the message ?


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Obama Treason 1Will this, at last, be the shot heard round the Party? Republican Turncoats, Holding all the votes to kill the funding to national Romney Care (231-198), instead turned their back on their own Republican Base and on the whole tradition of American freedom.

I do not blame the Democrats.

I do not blame Obama. (more…)

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Devvy Kidd the dynamite redheadBy: Devvy
October 6, 2013

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This past week most of us have probably seen some, if not a great deal of the games played by Harry Reid and his Comrades. Name calling, hissy fits and political strategy: force the Republicans to partially shut down the government.

Not that the Republicans are any better. (more…)

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“If you ask it of me, I will give you the One Ring.”

In The Lord of the Rings, JRR Tolkein, by allegory, demonstrates spiritual mechanics that have operated within and around the Liberty Movement.

Sandras Galadriel Brendale


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