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Yesterday I watched the Trump press conference. He was a lion surrounded by a pack of jackals.


Donald Trump did what no major office holder—indeed, no candidate for major office—has ever done. This is the intervention of God in American politics. (more…)


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Not yet indicted.

Since the publication of Michele St. Pierre’s Death Kept Secret on June 18, The Reagan Wing has been in active investigation of the circumstances surrounding her death, including the criminal activities of those persons who had come to surround her with a web of deceit, control all communication in her last days, and are now obscuring her memory.

That same day, June 18, 2015, we were messaging, live, with two of the victims of the scam and its ensuing violence at 36 E. Sourdough Rd., Tonasket, as the Tonasket police (whom they had called) detained them for arrest on false information. (more…)

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By Julio Severo

Brazilian newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo has reported, in a 30 August article, that the US government is interested in Bolsa Família, a populist family-fund program from the Brazilian government that provides cash to millions of Brazilians. Russlynn Ali, Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights at the Department of Education, said that her country is also interested in the Statute of Racial Equality in Brazil.

What could America, or more specifically Obama and his party, gain through Bolsa Família?


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NOW tell me he’s not a neo-con. (more…)

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PENSACOLA, Fla., Dec. 4 /CNW/ — Trial testimony concluded this week in which CEAI is seeking to intervene to overturn an ACLU court order suspending religious liberty that has already resulted in three school officials being charged with contempt. Liberty Counsel represents CEAI (Christian Educators Assn. International). Testimony revealed how this order has literally driven Christians to hide in closets to pray in order to avoid contempt charges. (more…)

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now aclu national lesbian socialistsACLU’s Request to Jail Lisa Miller Fails in Virginia Court

 WINCHESTER, VA, Aug. 25 /Christian Newswire/ — Earlier today, Liberty Counsel appeared in court to defend Lisa Miller from a complaint filed by the ACLU of Virginia on behalf of Janet Jenkins. The ACLU asked the judge to order Lisa to jail for not delivering her own daughter, Isabella, to Vermont for unsupervised visitation with Janet, the unrelated lesbian activist. (more…)

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aclu 1Across America the Left is gearing up Anti-Christian bigotry. And the ACLU, as usual, is attacking the First Amendment.  

Michelle Winkler is Cleared of Civil Contempt Charge in Santa Rosa County Prayer Case

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