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This is an actual letter I sent a few years ago that got published elsewhere, but not on the Reagan Wing. I share it now for your edification and personal growth.

Dear Running Times,

I just read a running shoe review wherein you used the word “craftspersonship” in describing the construction of a shoe.

Of course, it goes without saying, you had to remove the chauvinistic “craftsmanship” because it contained the sexist word “man,” but in doing so you made a common mistake by using a word containing the word “person.” (more…)


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Sofia Wilen and Anna Ardin. Ardin had ties to a CIA backed anti-Fidel Castro group.

After voting for most Tea Party candidates in the November 2010 elections, America’s anti-feminist conservative and independent males may have early cause for concern about whether they will do so again in 2012. It will all depend on whether the Tea Party is seen as defending men against more feminist lawmaking and whether or not the new Congress passes the insane iVAWA law in January (the International Violence Against Women Act would fund radical feminist groups in other countries at a huge cost to the US taxpayer). (more…)

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By David Usher

The greatest test of Conservative brilliance rests on our ability to weaken Democrat support for President Obama’s budget reconciliation version of National Health Care legislation that Democrats threaten to ram through the roof of Congress’s teapot dome via simple majority vote.
We can say with certainty that Republicans cannot change so many Democrat votes lacking a powerful fresh argument. How can Republicans puncture the partisan support Obama commands for National Health Care?
The proposed Healthfare state is anti-woman and anti-marriage. Forty-five years of social data demonstrates that every advance of the welfare state has resulted in more women and children living in poverty in cities unsafe because the fabric of marriage is destroyed. National Healthfare, the largest proposed expansion of the Great Society since 1963, would accelerate evisceration of marriage and the futures of the neighborhoods so many women are already afraid to live in.

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Fox New’s LaToya Foster made a good start holding women responsible for chasing rich or powerful men in her latest piece Ladies, Only YOU Can Prevent Cheating.  Beyond Foster’s piece resides the reasons why so many women behave this way at the expense of other women.

GigaletteUsing power to get sex is illegal in business.  We call it sexual harassment.  Men get sued for this every day. But using sex to seize power and money in or out of business is a fully legal and entitled activity – especially when the woman gets herself pregnant.

Rich and powerful men ranging from Hollywood stars to politicians are literally stalked every day by lovely gigalettes in flirty clothing.  These women aggressively chase powerful married men hoping to displace the man’s wife, blackmail him into supporting an elective single-mother lifestyle, or get famous and make it big in Hollywood.



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babycashAnyone wondering why marriage is passé and illegitimacy is at record levels can find the answer in the recent case of the unmarried California mother with six test-tube children who just launched octuplets with the help of an unethical feminist fertility clinic.

Why would she do this? Because she gets eight times more welfare than women who merely shake down the welfare system one kid at a time.  The mother has repeatedly declined marriage, and apparently admitted she did it because she “got paid for it“.  In addition to a load of welfare the mother is entitled to, the sperm donor will be facing a whacking child support order if his identity is known.

Why does Congress continue expansions of federal policy entitling predatory economic demolition of marriage?  Why do pro-life conservatives tacitly support the welfare state – imagining this reduces abortion?  (more…)

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now-nazi-logo-6Why would N.O.W. want all women to pretend they are lesbians, and fully devote themselves, for something only a few lesbians want?  Why would N.O.W litigate vociferously for gay men, while continuing to do everything possible to destroy the social rights of heterosexual men? (more…)

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Not since the editorial board came out in support of partial birth abortion has the Seattle Times published such a wicked and shameful editorial. The editorial – Lift the Plan B Ban – is wicked because it willfully and haughtily lies to people about Plan B and misrepresents the pleas of the pharmacists who refuse to sell it. It is shameful because at a time when the public needs factual information about this drug in particular, how it came to be on the market, and the Constitutional issues surrounding the cause of the pharmacists we are given trite, shop worn propaganda about “women’s health”.


There is no Plan B “ban”. (more…)

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