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Devvy Kidd the dynamite redheadBy: Devvy
October 6, 2013

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This past week most of us have probably seen some, if not a great deal of the games played by Harry Reid and his Comrades. Name calling, hissy fits and political strategy: force the Republicans to partially shut down the government.

Not that the Republicans are any better. (more…)


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The following was brought to my attention by real estate broker, market analyst, one-time State Legislative candidate and Campaign for Liberty Executive Director, Alex Rion.

It is short and thunderous.

Like The Scream of the Butterfly it is a signal of prophetic significance and on the course of our warnings in articles like The Coming One World Monetary System, and Six Steps to Boil the Frog, Three Steps to Save it.

Silent Sirens Screaming Warnings.


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Two steps for the Euro-kings under the sky,

Three for the congress-critters in their halls of stone,

A fourth for the Housing Market doomed to die,

One for the Blind Electorate on its dark throne,

In the Land of America where the Reporters lie.


Six steps to boil the frog, One step to heal it

One Step to save the land, Six steps to steal it,

It’s the Land of America where Reporters lie.

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From Johnathan B at Abortion in Washington:

Parents Frustrated By Lack of Answers on Seattle Schools’ Secret Abortion System

As the Seattle City Council considers doubling the Education Levy used to fund in-school “health clinics”, they are coming under fire from parents and activists for continuing to undermine parental authority because of their role in secretly putting girls on birth control and even helping setup abortions behind the parents’ backs.

Some critics have even called the clinics the first station in an “underground railroad from hell” where the last stop is one of Seattle’s unregulated abortion mills. (more…)

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Michele St. Pierre © 2011

The basis of the American Financial system is no longer the production of tangible goods and services. We have the gambling casino of the Stock Market, which is no longer based on the fundamentals of a company, but rather a cultish computer controlled chartism. We have the buying and selling of various repackaged debt instruments and derivatives which have lost all ties to reality. We don’t have Capitalism. We don’t have Communism. We have Fraudulism. We are seeing massive institutionalized fraud on a global scale.

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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2011

While watching YouTubes of  CPAC speeches, I was struck by a commonality that is observable at local Republican gatherings and organizational meetings.


There are two kinds of Republicans. There are the older, entrenched, more “moderate” Crony Capitalism ones. They are content with big government as long as it keeps up Big Defense Spending and Crony Corporatism. Often accused of being “neo-cons,” there is nothing new about them. I prefer to call them the Old Cons. They are primarily concerned with self interest, serving the status quo and dishing up business as usual. They have long since written off the country, abandoning the free market and electing officials who are primarily bought and paid for by financial lobbyists. They are of the back slapping, good ol’ boy variety. A solid majority of American citizens (including many in their own party) find them completely untrustworthy and untenable. It is this type of Republican that has caused some to say, “I will never again vote Republican until the day I die.” Nixon, Ford, Dole, the Bushes, McCain and Romney exemplify this group.


Then there are the patriot/constitutionalist/liberty-oriented Republicans. They include an older, core group of Goldwater Republicans, Buchanan supporters and a host of ornery independents who will vote for Republican candidates of the principled conservative stripe. They also incorporate a new group of younger, technically savvy, freedom-espousing people who have studied history and revere the Founding Fathers’ vision. Ron and Rand Paul They do not support the empire building and rash of constitutionally questionable wars that are bankrupting the Nation. Contrary to what their Old Con detractors say, they believe in a strong defense for America, just not endless war and endless debt, which only serves to line the pockets of banksters and financiers to the detriment of the Country. They believe common sense tells us that if we bankrupt the country, our enemies win without firing a shot. Massive Tank They believe that a streamlined, stripped-down, limited government is the best protector of liberty. Ron Paul and now Rand Paul exemplify this group. I prefer to call them the Patriots, of the old style Jeffersonian/Madison/Paine/Adams/Washington variety. The Tea Party is largely composed of this group, with some co-opted bleed over to the Old Cons.

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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2011

Just like a major earthquake is sometimes preceded by tiny tremors, or cracks may appear in a once mighty dam before it breaks, the sleeping people of the United States of America are seeing shafts of light through the window shades of ignorance.

While browsing the forums like the blogaholic I am, I was particularly drawn to certain stories, which to me are the bellwethers of things to come.


CandleOne was the story of Texas power shortages during the recent cold snap. I was reading people’s reactions noting an underlying thread of outrage that such a thing could happen in America. What were we? Some kind of third world country? Heads should roll. Imagine, rolling blackouts for as much as an hour at a time. In America! Is Atlas Shrugging? No, surely it was just some misunderstanding, some SNAFU, some bureaucratic foul up, some politician’s bat-crazy legislative error. It couldn’t be that there really isn’t quite enough energy to go around, after decades of ignoring the necessity to address our dependence on this basic necessity and where it originates.

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