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1101830919_400[The story was set in the wake of Nixon/Kissinger’s “Détente” and in the final days of
Jimmy Carter’s “Peace Through Capitulation” when the Soviet Empire was still conquering and enslaving a new nation somewhere in the world, on average, every 287 days. This account was only circulated privately among friends, and never officially published while Reagan lived. Nancy will probably take it to her grave. ~ Ed.]



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obama_santaThe Christmas season has gathered legends that have a life of their own. St. Nicholas, a real historic figure, has become Santa Claus, who visits a billion homes in a single night from a flying sleigh and now resides permanently at his North Pole toy factory with elves and anthropomorphic talking reindeer, one of whom sports a high candlepower light-emitting nose. In 2015, those mythological creatures became the center of national Washington DC controversy.

It seems that the President had a very clear picture in his mind (more…)

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He was elected President by doing Cowboy impressions of Ronald Reagan.

bush_cowboy (more…)

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Mrs. Obama inspects Patriot's under-inflated football

Mrs. Obama inspects Patriot’s under-inflated football (artist’s conception)

For the second straight week the hype heading into the Seahawks defense of their World Football Championship swirls around the Deflate-Gate controversy.


By now the entire football-speaking world is aware that the Seahawks’ opponent, the New England Patriots, won the right to play in the game, at least partially, by using illegal, under-inflated balls to defeat the Indianapolis Colts on January 18.

Within hours of the discovery of the under-inflation, expert sources, both current and former NFL players and staff, expressed a consensus that: (more…)

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Hymn for Ann Dunham

Annie and Barry

Annie did you know that your baby boy will turn wine into water?
Annie did you know that your baby boy will save you from your daughter?
Did you know that your baby boy has come to make us new?
This child that you’ve delivered, will soon rule over you. (more…)

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Halloween Musings

October 31 is Halloween. It reminds me of John McCain.

jack o lantern


Over the course of a long, storied political career he learned to play many roles. (more…)

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Presidential Seal.


… the United States of America is currently blessed with SIX living Presidents, and



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