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Forwarded by Peter Schiff:

Frequently, in my mind, I ask myself the question of some local politician, who has said something utterly beyond belief, “Is he a liar or an idiot?” But exposed in this video is a man who is clearly both. (more…)

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From Alex Mattila:


President George W. Bush signed the bill H.R. 4040 Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act into law on Aug. 14, 2008. (more…)

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1. First place winner, hands down, is PETA, People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals. After hearing of a Swiss restaurant that started using human breast milk in their soups and sauces, PETA sent a letter to Ben & Jerry’s Homemade Inc., urging them to start using breast milk in their ice cream products. Yum.


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Article at:      Hilarious. Tragic. Symptomatic.



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its-perfectly-normal-captioned-2.jpgIt seems as though a book banned from our state prisons is perfectly fine for our children.  It is advertised as being suitable for children 10 and up and is titled It’s Perfectly Normal.  Take a look at the video and I think you’ll agree this has Planned Parenthood’s fingerprints all over it.How in the heck did 44 copies of this filth manage to get into the King County Library System alone?    (more…)

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legion.jpgI’ve heard it said that the three signs of the demonic are: nudity, violence and chaos. I think just a cursory review of the news and events of the day proves its validity. The obvious example is the abortion industry but serial killers, tyrannical political regimes, and cultic and heretical religious sects — think Jim Jones and David Koresh — all exhibit these three marks of the demonic. 

And if you really take the time to meditate on this fact it’s quite shocking to realize that many social-political movements, legislative initiatives and so-called religions fall into this category. It’s actually a pretty good acid test for analyzing bills coming out of the state legislature. (more…)

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