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Editor’s note: The Reagan Wing has exposed them for more than 10 years. Brian Thomas, King County PCO, named them LIARS (Liberals Impersonating A Republican). Christian Berrigan reveals their long-standing strategy to defeat conservatives.



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The October 17 cover of the Stranger, King County’s leading satanic publication, pictures Republican Gubernatorial candidate Rob McKenna laughing. Superimposed over the photo are giant letters spelling out the question, “WHY IS THIS MAN LAUGHING?” and the Stranger’s answer: “Because he thinks you‘re stupid enough to vote for him.”

Inside, the supporting article is co-authored by the twin Stranger political avatars: Dan Savage, the Svengali of Sexual Perversion and David “Goldy” Goldstein, the maven of Marxist economics. Like virtually everything we read at the Stranger, almost every word in the article is a lie.

This is my defense of McKenna. (more…)

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Romney criticizes Obama


for not being more liberal!


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Following (text) from the American Family Association (AFA):

The nation’s largest pro-homosexual activist group, Human Rights Campaign
(HRC), credited Home Depot for helping it pass gay marriage in New York State
last week.

Calling it the “most aggressive state legislative advocacy campaign ever,” HRC says it pumped more than $1 million into the effort. Just after the gay marriage bill passed, HRC issued an email asking “What was the secret weapon behind this incredible achievement?” (more…)

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This is an actual letter I sent a few years ago that got published elsewhere, but not on the Reagan Wing. I share it now for your edification and personal growth.

Dear Running Times,

I just read a running shoe review wherein you used the word “craftspersonship” in describing the construction of a shoe.

Of course, it goes without saying, you had to remove the chauvinistic “craftsmanship” because it contained the sexist word “man,” but in doing so you made a common mistake by using a word containing the word “person.” (more…)

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Press Release Wednesday March 2, 2011.

Victorious in Libya, Qaddafi to run for Mayor of Seattle

The director of Midstream Republicans of Washington announced this morning that Muammar Qaddafi will not step down as Libyan leader, but will prevail and that following the defeat of anti-government extremists in Libya, will relocate to the State of Washington and begin a campaign for Mayor of the City of Seattle.


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Have you been recently elected or re-elected to a public administrative post? Want a multimillion dollar “leg-up” on the competition that you can legitimately charge to the taxpayer?

You need our software!

In bygone days it used to be that personal privacy was a high priority for Americans in the Old Tradition, but that has gone the way of the dinosaur and it has opened up new opportunities for progressive government.

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EarthCommand (use limited to authorized government administrators)
Put the electorate on your desktop
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