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==There is a refreshing honesty among openly Left activists entirely missing in the Republican ruling Left elite. For while honest Leftists pursue predictable agendas of philosophical lies that inevitably lead down the road to tyranny, they do so out of complete belief in those lies and an enthusiasm born of that sincerity. The Republican Elite, by contrast, make a living selling out their constituents to the same philosophical delusions, while constantly denying it, claiming to be opposing the tyrannies they enable and don’t actually, sincerely, believe anything.

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Mrs. Obama inspects Patriot's under-inflated football

Mrs. Obama inspects Patriot’s under-inflated football (artist’s conception)

For the second straight week the hype heading into the Seahawks defense of their World Football Championship swirls around the Deflate-Gate controversy.


By now the entire football-speaking world is aware that the Seahawks’ opponent, the New England Patriots, won the right to play in the game, at least partially, by using illegal, under-inflated balls to defeat the Indianapolis Colts on January 18.

Within hours of the discovery of the under-inflation, expert sources, both current and former NFL players and staff, expressed a consensus that: (more…)

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[Ed. note: reposted here by permission from The Patrick Henry Society]


Ronald Reagan on Air Force One c. 1985

Ronald Reagan on Air Force One c. 1985

By Zach Stone

In the ongoing fight for gun rights here in Washington, many pro-gun folks have decided to throw their support behind a coalition called WAFLAG.  The Washington Firearms Leadership Advocacy Group is an organization made up of many of the groups who claim to fight for gun rights, including the Second Amendment Foundation (run by Alan Gottlieb), and Protect Our Gun Rights WA (run by Adina Hicks).  These people campaign and fund raise like mad; Gottlieb, in fact, is known as one of the most effective fundraisers in the nation outside the DC beltway.  But are these groups actually working FOR gun rights?  And are people aware of who Hicks and Gottlieb really are?  We do, and we are bringing readers that data so that they can make informed decisions about who they support and what they’re really about.

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fraud stampClark County, Washington

by: Dan Poletti, CalledUntoLiberty

It appears that a Washington State Republican Party operative has been caught filing at least 20 online PCO applications on behalf of Clark County residents, some of whom had no intention of filing and gave no permission to use their names. Richard ‘Apollo’ Fuhriman, a lawyer and former Bothell City Council candidate who is apparently no stranger to filing for office from outside of his voting district has apparently expanded his operations to include PCO filings way down here in Clark County. On a day when the local chatter among establishment sympathizers has been on an email sent by Christian Berrigan urging PCO candidates to call their opponents in order to assess their level of enthusiasm, the real news story is that there was a very good reason for making those phone calls, namely, that several of those candidates never wanted to file in the first place. (more…)

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It appears Susan Hutchison, Lori Sotelo, and the Washington State Republican Party are, once again, committed to the old GOP/Left tricks of anointing a Liberal Party insider as THE GOP candidate for  key offices in 2014,  entirely without grass roots involvement. (more…)

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 Congressional & state incumbents sweeping primary

texas primary( Forwarded message from Devvy Kidd)

Date: Mar 4, 2014 7:35 PM

I should have turned this damn thing off, but thought I’d take a peek at the “election” results.

I want to throw up. (more…)

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Grays Harbor Insiders complete political assassination of newly elected chairman

R. Clayton Strang

Beth DeVaul ran against Michael Thompson for Chair at the Grays Harbor [County] Republican Party organization meeting in January, where Thompson won.

DeVaul  and ThompsonSome people don’t give up.

ELEPHANT shot in redfootSomething important just happened, and you may have missed it.  Of course, with all of the goings on in the WSRP lately, it’s no wonder!  We have the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington imploding and the WSRP State Committee  voting to cancel the 2014 Convention.  Add to that the recent scandals that President Obama and his administration are involved in, and of course your attention was diverted! But there was Washington State Republican blood on the floor in May.


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