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After Brussels was linked to terror plots, the international media portrayed the city as a war zone.

How is it really?


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By Sam Wilson


In these days of social media, that saturate the internet with the latest case of real (or imagined) police brutality, and countless stories of government employees with badges and guns killing pets, closing children’s lemonade stands, and dropping grenades into children’s cribs, it is far too easy to vilify ALL government employees who wear a badge and carry a gun.

We do this at our own peril. (more…)

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Ron Bemis

Ron Bemis is the challenger to long-time 7th District Stalinist Democrat Jim McDermott.  McDermott has consistently refused to debate Bemis and the reason is very, very clear. It might tend to give the voters a choice.  McDermott made the mistake of appearing side by side with Bemis in October on KUOW and Bemis – how should I put this? – Bemis broke McDermott into little pieces intellectually and then ground the pieces into a fine powder. [You can hear it (and the extraordinary KUOW left wing bias) here.] No problem in Soviet King County, however.

There is a controlled press.

The Seattle Times has literally refused to cover the Bemis candidacy (!!!). They couldn’t let word get out about a candidate that brilliant. To counteract the Times’ bias against him (they are, after all, just another wing of the Democrat Party), the Bemis campaign purchased a quarter page ad in the Times Sunday October 28 edition. [Why shouldn’t the local propaganda rag profit from its own misdeeds? (and thanks, McCain-Feingold)]

Jim McDermott

And why should our anointed Congressman-for-life, while taking advantage of franking privileges and the prerogatives of media-bequeathed eternal incumbency, have to give up the limelight of a debate just because he (technically) has an opponent for the office? What to do?

Enter the Freedom Foundation.


On Thursday, November 1, 2012 the Freedom Foundation [formerly the Evergreen Freedom Foundation], through its offspring, the Student Freedom Project (SFP) will host a McDermott “Debate.”

But to Save Dr. McDermott* the indignity of having to face his opponent, Ron Bemis will not be invited.

*(Dr.? Yes, Martha, he’s a psychiatrist – just look at that picture).


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One of the greatest disappointements of the 21st Century, so far, has been the demise of Fox News as an objective major news network. Fox emerged as the first major network that was not blatantly Far-Left in outlook and coverage in the ’90s, and became the top rated TV news network by 2004.

Simply being somewhat neutral aroused charges on the left that they were “conservative.” Not hardly. (more…)

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Dear Congressman Paul:

(the likeness of Michael Medved was created by Jim Henson and remains under license by the Walt Disney Corporation, all rights reserved)

Your Presidential campaign has drawn the enthusiastic support of an imposing collection of Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, Holocaust Deniers, 9/11 “Truthers” and other paranoid and discredited conspiracists.”

~ Michael Medved, Oct. 26, 2007


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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2011Not electable. Re-elected 11 times.

With the mainstream media foaming at the mouth every time they say the words “Ron Paul” (when they deign to mention him at all), one of the more amusing and relevant things coming out of his Presidential candidacy will be watching the pundits’ gyrations when Ron Paul, the “unelectable one who can’t win” actually wins Iowa.

So out of touch they don’t know they’re out of touch

Mainstream Media Pundit FactoryThe lamestream media has spent years being completely out of touch with everyday Americans, and has worked hard to vilify any group that challenges the status quo in any meaningful way. But the American people are beginning to see that they have been lied to by their media. They are seeking alternative news sources on the Internet. The big newspapers are dying, the big networks are losing viewers. Their hold on the American psyche is beginning to disintegrate. (more…)

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Interviewed by the Maniacally Socialist National Broadcasting Company, Jennifer Donahue, after examining Mitt Romney’s catatonic body politic, has declared his condition terminal:

N.H. Political Analyst: “It Is Over For Mitt Romney”.

So it once was ordained for Algore.

Nevertheless, for the sake of the land of the proud and the strong and the brave, as Mike Huckabee’s favorite author once wrote (I believe it was in “The Cat in the Hat”), “But that is not all! Oh, no. That is not all…” (more…)

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