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jb-207Great News!

Our friend, Dick Morris, has determined by careful polling analysis that current VP Joe Biden could beat Hillary in the upcoming Presidential race! (Dick Morris: Biden Could Beat Hillary With 56% of Vote )

Consequently we have sent out feelers to convince Joe to run for the 2016 Presidential nomination of the Republican Party. Supportive emails are now requested. (more…)


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Doris on the BeachHelp make the Republican Party the success it is! Speakers! Former and Would-be elected officials! Midstream Party Leaders!



It is time for the Croatoan Conference of 2014.


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2014 new year


Susan Hutchison has come up with four New Year’s resolutions for 2014, broadcast via the party’s twitter feed.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at each resolution and talk about them, so here we go.

Resolution 1: Elect at least one more Republican to the State senate, winning a clear majority to stop [Governor] Inslees’s worst excesses.† (more…)

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household objects 2All our problems are attributable to inanimate objects.

Think of the evil they do!

Guns kill more people each year than any other issue the media focuses on. But there are also knives, pollution, and automobiles. Pollution itself is caused by inanimate chemicals.

If there were no guns no one would ever be killed by them (except when the police kill people who deserve it) and pollution is just as inanimate as guns.

Yes, we can tell that our problems are attributable to our stuff; all the inanimate objects. (more…)

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Alan Mulally saves Pres. Bush from certain death by preventing him from putting a 110 volt plug into a hydrogen outlet

Alan Mulally saves Pres. Bush from certain death by preventing him from putting a 110 volt plug into a hydrogen outlet while Dick Cheney laughs

IN Roanoke 2: The Wilburness Mandate  we reported on the political vision of  the Roanoke Conference, one of three visions of the future we discerned  between Roanoke 2013 and the RLC Kickoff event in Yakima.

But at Ocean Shores  Midstreamers also emitted hints of  new methodology, in addition to their old politics, that is, steering to the midpoint between American status quo and Democratic Socialism. (more…)

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roanoke podium wilburIn his reelection/inaugural speech on Jan. 19th, State GOP Chair, Kirby Wilbur, announced, “I voted for Mitt Romney and Rob McKenna and I’m not ashamed because the worst Republican is better than the best Democrat!”

It could have been a fitting introduction to the Roanoke Conference six days later. Because for three days, Wilbur – and the  Conference – pondered how the Party could continue to run Washington State’s worst Republicans – the kind for whom Wilbur has worked overtime securing nominations – and still find a way to stop  their epidemic of losses to the best Democrats. *

And over the course of the Conference the latest “New Direction” emerged. (more…)

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In the hands of Midstream Republicans the fortunes of the Washington State Republican Party have gotten worser and worser. And at periodic low points (like 1992, 1996,  2004,  2006, 2008, 2010, and 2012) Party Bosses predictably regroup, post-election, to contemplate their navel, blame conservatives, paint a happy face on their own performance, conclude that they must move even further left, and promise that under their leadership success is just around the corner .CRUISE SHIP GROUNDED


It always happens.


Any seasoned Washington State Conservative could simply read the list of speakers to know that the Roanoke Conference had planned just such a series of meditations in disingenuous Republican liberalism for the Ocean Shores Convention Center the weekend of Jan. 25–27. Fans of that movement could not have been disappointed.

What have they been smoking? (more…)

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