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Forty years ago, what was the Reverend Jesse  talking about?

Jackson_january_15,_1975And what happens

When principle falls to power?


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By: Matthew F. Pfefer, Spokane, Washington

[This article is a response to a friend’s  Facebook  post describing his reasons for voting for the Governor against the President in the upcoming election, and  another friend’s  argument against his reasoning, who asked me to  back her up.]

[Ed Note: Emphases ours]

I see three issues here: A moral issue as to oath-keeping, a moral issue as to blood-letting, and a practical issue. (more…)

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On December 2 we presented facts behind the probable re-appointment of Ross Marzolf as King County 37th District Chairman and why the new King County Republican Party might consider not ratifying that appointment.

From the email underground comes more detail about this sorry, still festering abscess deep in the KCGOP. (more…)

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Once upon a time, in the republic of Washington, the generally good and moral grassroots folks who claim a home in the Republican Party, those folks who know the difference between basic wrong and right action, would tolerate no less from their local party leaders. If they learned that someone who aspired to party office—whether  PCO or a county leadership position—had deliberately lied about someone, spreading falsehoods that could and would damage the victim’s reputation, those decent grassroots folks would ensure that the perpetrator’s political career died right then and there. This moral position held true at least into the 1990s statewide. Things have changed. In the county of King and to a lesser degree across the counties of the state, the little people stopped caring, just like the big folks, the important folks, quit caring long ago. And slander and lies became entrenched behavior and ordinary Republican folks who had moved to believing everything their “leaders” told them, instead of wiping out the political aspirations of such immoral individuals, began to aid and abet them, either by walking away from the fray altogether, or by voting, again and again, for the leadership and their slates, for the “experienced” ones, the ones who “know what they are doing.” (more…)

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From the email underground:
Here are two recent items about Afghanistan at View from the Right:


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Don’t you dare include baby-killing funds in health care or in any other legislation.
We will throw you all the hell out, we’ll throw you the hell out, so help us God!  Massachusetts will look like a picnic! . . . It’s time to say enough is enough! . . .US governors, wake up. It’s up to you. Who will be the first Moses to let our babies grow?
~Rabbi Yehuda Levin at the National March for Life Rally.

Pay particular attention to the rabbi’s call to action on how to close down the abortion clinics by the use of interposition and nullification:

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Wendy Button is a speechwriter who has worked for, among others, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Now working on her book, she has moved from Washington DC, which is WITHOUT “universal health care” to the people’s republic of Massacuhssetts which is blessed with MITT ROMNEY’S Government-mandated Universal health care.

And it has cured a lot of what ailed her. (more…)

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