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The following was received Wednesday afternoon in reaction to the recent Hutchison Note article (Part One and Part Two). The article has unleashed what has become, in some counties, a firestorm of grassroots anger and Old Guard Republican Establishment slander attacks on their own grassroots.

From: [email underground]
Date: Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Subject: Susan’s email screener
To: Doug Parris


  I think I know who it was that screened Susan’s email; (more…)

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Ed. Note:  Phil Spackman was one of the first true conservatives to “discover” Susan Hutchison and introduced her to The Reagan Wing in 2005, where after extensive, hours-long vetting, that board endorsed her as their senate candidate for 2006.  Phil has been an ardent supporter of Susan for more than a decade, believing in Susan, even while criticizing her approach to her campaign during  the controversial King County Executive race of 2008.

prmises crossed finger

The Hope

When Susan Hutchison was elected Chairwoman of the Washington State Republican Party in January 2013, the promise of fairness, unity, and victory seemed secure. Tragically, that promise has turned into utter disappointment. (more…)

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2014 new year


Susan Hutchison has come up with four New Year’s resolutions for 2014, broadcast via the party’s twitter feed.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at each resolution and talk about them, so here we go.

Resolution 1: Elect at least one more Republican to the State senate, winning a clear majority to stop [Governor] Inslees’s worst excesses.† (more…)

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Hear Ye! king amnesty the thirteenth

The Prince is gone. Long live the Queen.

When last we visited Jeff Kent’s Neighborhood of Make Believe (5/3/08), Jeff had ridden through every village, middlesex and town in State Committee Land with the Royal proclamation that all loyal subjects must nominate “King Friday XIII” to protect America’s borders(!!!). In the Neighborhood of Make Believe, you see, the borders are protected by pretending they don’t exist.  (Read about it here. ) (more…)

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wsrp straw poll resultsOf 644 votes cast between 9:50 a.m. Wednesday and midnight Thursday when the survey [at NW Daily Marker] was closed, [Susan] Hutchison received 222 votes, 34.5% of all votes cast, to top the list of preferred candidates among respondents.

Not surprising to anyone who has watched the groundswell, Clark County Republican operative Christian Berrigan was the second-highest vote-getter with 159 votes (24.7%).

Read the story here


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[Hat tip to The Email Underground]

Republican_-_Cartoon_1The following is the substance of the campaigns the candidates for the chairmanship of the Washington State Republican Party are running to win the hearts and minds of the State Committee members.

Since 2004 The Reagan Wing has labored to make the choice of a Party Chair a decision grassroots Republicans could influence.  For many decades the average Republican had no idea how the Washington State Republican Party Chairman got his position, much less that they had any say in the matter. (more…)

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palace cafe


The RLCWA held its historic first quarterly Board meeting Sunday at the Palace Cafe in  Ellen’sma or Yaki-berg… or…  someplace convenient to the center of the State. And inconvenient to everywhere else.

Not so convenient, either, was the seating.

Considerable efforts were exerted to restrict access. (more…)

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walsh scoreborad

Walsh and scoreboard

The Reagan Wing has learned that Republican Libertarian Caucus of Washington insiders have recruited, committed 25 delegates to, and on Sunday will endorse Jim Walsh, Grays Harbor County’s State Committeeman, to be the next Chair of the Washington State Republican Party Central Committee, all without legitimate authority.

The news comes amidst repeated reports and extensive documentation that a few individuals, Chair Sandy Belzer Brendale, Matt Dubin, and Dani Bolyard, have conducted extensive meetings in secret, conducted by illegal methods, all in direct violation of the RLCWA bylaws and effectively removed all decision making processes from the grass roots oversight and control originally built into the bylaws adopted at the April founding Convention. Dubin, Bolyard and Brendale are now making those decisions unilaterally. (more…)

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mattdubin at micFor the past several years, WSRP leadership has expended inordinate energy and resources on fighting perceived threats from within the party. They have opposed the libertarian wing of the party with particular vehemence and venom. This infighting has drained the party of time and money to take the fight to the Democrats, and it has created deep division and resentment within the party.

~ Matt Dubin,  July 30, 2013

dubin leftAs the parent of a three-year-old I can tell you that whining accomplishes nothing other than annoying everyone around you.  It’s time for us to stop whining… This is politics.  It has always been dirty.  At its heart, it’s a numbers game.

~ Matt Dubin, Jan 26, 2013

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President+Reagan+Funeral+Service+Held+National+jZhgK0xyJkulI was born in the year that Ronald Reagan was first elected as President of the United States.  I was raised in a home where President Reagan represented what America could be.  He was the Republican Party to me, for most of my life.  I now realize a couple of hard truths about him, however.  He wasn’t perfect, and he was the exception rather than the rule. (more…)

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Grays Harbor Insiders complete political assassination of newly elected chairman

R. Clayton Strang

Beth DeVaul ran against Michael Thompson for Chair at the Grays Harbor [County] Republican Party organization meeting in January, where Thompson won.

DeVaul  and ThompsonSome people don’t give up.

ELEPHANT shot in redfootSomething important just happened, and you may have missed it.  Of course, with all of the goings on in the WSRP lately, it’s no wonder!  We have the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington imploding and the WSRP State Committee  voting to cancel the 2014 Convention.  Add to that the recent scandals that President Obama and his administration are involved in, and of course your attention was diverted! But there was Washington State Republican blood on the floor in May.


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Join  newly elected Grays Harbor Republican Party chair, Constitutionalist Michael Thompson for a

Lincoln Day Dinner



What makes this event like no other?

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Everything was set up for Kirby.

State Org composite

If you thought the unethical (and illegal) advantages Lori Sotelo gave herself for re-election (more…)

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Hot Talk KirbyWe don’t know how important tranquility is to Kirby’s cardiac condition…

But today Washington State Republican Party Chair Kirby Wilbur, by law, had to stand for election for state party chair and he had two qualified opponents.

Dave “Ike”  Eichner and Mitch Short.

This is Doug Parris reporting, on site, from Olympia’s Red Lion motel.


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Kirby Wilbur, just like the RNC, seems to think he is above his  own rules.

When  King County Republicans in precincts with contested Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) elections collected their mail this week, they were astonished to find  professionally produced postcards  endorsing one Republican candidate in preference to others. (more…)

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Years of lies, cheating and manifold rules violations in Lori Sotelo’s anti-Ron Paul vendetta in King County have finally been addressed by the campaign after literally being ignored since 2008.
The following is the exact text of a Paul campaign press release as it went out earlier today. See if you can find the hidden meaning of the “name change.”


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In an interesting move, the Washington State Republican Party is asking for  your personal contact information and presidential preference (read “straw poll”) through an online form, but also wants to know how you identify yourself. Republican? Progressive? Conservative? Liberal? Libertarian? Democrat?

The results of the presidential straw poll, according to Kirby Wilbur, will be released the day before the Iowa Caucus.

Will Rob McKenna, Slade Gorton or Sam Reed  correctly identify themselves as “LIBERAL”? We don’t think so. (more…)

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In less than half an hour Governor Christine Gregoire is expected to announce the demise of  the 2012 Washington State Presidential Primary by signing SB 5119 which she, in conjunction with Secretary of State Sam Reed, urged upon the Legislature.


[The Governess, as expected, did, indeed sign the legislation on Thursday.]

It remains for patriots to hold any funeral.


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Your legislators do NOT want


to hear from you.

Last Thursday, Grassroots Party Activists from different parts of the State took time off in the middle of the work week to journey to Olympia to take part in a 10AM hearing on HB 1860 which would radically alter laws concerning Political Parties in Washington. The faithful awoke before dawn. I was in a full carload. (more…)

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Laura Sample

—–Original Message—–
From: Laura Sample [mailto:laura@laurasample.com]
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 1:50 PM
Subject: Resignation as Vice Chair

Dear State Committee Member,
I regret to inform you that I have resigned my position as Vice Chair of the
WSRP effective today. (more…)

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Tomorrow Morning the State Legislature will hold public hearings on HB 1860 whose unstated purpose is to effectively eliminate the office of PCO. It is not publicized. It is not convenient. It is not well understood. It is disingenuously posed.



They don’t want you there.

I’m putting this post up so you can make time on your calendar. A full explanation of what is transpiring will follow later today, here on www.TheReaganWing.com. (more…)

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It hurts to set you free

But you’ll never follow me.

~ “The End”  copyright © 1967 Doors Music Co.

(subsequently used as soundtrack in the film “Apocalypse Now”)

There are in politics, signal events, moments that mark the turning of tides and the end of eras. Sometimes it is the impact of words with prophetic power… “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this Wall.”

It is… the appearance, on the horizon, of an event that will change the course of a story.

~  “Shadows of the Evening Crawl across the Year

There is also sometimes a gap, a time between a sign of the ominous, and its inevitability.

It is like events in the calm before a big storm… like the ones that preceded the (avoidable) Republican self-destruction of 2008 (as in 1992), which I described here: The Winds of Disaster.

There is frequently, as in 2008, significant  time after an earth-shaking decision is made, but before it is executed, for the decision to be reversed. That calm is the time when action must be taken.

There was considerable time between May 9, 1945, when Col. Paul Tibbets personally chose the aircraft (while it was still on the assembly line) he would name the Enola Gay (after his mother), and the completion, on August 6th, of the plane’s singular combat mission to devastate Hiroshima.

But there is also some point,  before the event actually happens, at which there is no longer any turning back, (was it when the container holding the nuclear weapon was literally welded to the deck of the USS Indianapolis?), a point when judgment has been rendered.

The final, yet potential, dismemberment of the Washington State GOP as a grassroots political organization is right now somewhere in that calm, that interlude. (more…)

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Michele St. Pierre © 2011

The Proposed “New and Improved” WSRP Battle Plan

I read the proposed Washington State Republican Battle Plan this morning. Since one must be a PCO and enter a password to look at the document, I will respect the privacy of that organization to plan and I won’t reveal anything too specific.

But I want to address  what is NOT in that plan. What is completely missing from that plan and indeed from the Republican Party.

The plan presents no coherent vision. It is just a re-hash of the Battle Plan for previous years, with a few small tweaks so that everyone can “feel” that it is a new, improved plan. But there is nothing new about it. It is the same old bland, meaningless rhetoric that you would expect from people that are all about electing the same people, blindly following the same leadership, rejecting any meaningful change as radical, paying lip-service to principles, while pillorying anyone that actually shows a propensity to have any! After all, these are the people who worshiped and followed Luke Esser, who has now leapt from the closet like some bizarre jack-in-the-box and is working for the SEIU. (more…)

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Friday, January 21, 2011 was the first day of two that changed the Washington State Republican Party.  The events of both days occurred at Tukwila’s Embassy Suites Hotel—on Saturday the State Organization Meeting, on Friday night  the Feast of Friends.

During the day, the interior of the Embassy Suites is like  a designer cocktail glass full of light.  At the center, where the ice would go, is a jungle: tables among tall, leafy plants that make the sunken floor appear to be an outdoor atrium-vaulted restaurant.

It is not.


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When I began on the job in 2009, we couldn’t find anyone to say they were a Republican

~ RNC Chair Michael Steele at 2011 Chairmanship Debate

Michael Steele  lost his position as chair of the RNC, today, replaced by the improbably named, Reince Priebus (pronounced “Rynce PREE-bis.”) in a field without a reputedly conservative contender. (more…)

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