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ACT III (of the RLC Convention in 4 Acts): The Last Debate, Rejecting the Principle of Non-aggression.

Scene 2: Bolyard, Choice and Slavery

dani advocating for abortion3

Dani Bolyard opposing the Life Resolution (RLCWA 4-27-2013)

Here is the nature of the puzzle, the curious twist of words and ideas, that wrapped the RLCWA around its own axle at the State Convention, April 27:

“Liberty,” as we know it, can be broken down into a bundle of “rights” and those rights, taken together, are in essence, the sum of the proper constraints on governments as well as individuals. Government cannot print counterfeit currency nor give the right to print counterfeit currency to a small group of its “friends.” This is the principle of sound money. Government cannot steal your land, nor condone its theft by others. That is the principle of property rights. If we fail to defend any of the fundamental rights we fail to defend Liberty in some measure. We are no longer a “Liberty” movement, but may become something lesser (quite possibly, still something worthwhile, though narrower and weaker, like a 2nd Amendment advocacy group).

The principle, that the RLCWA – by majority vote – adopted at its convention on April 27, the one that signaled that the RLCWA is no longer currently capable of becoming the flagship of the Liberty Movement, is that while it may not be proper for government to kill you nor condone your murder by others, it is somehow okay to condone the government condoning your murder by others. (more…)


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[Ed Note: First published June 3, 2013 at Life of the Party by Reagan Wing author and LOTP founder Michelle McIntyre. We have, as is our practice, added illustrations that do not appear in the original.]

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How Pro-Abortion-Republican Groups Keep the Pro-Life Movement

from Achieving Electoral & Legislative Success

Pro-life advocates have fought to end legalized abortion in America for forty years. Every state claims at least one Right to Life group.  There are over 4,000 pregnancy centers.  Ministries and retreats have taken place for men and women affected by abortion.  Prayer vigils and sidewalk counseling teams have successfully saved many lives, one at a time.  Pro-life advocates have been effectively engaging the culture with the goal of “changing hearts and minds” through debate, film, literature, billboards, demonstrations and countless other creative ways with great success. Former abortion workers have had high profile conversions and are now outspoken pro-life activists.  The annual March for Life in Washington D.C. and in state capitals continue to be the largest annual demonstrations on any issue.  Advances in science and technology have contributed to a widespread recognition of the humanity of the unborn child.  In recent years, pollsters have acknowledged a shift in public opinion and a majority of Americans consider themselves to be “pro-life” when it comes to abortion.

The pro-life movement is winning when it comes to public opinion.  So why has there been no change in policy to restore the right to life to all persons? (more…)

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Emails announcing Pastor Joe Fuiten’s “Pastor’s Picks” ask the provacative question:

Will you vote your values on Election Day?

And he links to a stirring video from ValueVoters.com. (more…)

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Litzow and openly homosexual Murray accepting award for Gay Rights leadership.

From Steve Litzow [at his facebook page]:

On Thursday evening the Municipal League of King County presented me [Mr. Litzow] with the Warren G. Magnuson Memorial award. Sen. Ed Murray was also recognized for our bipartisan leadership during the 2012 legislative session including passage of the bill that created Washington’s marriage-equality law in February.


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from: Chuck Skirko Jr
This week in federal court, Rob McKenna’s team of attorneys are arguing that a grocery store in Olympia must sell the abortion drug (morning-after pill) despite the store owner’s Christian-based pro-life beliefs.

 Kevin Stormans, owner of Ralph’s Thriftway, says he and his employees oppose abortion and will not stock the morning-after pill. Stormans acknowledges that his store may lose customers because of his value-based decision. [Ed. note: Storman’s ordeal began four years ago.]

“All our family wants is the chance to keep doing what Ralph’s Thriftway has done for four generations: to serve our customers in keeping with our deepest values,” says Stormans.                  (Olympian, 11/27) (more…)

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I have two close, long-time conservative friends with whom it is natural that I discuss the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination battle.  They have problems with Ron Paul for all the typical reasons Conservatives do if they do. I got over them. The problems, I mean, not the friends… back in late 2007  and early 2008… when it took me FIVE articles to explain my endorsement of the stone the builders rejected.

They are interested in Rick Perry.

Rick Perry looms in the distance for many Republicans, potentially the savior they always hoped for, the “next Reagan.” But what is this “distance” in which he looms?  Why are my friends merely “interested” in him and not trying to find his state campaign headquarters to join?


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It’s been predicted for years now that AG Rob McKenna (R) was planning to run for governor. He’s a Catholic and a Republican. He’s also “pro-choice”. His support for abortion is usually painted as support for women. After all, dead babies don’t vote or contribute funds to political campaigns.

My in-box received several notices this week of an impending announcement that he would run for governor. And now the shoe has droppedRob McKenna has abandoned his Catholic faith for political power. As reported to me by one of his old Eagle Scout friends, Rob used to sit around the campfire and plot out his rise to power. The ultimate goal: POTUS.
It’s time for the women of Washington state to tell Rob McKenna abortion is bad for women and we won’t vote for or contribute funds to anyone who thinks otherwise.

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