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See here all who have an interest in this case and let the record, public, and here below reproduced, show that James “Strat” Faire has endured four months without the attorney the law mandates he must have.

Although the contract public defender’s firm of Melissa MacDougall insists that Faire has been assigned attorneys, and that they have “met” with their client, the court record shows that since August 18, 2015 when Nicholas Blount withdrew from the case, NO OTHER ATTORNEY HAS FILED A NOTICE OF APPEARANCE ON BEHALF OF JAMES FAIRE. Thus, he has had no representation.


The judge at the November status hearing, admonished Kelly Seago, (more…)


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[Ed note: Sunday’s Moms Demand Action Orange Walk did not appear in Seattle area event listings, nor did it appear on MDA’s national web site]

****************  LFA 111% PRESS RELEASE  **********************

MDAOn Sunday, December 13, 2015 members of the constitutional task force, Liberty For All, deployed to Seattle from across the State of Washington.  The deployment was in direct response to the pro-gun-control group Moms Demand Action and their publicly-stated concerns that their demonstration might meet with potential violence from pro Second Amendment groups. (more…)

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Gavin Seim arrested (Wenatchee Daily World file)

Gavin Seim arrested (Wenatchee Daily World file)

The state of Washington has gained international attention in the past few months as committed men and women STAND  for the principles that have made untold numbers immigrate to these united states (currently over 40 million). This week Grant and Gavin Seim STAND trial (see update at end of article)  in Douglas County, the targets of a lawless prosecutor, because they STOOD for those liberties a few short weeks ago… (more…)

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By: Ed Mohs


It was Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 6:30pm.  Our Everett 40 Days for Life prayer had just started. I crossed the driveway to view the Planned Parenthood parking lot.

ecolab car 15 blood

Just then, an Ecolab car had entered the driveway pulling up close to the building.  Stepping out of his small car, the courier began picking up and removing the clear freezer bag (more…)

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Why Spokane. Why now.

By Mike Vanderboegh

Anthony arrested2

Anthony under arrest

One of my best friends called me up yesterday to urge me, to plead with me, not to go to Spokane. He had a lot of reasons why. One point he raised was that some in the open carry/We Will Not Comply movement seem to be determined to become “scarier than the people they oppose” by “dressing like operators in Iraq” and “wearing masks and clown get-up.” He pointed out the long-ago critique of a leftist looking back on the anti-war movement who bemoaned that they lost the larger argument when the anti-warriors, through riots and Weatherman actions, “became scarier than the Vietnam War itself.” Anthony, I pointed out, was dressed in a suit and tie. “Yeah,” he retorted, “but the press didn’t run his picture, did they?” He has a point.


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By: Sam Wilson

Anthony arrestedWhen Federal agents arrested Anthony Bosworth [Wednesday]  morning, a crime was most certainly committed. The crime, however, was not on the part of Mr. Bosworth. No, he was peacefully and lawfully standing outside, with an openly carried firearm.


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Bosworth - Iraq - 2005

Bosworth – Iraq – 2005

For some months leaders in the forefront of the 2nd Amendment Movement and Lawless Government Agents who do not recognize the 2nd Amendment have been staring across battle lines at each other, the one exercising their rights under the LAW and the other blustering and bluffing to make them back down in an effort to extract compliance with their usurpation and violations of the Constitutions (both of them).

This morning that short gap was crossed as (more…)

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