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Dubin and Bolyard checkmate RLC, defeat Ron Paul’s principles

tumblr_mh9699ZuQZ1s30gcpo1_400On Saturday, April 27, the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington held its first Convention [at least the first of the current charter; the National RLC has been around (with appearing and disappearing State Charters) for more than 20 years].

The explosion of members in Washington State before the Convention might be attributed to a number of factors, but among them must be the salutary efforts of its leadership team, its chair, Sandi Belzer Brendale, and the resounding send-off given by the “Freedom Agenda” State legislators at the RLCWA Kickoff. That group, highlighted by Matt Shea, also included David Taylor, Jason Overstreet and Elizabeth Scott. Their speeches at the Kickoff were inspiring and so wonderfully out-of-character for politicians (they were principled), it is fair to call them astonishing.

But the key element in making the RLCWA (for a time) the fastest growing State Charter in America, in our opinion, was the vacuum left after the Ron Paul Presidential Campaign, by the Campaign for Liberty’s  top-down national leaders. The question  continually asked during 2008 by anyone who saw the enormous raw strength of the movement was, “What happens to this political force when the campaign is over?” (more…)


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Originally posted at The Contrarian Conformist

Bruce Morton is a Snohomish County Republican activist.

In this and upcoming posts I will be discussing our political system and why voting 3rd party makes sense.

In my American Heritage class at BYU, I learned that most other countries in the world use whats called “Proportional Representation” to elect their legislators. Proportional representation is where the voters select political parties and the legislative seats are then assigned proportionally according to the vote. This system tends to produce many different parties, each with distinct political agendas. Executive leadership is then selected as the various parties form coalitions. The coalition that forms a majority becomes the ruling coalition.

In practice, these ruling coalitions are made up of one large party and several small parties. (For example, the UK House of Commons has members from 11 different parties.) The small parties, by virtue of providing the necessary votes to create the majority, often can leverage their position to gain greater influence to promote their particular issue. These small parties can maintain their outsized influence over their coalitions by threatening to leave.

In the USA, though, we have a winner-take-all, single-member district voting system. This system naturally causes there to be two parties, and it’s easy to see why. Small parties will never win. The narrow causes or strict philosophies of these smaller groups will never gain the majority vote. Of course there are exceptions, but almost always the winning politician is from one of the two major parties.

So do coalitions exist in a 2 party system? Yes, but there are some significant differences. First, the coalitions are formed before the election instead of after. Second, and most significantly, the factions in each party are factions of voters, not legislators.

American politicians rarely switch parties, but voters do so all the time. The coalitions that have formed the two major parties in US history have been in continual flux and can shift even from election to election. As new political issues arise, ad-hoc factions can form and then align with the party that chooses to adopt that new faction.

Factions from recent history include: The Tea Party, The Occupy Movement, Environmentalists, Reform Party (Ross Perot), Code Pink, and The Christian Coalition (Pat Robertson).

In general, these factions were formed outside of the two party system. As their voting power became recognized, they were integrated with open arms into one of the major parties.

Crushing Ron Paul

In 2007 one other political faction came into being. This faction was led by Ron Paul and was formed as part of his presidential campaign. I prefer to call this faction the libertarian wing of the Republican Party. So far, this faction has not been welcomed into the Republican coalition.


I will follow up later on how this can be changed.


Bruce Morton and his wife (Lake Stevens, Washington)  have four children.  A conservative activist, Bruce didn’t give up or go away after 2008. He is an electrical engineer and holds degrees from Brigham Young University and the University of Florida. He spent two years as a missionary in Guatemala. He blogs occasionally at  Bruce Morton contrarianconformist.blogspot.com

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Ron Paul is being asked to do it for the movement.
He has been asked, since 2009, to do it for the movement. He is a man in his late 70s working a grueling schedule, enduring slander and ridicule to acquire an office for which, measured by his personal interests alone, he holds no desire. Nevertheless, he labors to restore that for which soldiers have died, that which politicians have given away: our freedom.

The movement is being asked to do it for Ron Paul. (more…)

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…out of the serpent’s root shall come forth an adder, and his fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.”

~ The prophet Isaiah (ASV)



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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2011 (Continued from PART ONE)


License to StealThe message was clear. In the CNN/Tea Party Express ™ Debate all of the Presidential Candidates, except one, were okay with breaking OUR LAWS. All of them, except one, feel that they are above OUR CONSTITUTION ( (including, of course, Candidate Obama). (more…)

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Let us imagine (just for the sake of argument) that you are a loving parent.

And you are new to Texas. And let’s say you have three young children, Austin, Irving, and Alice that you’ve just enrolled in their new elementary school.

Each day you prepare them a nutritious lunch of foods they enjoy, but you discover that not all parents use your good judgment and some parents don’t even send anything. Worse yet, by talking to your kids you find that the teachers at school confiscate the lunches you send for them and don’t give everything back! (more…)

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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2011


CNN Tea Party Debate

First off, what REAL Tea Party would allow the “Communist News Network” to host their debate? So, right off the bat, we are dealing with the co-opted “Tea Party Patriots and Tea Party Express,” who might as well  be called the Mainstream Republican Party in “don’t-tread-on-me” drag.


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