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suicidal-gopWe have known since our interview with him (2013)  that Christian Berrigan was the most qualified person to chair the Washington State Republican Party. Here he calls out the current Establishment, line by line, for its ongoing war against its own base. ~ Ed.


WSRP to disenfranchise majority

by Christian Berrigan (more…)

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by Christian Berrigan

[This article is a further detailed analysis of problems in WSRP proposed rules for the 2016 Caucus/Convention process first exposed here. ~ Ed.]

gopconvention2My concern is for what is best for the success of the Republican Party, and that I believe is what I call “codifying fairness.”

But even more paramount is that our rules are not in violation of the RNC rules.



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The James Faire Story

By Edward Snook

Investigative Journalist

This article is national,  FRONT PAGE NEWS at the US Observer and is published, here, with their permission~Ed.

front page masthead cut

Okanogan County, WA – “We’ve been ambushed” was the simple one line text message Angela NobilisStrat & Angel reports to have sent to the owner of the vehicle she and James “Strat” Faire were driving. (more…)

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When an falsely accused man sits in jail, as does James Faire in Okanogan County, there is very little for him to do. The jail library has little to offer a man accustomed to study. There is nothing for the hands of a man skilled in making and doing, restoring and repairing, to do.

He can build anything out of anything

He can build anything out of anything


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Many people have been asking via comments on FaceBook and at The Reagan Wing “how they can help” James Faire.


Strat is incarcerated in the Okanogan Jail. He is, by nature of that custody (more…)

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In the early hours before the dawn of Holy Saturday, some rose early to see a total eclipse of the moon … and some rose early to a partial eclipse of liberty … to act

Communist flag flies in Olympia

Communist flag flies in Olympia Photo credit Maria Bosworth

The Communist Chinese Flag was flown over the Capital of Washington State, yesterday [Friday, April 3] and this morning.


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Who Stands With Me?

by Nathan Seim

Nathan Seim (center)

Nathan Seim (center)

It’s January 15th, 2015.  I am sitting at the defendant’s table in Douglas County District Court. I am there to help Tell Shasteen, almost a 7th brother, against a bogus charge of failure to comply. All for asking a police officer why he was being stopped.

Gavin Seim is at the table with us, the rest of the family and several supporters are also in the room. We are, of course, recording. During a recess before Jury Selection, Gavin and Tell briefly leave the room while I remain at the table.

The judge has not yet entered. (more…)

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