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Sunday, April 13, 2014  4:30PM

Bunkerville, Nevada

by Gavin Seim

I know my messages are not sensational, but here’s what’s really happening on the ground.

Anthony on recon

Anthony looking for snipers Courtesy Gavin Seim


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tank man[Reagan Wing staff began Saturday  hoping for information from Anthony Bosworth and Gavin Seim, our eyes and ears at the Bundy Battlefield. There were no messages. We knew a meeting between Sheriff Gillespie and Cliven Bundy was scheduled for 9:00 AM. Our last communication  from Anthony was at 1:22AM. We began to monitor the news feeds, alternating checking Anthony and Gavin’s FaceBook pages. We learned of an apparent deal brokered by the sheriff.  Internet problems inhibited  viewing  Gavin’s live feed of the sheriff’s announcement and Bundy’s response. At 11:05 AM Anthony  posted photographs. Moments later, Gavin posted this:

Urgent. People are mounting up with guns and appear to be heading to retake the the cattle and block I-15. Things are not looking good.


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In honor of the Seahawk’s first Super Bowl, we re-publish this article from 2011


Steve Largent, 1995, when confronted by Newt Gingrich, who was furious that Largent had voted against Newt’s bureaucratic pork bill:

“The Speaker tonight talked about the eleven of us letting the team down. The more significant question and the question that never gets asked in Washington, D.C., is whose teams are we on?”


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By Rob Chase, Spokane County Treasurer Elect and PCO

It is no secret there are two factions vying for control of the Republican Party, Conservatives and Moderates, and this is true even at the local level. This battle goes back to Goldwater and Reagan vs Rockefeller and Bush. Conservatives champion the Constitution and limited government, while Moderates strive for bi-partisanship, consensus, and mediocrity.

The local Moderates take their orders from Bellevue and are trying to
shut down the grassroots of freedom in Spokane County because they
believe the GOP should be directed from the top down, rather than from the grassroots. In 2012 they will try to shove Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich down our throats just as they did with John McCain in 2008 (Global Warming – Lieberman-McCain Climate Stewardship and Innovation Act, an F grade from Gun Owners of America
http://gunowners.org/mccaintb.htm, and traitor to over 600 POW’s left
behind in Vietnam http://amconmag.com/article/2010/jul/01/00010/),
and more recently, the tepid Senatorial Candidate Dino Rossi.

But the Moderates are in trouble in Spokane County. You always know they are in trouble when they start preaching about unity (on their terms). (more…)

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Michele St. Pierre (c) 2010

You’ve all heard people say it and you might believe it yourself. “I like Clint Didier, but I have to vote for Dino Rossi, because he is the only one who can beat Patty Murray.” Really?

With stubborn wrongheadedness, mainstream Republicans cling steadfastly to the belief that only the moderate, not really conservative candidate can win, even though it has proven to be a faulty strategy. The same thing, after all, was said about McCain. On blog after blog, on the radio and on Facebook they keep insisting that Rossi is the only one who can win, as if by chanting it in recitation together their cosmic mantra will somehow make it so.

Rossi made the list of Crew’s Crooked Candidates. Granted, this site is run by admitted progressives, but they do list the reasons for his inclusion and they are troubling. Guilt by association with criminals might not be sufficient to convict him in a court of law, but perceptions by voters DO influence elections. If you look at the left’s websites, they have plenty of dirt ready to sling at Rossi. Wouldn’t it be great to have a candidate who is not so tainted?

Rossi’s appearing at a sales event promoting making money off of foreclosures after declaring his candidacy might not be illegal, but it was certainly tasteless given the suffering of so many in this economic downturn. It plays seamlessly into the “sleazy real estate dealings” accusation.

Jumping in at the last minute and not running a real campaign or engaging the other candidates might be perceived as a clever political strategy. In fact I have seen his hiding out referred to as “expert political gamesmanship” and “he only loses if he engages the other candidates in the primary, so why should he do that?”

Only thing is, ducking and hiding might be praised by politicos but it is not well perceived in the general public, who are certainly more than a little tired of politicking over principles and fluff over substance. (more…)

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The Cream of the Crop

by Chuck Skirko

The Republican field of senate candidates was the best in decades. Every one of them would have been a better match for Patty Murray than Dino Rossi, whose false conservatives credentials have been thoroughly exposed in a series of articles about his voting record as a state senator. [http://wp.me/p3Rqg-2nd, http://wp.me/p3Rqg-2nm, http://wp.me/p3Rqg-2nE ] The only candidate willing to stand up against the status quo is Clint Didier.  He’s the only candidate willing to speak out against the establishment of both parties.  He’s the honest small business owner and farmer from eastern Washington.

Clint Didier is the correct replacement, not only for Patty Murray, but for the worn out, top down command system of the Washington state GOP elites.

As a small business owner in Eastern Washington, Clint Didier embodies everything that’s good, right, and just in Washington and in America.  He’s raising a beautiful family, coaching high school football, and providing for his family with what the ground produces.   This is an example of an American success story, but it hasn’t been easy. Success is born from dedication, honor, discipline, and faith in God.   Clint Didier’s success is tied to all of that, Clint Didier is the epitome of the statesman the Founding Fathers expected of our legislators.

In Washington State, voters will have a choice in the primary; they can vote to once again give us the choice of two evils and more of the same, or they can vote to replace Patty Murray with a man of the people, who understands the people, and understands his job is to represent the people, not the party interest, and not his own personal interests.  That man is Clint Didier!

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This week, former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, made it clear what the plan is for Clint Didier, Rand Paul, Sharon Angle and others when they arrive in the other Washington as freshman senators, should they be so silly as to attempt to join forces with “Tea Party-minded” legislators such as Jim DeMint in what was first described by Rand Paul as a potential “Tea Party Caucus.”

Lott told the Washington Post  “We don’t need a lot of Jim DeMint disciples. As soon as they get here, we need to co-opt them.”

Well, forwarned is forearmed. At least Lott is being honest. Take a listen to Jack Hunter’s take on this scurrilous proposal by the establishment determined to hang onto power at the cost of your liberty:

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