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Mrs. Obama inspects Patriot's under-inflated football

Mrs. Obama inspects Patriot’s under-inflated football (artist’s conception)

For the second straight week the hype heading into the Seahawks defense of their World Football Championship swirls around the Deflate-Gate controversy.


By now the entire football-speaking world is aware that the Seahawks’ opponent, the New England Patriots, won the right to play in the game, at least partially, by using illegal, under-inflated balls to defeat the Indianapolis Colts on January 18.

Within hours of the discovery of the under-inflation, expert sources, both current and former NFL players and staff, expressed a consensus that: (more…)


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by Dan Poletti


On Monday, May 19th, we discovered that at least three candidates for PCO had been filed against their will by a third party and a number of others had been filed without being present and without swearing their oath to uphold the Constitution. While much is known in Clark County about the source of those names, Former 18th LD Republican District Chair Mary Graham, the identity and origin of the one doing the filing has been less definitive, given that he hails from King County. APOLLO FRAUD 2

So who is this fellow, and why would he take an interest in PCO races several counties away? (more…)

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Returning from Washington State Republican Party Credentials Committee Meeting in Moses Lake, I could no longer escape the conclusion. The GOP presidential nomination was predetermined. By Republican insiders, much as it was for John McCain.

The cheating IN the Washington State GOP convention credentials committee that convened at Moses Lake replicated much of the cheating they were supposed to be adjudicating. Slander, suppression of speech, and illegal procedures were dominant.

The State GOP, at the direction of Kirby Wilbur, has been acting on behalf of the Romney campaign to protect it from the corrective operation of rules, grossly manipulating the process and we will give it to you line-by-line. (more…)

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Fighting the Media

King County GOP Chair Lori Sotelo has been getting a lot of unwanted press exposure recently for her astonishing behavior in conventions and caucuses, attempting to coerce delegates to elect her chosen meeting controllers, lying to sheriff deputies about meeting rules, stealing the delegate election ballots and literally evicting an entire caucus from the meeting location she was obligated, under the rules, to provide:

Ben Swann’s Lead story – Washington State-Lori Sotelo at District 37 (more…)

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Your legislators do NOT want


to hear from you.

Last Thursday, Grassroots Party Activists from different parts of the State took time off in the middle of the work week to journey to Olympia to take part in a 10AM hearing on HB 1860 which would radically alter laws concerning Political Parties in Washington. The faithful awoke before dawn. I was in a full carload. (more…)

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Our recent Reagan Wing article, No more liberal Republicans. Please. touches the tip of an iceberg of LEFT WING Republican corruption, much of which has been recently uncovered and it’s enough to turn your stomach.

Spokane County PCOs of the 4th Leg. Dist. met in compliance with both Washington State law and the Republican rules of their County and made  nominations  to the vacated seat of retiring State Senator Bob McCaslin. (more…)

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We need everyone to send one email RIGHT NOW.


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