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The following was received Wednesday afternoon in reaction to the recent Hutchison Note article (Part One and Part Two). The article has unleashed what has become, in some counties, a firestorm of grassroots anger and Old Guard Republican Establishment slander attacks on their own grassroots.

From: [email underground]
Date: Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Subject: Susan’s email screener
To: Doug Parris


  I think I know who it was that screened Susan’s email; (more…)

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[We ended Part 1 of this tale having set the stage for a meeting Doug had told Susan they had to have as long ago as August 2013 when they ran into each other at the RLCWA board meeting in Ellensburg, which we reported on here. We continue as Susan and Doug sit down to begin their meeting...]

I went to see State Party Chair Susan Hutchison because I believed she had assumed that office with the opportunity to change the WSRP Culture of “Circle the Wagons” and defeat, but was in danger, instead, of being digested. What I really wanted was to crash through the door with an offer of salvation from the Terminator series:


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Signing the dealI carried it with me as I approached the door of the Washington State Republican Party offices. It was printed on two sheets of 8-1/2 X 11 – 20 lb. bond.

time bomb puzzleI had to talk to Susan about it. It had been the most important thing on my mind for seven days. I knew time would be getting ahead of me. It couldn’t be put off. Even as I peered through the glass into the Party headquarters, unbeknownst to me, the Reagan Wing editor was in the process of queuing up an article by Phil Spackman that would set the clock ticking, but in my mind it was already ticking. (more…)

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Ed. Note:  Phil Spackman was one of the first true conservatives to “discover” Susan Hutchison and introduced her to The Reagan Wing in 2005, where after extensive, hours-long vetting, that board endorsed her as their senate candidate for 2006.  Phil has been an ardent supporter of Susan for more than a decade, believing in Susan, even while criticizing her approach to her campaign during  the controversial King County Executive race of 2008.

prmises crossed finger

The Hope

When Susan Hutchison was elected Chairwoman of the Washington State Republican Party in January 2013, the promise of fairness, unity, and victory seemed secure. Tragically, that promise has turned into utter disappointment. (more…)

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2014 new year


Susan Hutchison has come up with four New Year’s resolutions for 2014, broadcast via the party’s twitter feed.

I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at each resolution and talk about them, so here we go.

Resolution 1: Elect at least one more Republican to the State senate, winning a clear majority to stop [Governor] Inslees’s worst excesses.† (more…)

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“a new course for the WSRP”
sandi brendale rlc kickoff


Susan [Hutchison] clearly understands the need for passionate newcomers to come along side the established old timers. She is embracing the grassroots as a vital and necessary part of a successful, winning team.


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[The author of this post has expressed that he in no way, shape, or form intends it as a commentary on either newly elected WSRP Chair Susan Hutchison or  former Vice (and former acting) Chair Luanne Van Werven.  He further specifically disavows any claim, (inadvertently implied – or imaginatively imputed by adversaries) to being an attorney. ~~ Ed.]

RCW 29A.80.020

State committee.

“The state committee of each major political party consists of one committeeman and one committeewoman from each county elected by the county central committee at its organization meeting. It must have a chair and vice chair of opposite sexes. This committee shall meet during January of each odd-numbered year for the purpose of organization at a time and place designated by a notice mailed at least one week before the date of the meeting to all the newly elected state committeemen and committeewomen by the authorized officers of the retiring committee. At its organizational meeting it shall elect its chair and vice chair, and such officers as its bylaws may provide, and adopt bylaws, rules, and regulations.”

gender quotasThe WSRP State Committee has elected a new Chair to replace Kirby Wilbur, and of course, congratulations are in order!  There does, however, appear to have been a slight oversight regarding  state law.  (more…)

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They came, they saw, they opened their mouths…


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[Hat tip to The Email Underground]

Republican_-_Cartoon_1The following is the substance of the campaigns the candidates for the chairmanship of the Washington State Republican Party are running to win the hearts and minds of the State Committee members.

Since 2004 The Reagan Wing has labored to make the choice of a Party Chair a decision grassroots Republicans could influence.  For many decades the average Republican had no idea how the Washington State Republican Party Chairman got his position, much less that they had any say in the matter. (more…)

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[Ed note: Originally published at Victory Girls, August 17, 2013. Emphasis ours in candidate's responses.]

by Kit Lange on August 17, 2013

Christian Berrigan

Christian Berrigan

Christian Berrigan is running for the GOP state chair in Washington State. Why should you care? If you’re in WA, you absolutely should, because this man has the guts and the principles to change the back room deals, lying and corruption that are so prevalent on the Republican side here in WA. What’s most important is that he’s a conservative. Not a panderer, not a liberal, not a “social libertarian,” but a real conservative who understands what this state in trouble needs so desperately. He was nice enough to sit down and answer some questions for us so folks could see where he stands on the issues. I think you’ll be impressed—we are. (more…)

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Grays Harbor Insiders complete political assassination of newly elected chairman

R. Clayton Strang

Beth DeVaul ran against Michael Thompson for Chair at the Grays Harbor [County] Republican Party organization meeting in January, where Thompson won.

DeVaul  and ThompsonSome people don’t give up.

ELEPHANT shot in redfootSomething important just happened, and you may have missed it.  Of course, with all of the goings on in the WSRP lately, it’s no wonder!  We have the Republican Liberty Caucus of Washington imploding and the WSRP State Committee  voting to cancel the 2014 Convention.  Add to that the recent scandals that President Obama and his administration are involved in, and of course your attention was diverted! But there was Washington State Republican blood on the floor in May.


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Editor’s note: This article was written within 48 hours of the first day of business at the 2012 Washington State Republican Convention in Tacoma and uploaded to The Reagan Wing, where it has waited for nearly a year, although regularly revisited by our staff… Like the story of the Republican Liberty Caucus Kickoff in January 2013, Something held us back from publishing …until now. The author, was an eyewitness to the events discussed in Lord of the RLC #9: The Silmarillion Secret. This article is published now as a response to the comments of  Michael & Katja Delavar.


Standing on Principle at the Washington State Convention

Michele St. Pierre (c)2012 (more…)

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Book Tolkien Silmarillion AST Russian Hardcover 2000Editor’s introduction: The Silmarillion is J.R.R. Tolkien’s history, in five parts, of the First Age of Middle-Earth – essential background material for readers of the  Lord of the Rings saga. We’ve appropriated its title and format for similar purposes in our current series, continuing the Lord of the Rings metaphor that has – eerily – become a living allegory for the GOP and its relationship to the conservative movement, the libertarian movement, and the Pro-life Fellowship of the latter two (who, like elves and dwarves, previously had little use for each other) that was created by the candidacy of Ron Paul.

The metaphor was originally conceived by Doktor Jeep, who is, among other things, a Rreagan Wing author, in two prescient sentences  that foreshadowed all the consequences to which the series is leading. This chapter (#9 in the series), like The Silmarillion, covers enormous narrative history, in what here can only  be summary. There is a lot of detail and documentation of which the following is only a synopsis. But this is one of the most significant synopses we’ve ever published. It contains the names (in bold) of the six (6) key destroyers of the Ron Paul and Rick Santorum Presidential hopes in Washington State. (more…)

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2014 closed for business longRichland, Washington

3:45 pm

Just seconds ago the Washington State Republican Central  Committee took the historic action to


the historic deliberative process of the Republican Party for 2014 by majority vote. (more…)

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RLCThe best of all its possible futures passed before the Washington State Republican Party in the guise of visions cast the weekend of January 25th – 27th   All the elements that will decide the Republican fate (what the Party will do, and receive in return for their efforts) were on display. But since those visions were cast in two conferences, held simultaneously (as luck would have it) in two hotels in two cities (NOT as should happen, in a common State Convention), not one single person actually saw them all. There were no rebuttals or counter-arguments to any proposal at either pole. And the Party as a whole will not, by majority vote of elected representatives, decide its own direction. (more…)

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Everything was set up for Kirby.

State Org composite

If you thought the unethical (and illegal) advantages Lori Sotelo gave herself for re-election (more…)

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Hot Talk KirbyWe don’t know how important tranquility is to Kirby’s cardiac condition…

But today Washington State Republican Party Chair Kirby Wilbur, by law, had to stand for election for state party chair and he had two qualified opponents.

Dave “Ike”  Eichner and Mitch Short.

This is Doug Parris reporting, on site, from Olympia’s Red Lion motel.


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wilbur micWe know through private channels that Washington State Republican Party Chair Kirby Wilbur always carries a concealed firearm.

However we know from public experience, that he does not, in practice, support the right of others to do so.

The Second Amendment was one of many casualties of Kirby’s stewardship of the 2012 Washington State Republican Convention and Caucus process.

Mr. Wilbur, in every possible way, treated that process as though its sole purpose was to anoint the candidacy of Mitt Romney and Rob McKenna by any means necessary.


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When Kirby Wilbur ran for Chair of the Washington State Republican Party, there were two possibilities. The Reagan Wing began to consider them each here.

targetedKirby had the choice to become the reformer the Party desperately needs, as he implied to conservatives when he campaigned for that office, or become the most dangerous counterfeit and predator to hold the chairmanship since Jennifer Dunn, VanceKirbySeparated at Birthusing the power of the chair to advance the cause of Republican Liberalism.  We have, in the correspondence below, more of what is now a conclusive case that the question has been answered. (more…)

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Show us the money, Kirby.
At the August state committee meeting in Pasco, a mere handful of “Republicans,” without input from, or notice to, the grassroots Party members they are supposed to represent,  “nominated” candidates for statewide office.


What difference does it make?

How has the party provided money for those candidates? Did they actually vote on that? (more…)

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As previously reported here at the Reagan Wing, WSRP chair Kirby Wilbur, in the course of attempting to justify the misuse  of party funds for his personal campaigning and that of his allies, including Lori Sotelo has suggested, completely without  evidence, that PCO candidate campaign postcards mailed from Tampa, Florida were the work of a nefarious and secretive anti-Republican group. Some Republicans, including Ron Paul supporters, have expressed concern, even dismay,  and  have asked that the source of the mailings come forward to be identified. In an attempt to imply a takeover conspiracy, Wilbur transparently alleged that the “unethically anonymous group”  was  the Ron Paul presidential campaign.

The Reagan Wing is privileged to reveal the source of these mailings. (more…)

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Caught in the act of using party funds to promote his own re-election as WSRP Chair (by paying for and approving mailings to support KCGOP Chair Lori Sotelo’s anointed PCO candidates), Kirby Wilbur  whined yesterday that he didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to lend his approval to KCGOP using WSRP’s mailing services for their illegal activities. And then had the gall to blame “those Ron Paul people” for trying to take over the poor beleaguered Republican Party.

Facing a barrage of telephone calls from Central Committee members and bad press across the state, Kirby sent the following Sunday afternoon: (more…)

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The Moses Lake Meeting of the 2012 Washington State GOP Credentials Committee was an atrocity.

All the authorities agree; the RNC rules, the WSRP rules, Robert Rules of Order… there must be a “call to convention,” a notice given to the qualified delegates of the place and time and inviting their participation to make it a valid Convention. Each authority stipulates rules for that call explicitly.


Because it is too easy for the people charged with running a Convention or caucus or committee to manipulate its outcome with people… that will vote the way they want… (more…)

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Returning from Washington State Republican Party Credentials Committee Meeting in Moses Lake, I could no longer escape the conclusion. The GOP presidential nomination was predetermined. By Republican insiders, much as it was for John McCain.

The cheating IN the Washington State GOP convention credentials committee that convened at Moses Lake replicated much of the cheating they were supposed to be adjudicating. Slander, suppression of speech, and illegal procedures were dominant.

The State GOP, at the direction of Kirby Wilbur, has been acting on behalf of the Romney campaign to protect it from the corrective operation of rules, grossly manipulating the process and we will give it to you line-by-line. (more…)

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