twin towersIn the years since 9/11, we have often heard it described as the day that America lost her innocence.  It was the day that we were violated on our own soil, the day that we were made to face the reality that there are those in this world who want us dead simply because we are American.

The truth is that we are no longer innocent; instead, we are simply, truly, willfully ignorant.

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Trump signs RINO Pledge

Like a thousand newcomers before him, Donald Trump has succumbed to ancient stratagems of the GOP’s Left/Pragmatic Establishment.

He has signed the RINO Pledge.

Trump with pledge

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I moved here from southern California when I was 23 years old. Prior to that time I had no involvement in politics, other than being a big believer in President Reagan. What got me going was, my wife Michele was listing to a guy named Rush Limbaugh on the radio one day not to long after we moved here. In short, Rush really got me interested in politics.

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suicidal-gopWe have known since our interview with him (2013)  that Christian Berrigan was the most qualified person to chair the Washington State Republican Party. Here he calls out the current Establishment, line by line, for its ongoing war against its own base. ~ Ed.


WSRP to disenfranchise majority

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by Christian Berrigan

[This article is a further detailed analysis of problems in WSRP proposed rules for the 2016 Caucus/Convention process first exposed here. ~ Ed.]

gopconvention2My concern is for what is best for the success of the Republican Party, and that I believe is what I call “codifying fairness.”

But even more paramount is that our rules are not in violation of the RNC rules.


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If you tuned in to “Sting 5” News (early) to get your update on Rand Paul’s Seattle visit, you saw clips of their short interview with me. [Ed. note: before the video was edited … Parris’ remarks remain in the King5 text, as we go to press, but the video clips have been expunged & replaced with other footage.] I told them I went to the event sort-of “undecided.”rand out of car Continue Reading »

By Jayson Reimer

This is the state of our state today. As Eric says, “For reference, Mordor is in the lower right corner.”

WA Fire map 2015

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