When an falsely accused man sits in jail, as does James Faire in Okanogan County, there is very little for him to do. The jail library has little to offer a man accustomed to study. There is nothing for the hands of a man skilled in making and doing, restoring and repairing, to do.

He can build anything out of anything

He can build anything out of anything

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lori about to strikeThe Star of David Strategy continues. The purge of Washington state Republican grassroots activists openly supporting Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul, has begun.

Shortly after posting “help wanted” ads for a grassroots organizing effort for Rand Paul at the 48th Legislative District FaceBook page, both Michelle Darnell (2014 candidate for 48th LD representative) and Jeff Jared (Ron Paul activist), were summarily booted from the group. Continue Reading »

jb-207Great News!

Our friend, Dick Morris, has determined by careful polling analysis that current VP Joe Biden could beat Hillary in the upcoming Presidential race! (Dick Morris: Biden Could Beat Hillary With 56% of Vote )

Consequently we have sent out feelers to convince Joe to run for the 2016 Presidential nomination of the Republican Party. Supportive emails are now requested. Continue Reading »

In December 2013, secretly riddled with terminal cancer but in stridently active denial, Michele St. Pierre rode with Richard Finegold down Interstate 5 toward Southern California to visit her mother. As I write this today, in 2015 (from a booth in the corner of Roseburg, Oregon’s Elmer’s Restaurant), I am retracing a large portion of their trip elmer-s-restaurant(to the tune of about 1,500 miles) while reconstructing circumstances surrounding her death (and its immediate, violent aftermath). It has given me vivid recollections of this trip’s meaning… a meaning I discovered in 2006 and republish here, in honor of Michele’s memory.

 The Hubcap Diamond Star Halo

I spent more than 14 hours behind the wheel the last few days.

Never in France light 2Driving interstate in America invokes poetry. The popular artists of my generation were those on whose watch, and under whose influence, occurred the near fatal wounding of our culture. Nevertheless, there was an almost universal recognition among them of a kind of magic they all experienced on our great highways, observing the home of the brave as it passed beneath their floorboards, borne forward on wheels empowered by the energy of abundant “fossil” fuels. Continue Reading »

female-id-unknown-mdThe two most important figures in the Okanogan County criminal cases that charge James Faire and Angela Nobilis-Faire with murder and other stuff will never take the stand.

With stark contrasts and striking similarities to each other, the two women will escape any testimony and cross-examination concerning their key roles in the crucial events.


They are both dead. Continue Reading »

Not yet indicted.

Since the publication of Michele St. Pierre’s Death Kept Secret on June 18, The Reagan Wing has been in active investigation of the circumstances surrounding her death, including the criminal activities of those persons who had come to surround her with a web of deceit, control all communication in her last days, and are now obscuring her memory.

That same day, June 18, 2015, we were messaging, live, with two of the victims of the scam and its ensuing violence at 36 E. Sourdough Rd., Tonasket, as the Tonasket police (whom they had called) detained them for arrest on false information. Continue Reading »

Many people have been asking via comments on FaceBook and at The Reagan Wing “how they can help” James Faire.


Strat is incarcerated in the Okanogan Jail. He is, by nature of that custody Continue Reading »


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