An Appeal to Heaven

by Matthew Shea, State Represetative

An Appeal to Heaven flagIMMEDIATE ACTION ALERT: To my fellow Patriots across the country we need your help here in Washington. Coach Joe Kennedy of Bremerton was suspended today

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He was elected President by doing Cowboy impressions of Ronald Reagan.

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Okanogan County Prosecutor Sloan’s Mission to Convict At All Cost

By Edward Snook & Doug Parris
Investigative Reporters

Karl Sloan Okanogan Prosecutor

Karl Sloan Okanogan Prosecutor

Okanogan County, WA – Facts are pesky little things – especially when they go against what a prosecutor would like to maintain as the truth when seeking a conviction. Some, like Okanogan County’s elected prosecutor, Karl Sloan, discard readily available facts – like those the US~Observer provided his office – for more prosecution-friendly investigative speculation and distortion – with which he was provided by his brother, Kreg Sloan, chief case Detective for the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Department. As of October 6, 2015, Sloan and Sloan, together, have knowingly and intentionally kept a factually innocent James Faire locked in the Okanogan County Jail for nearly four long months. Sloan and Sloan have more than turned a blind-eye to the absolute proof that Faire and Angela Nobilis are completely innocent of the criminal charges filed against them on June 19, 2015. Moreover, each has overtly skirted the law as it affects their duties. Continue Reading »

by Robert Struble


Rebellion-to-tyrants-black-backgroundIn Pope Francis’ recent meeting with Kim Davis, the Holy Father’s expression of gratitude for Kim’s courage has dismayed liberal Americans.  The LA Times editorial board felt it sent a “deeply disappointing message.”

In his press conference on the plane home to Rome, Pope Francis seemed to affirm Kim Davis’ conscientious objector status, notwithstanding her position as a public official defying a Federal Court order. This political/papal development – the meeting with Davis and her husband took place in the Vatican Embassy in Washington, D.C. – provides a springboard from which to discuss the topic of disobedience to “the law.”

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An op-ed in the New York Times yesterday highlights one of the most egregious examples of corrupt county prosecutors … as you read, ask yourself why James Faire, whom the evidence exonerates, continues to sit in the  Okanogan County jail.malicious prosecution Continue Reading »

Observations from the first working day of the long awaited NEW 1-405 EXPRESS (TOLL) LANES!

  • i405expresstollrushBellevue north bound rush hour kicked in two hours early (at 12:15 – 12:30 pm) with the “peon” lanes clogged, going 20 mph,  and the new express lanes EMPTY.
  • North bound the new (“oh boy!!”), second HOV  lane  through the heart of Bellevue (now minimum 3+ occupants) slows traffic even further both by motorist confusion and by forcing travelers who a week ago used the HOV lane (thus at least marginally helping traffic flow) into the newly designated “peon” lanes.

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By Vitaliy Maksimov

unmarked car

Police breaking the law.

The use of unmarked vehicles by law enforcement for routine police work and wanton arrests for “obstruction” are hot-button issues for people who call themselves “Constitutionalists”. A 74-year old local pastor was killed by a Spokane Sheriff’s deputy who was sitting on his property in an unmarked police car.  People have been threatened with arrest (and some actually went to jail) for asking questions and videotaping police encounters.

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