The following is from the most effective Republicans in the State of Washington over the last half century:

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Fagan Eyman Fagan

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Who’s the Enemy?


By Sam Wilson


In these days of social media, that saturate the internet with the latest case of real (or imagined) police brutality, and countless stories of government employees with badges and guns killing pets, closing children’s lemonade stands, and dropping grenades into children’s cribs, it is far too easy to vilify ALL government employees who wear a badge and carry a gun.

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The world is slowly discovering Anthony Bosworth. He has been hidden in plain view.

Foley CourthouseFriday he walked a short distance across brick and concrete tiles of a public plaza and several thousand people held their breath… Continue Reading »


DSC00135Some have accused me of setting back the movement 20 years.

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Why Spokane. Why now.

By Mike Vanderboegh

Anthony arrested2

Anthony under arrest

One of my best friends called me up yesterday to urge me, to plead with me, not to go to Spokane. He had a lot of reasons why. One point he raised was that some in the open carry/We Will Not Comply movement seem to be determined to become “scarier than the people they oppose” by “dressing like operators in Iraq” and “wearing masks and clown get-up.” He pointed out the long-ago critique of a leftist looking back on the anti-war movement who bemoaned that they lost the larger argument when the anti-warriors, through riots and Weatherman actions, “became scarier than the Vietnam War itself.” Anthony, I pointed out, was dressed in a suit and tie. “Yeah,” he retorted, “but the press didn’t run his picture, did they?” He has a point.

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An Open Letter to Susan Hutchison

By Sam Wilson


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My response to Susan Hutchison’s defense of the Transportation Reform Package:

I think your note shows a fundamental fallacy you hold with regards to how government works. A fallacy that is rather surprising (and disturbing) coming from a Republican in a position of leadership. I’ll put it plainly. Government is incapable of creating a single job. Continue Reading »

Anthony Bosworth with Mike Vanderboegh in Olympia

Anthony Bosworth with Mike Vanderboegh in Olympia

The FBI, it seems, is particularly interested in the national armed civil disobedience movement.

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