Darkness Into Light

By: Ed Mohs


It was Wednesday, March 18, 2015, 6:30pm.  Our Everett 40 Days for Life prayer had just started. I crossed the driveway to view the Planned Parenthood parking lot.

ecolab car 15 blood

Just then, an Ecolab car had entered the driveway pulling up close to the building.  Stepping out of his small car, the courier began picking up and removing the clear freezer bag Continue Reading »

==There is a refreshing honesty among openly Left activists entirely missing in the Republican ruling Left elite. For while honest Leftists pursue predictable agendas of philosophical lies that inevitably lead down the road to tyranny, they do so out of complete belief in those lies and an enthusiasm born of that sincerity. The Republican Elite, by contrast, make a living selling out their constituents to the same philosophical delusions, while constantly denying it, claiming to be opposing the tyrannies they enable and don’t actually, sincerely, believe anything.

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By: Gavin Seim

Churches fill to the brim this Sunday, but how many pastors and congregants speak watery words, staying silent in the face of the judges, lawyers, politicians, and frauds that Jesus stood BOLDLY against?EasyChristianity650pw Continue Reading »

In the early hours before the dawn of Holy Saturday, some rose early to see a total eclipse of the moon … and some rose early to a partial eclipse of liberty … to act

Communist flag flies in Olympia

Communist flag flies in Olympia Photo credit Maria Bosworth

The Communist Chinese Flag was flown over the Capital of Washington State, yesterday [Friday, April 3] and this morning.

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Christian with guitar


Editor’s note: The Reagan Wing has exposed them for more than 10 years. Brian Thomas, King County PCO, named them LIARS (Liberals Impersonating A Republican). Christian Berrigan reveals their long-standing strategy to defeat conservatives.

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The following is from the most effective Republicans in the State of Washington over the last half century:

RE:  Your emails are working – you can save the initiative process TODAY by sending another email

Fagan Eyman Fagan

We need your help.  Continue Reading »

Who’s the Enemy?


By Sam Wilson


In these days of social media, that saturate the internet with the latest case of real (or imagined) police brutality, and countless stories of government employees with badges and guns killing pets, closing children’s lemonade stands, and dropping grenades into children’s cribs, it is far too easy to vilify ALL government employees who wear a badge and carry a gun.

We do this at our own peril. Continue Reading »


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