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[I was there.

superman-phone-boothI saw the emergence of Randy Tate and Bob Williams and Tim Eyman, each instantly recognizable as a future Conservative star. Each of them had shocking impact. I watched Linda Smith shoot, star-like across Washington’s political skies, dominating the 3rd Congressional District’s grass roots as a young State Legislator, going to Congress without filing for office, winning the primary on write-ins, before crashing into Ross Perot.

And I saw the mantle once thrown on Reed Davis and Susan Hutchison they both deferred.

And now comes this young upstart; valiant, articulate, right on the issues… ready to lead, it seems… (more…)


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Ron Bemis

Ron Bemis is the challenger to long-time 7th District Stalinist Democrat Jim McDermott.  McDermott has consistently refused to debate Bemis and the reason is very, very clear. It might tend to give the voters a choice.  McDermott made the mistake of appearing side by side with Bemis in October on KUOW and Bemis – how should I put this? – Bemis broke McDermott into little pieces intellectually and then ground the pieces into a fine powder. [You can hear it (and the extraordinary KUOW left wing bias) here.] No problem in Soviet King County, however.

There is a controlled press.

The Seattle Times has literally refused to cover the Bemis candidacy (!!!). They couldn’t let word get out about a candidate that brilliant. To counteract the Times’ bias against him (they are, after all, just another wing of the Democrat Party), the Bemis campaign purchased a quarter page ad in the Times Sunday October 28 edition. [Why shouldn’t the local propaganda rag profit from its own misdeeds? (and thanks, McCain-Feingold)]

Jim McDermott

And why should our anointed Congressman-for-life, while taking advantage of franking privileges and the prerogatives of media-bequeathed eternal incumbency, have to give up the limelight of a debate just because he (technically) has an opponent for the office? What to do?

Enter the Freedom Foundation.


On Thursday, November 1, 2012 the Freedom Foundation [formerly the Evergreen Freedom Foundation], through its offspring, the Student Freedom Project (SFP) will host a McDermott “Debate.”

But to Save Dr. McDermott* the indignity of having to face his opponent, Ron Bemis will not be invited.

*(Dr.? Yes, Martha, he’s a psychiatrist – just look at that picture).


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[Note on UPDATE: Since the original publication of this article on April 7, its author, Bruce Morton, has been the target of attacks both public and personal. He has requested that we redact some information from the report for which he has been under intense pressure by people he regards as friends. In deference to Bruce’s wishes and repeated requests we are removing factual material from the article that documents some of its claims, to protect Romney operatives from scrutiny for public acts for which they now seek anonymity [has the person in question removed their FaceBook post?]. The record has not changed, only Bruce’s coverage of it. In addition, it should be pointed out that Bruce is not in direct control of the reader comments that are allowed to be published. We have an independent comments editor who is in charge of screening new commenters to remove slander, profanity and undocumentable accusations. ~ Doug]
Snohomish County. April 2, 2012.

By: Bruce Morton

Many dishonest and underhanded tactics have been employed by Mitt Romney’s followers in his presidential campaign. A few examples are in order.

On March 24th, at a fire station in Marysville, the Paul campaign held a training session for delegates in the 39th LD. This event was promoted on the Snohomish County Ron Paul Meetup site and email invitations were sent out to county Paul delegates.

As the meeting was about to begin Lil Erickson recognized a Romney supporter sitting in the back. This wasn’t just any Romney supporter, it was Bob Williams, the Snohomish County Romney campaign coordinator. (more…)

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