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[I was there.

superman-phone-boothI saw the emergence of Randy Tate and Bob Williams and Tim Eyman, each instantly recognizable as a future Conservative star. Each of them had shocking impact. I watched Linda Smith shoot, star-like across Washington’s political skies, dominating the 3rd Congressional District’s grass roots as a young State Legislator, going to Congress without filing for office, winning the primary on write-ins, before crashing into Ross Perot.

And I saw the mantle once thrown on Reed Davis and Susan Hutchison they both deferred.

And now comes this young upstart; valiant, articulate, right on the issues… ready to lead, it seems… (more…)


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Ron Bemis

Ron Bemis is the challenger to long-time 7th District Stalinist Democrat Jim McDermott.  McDermott has consistently refused to debate Bemis and the reason is very, very clear. It might tend to give the voters a choice.  McDermott made the mistake of appearing side by side with Bemis in October on KUOW and Bemis – how should I put this? – Bemis broke McDermott into little pieces intellectually and then ground the pieces into a fine powder. [You can hear it (and the extraordinary KUOW left wing bias) here.] No problem in Soviet King County, however.

There is a controlled press.

The Seattle Times has literally refused to cover the Bemis candidacy (!!!). They couldn’t let word get out about a candidate that brilliant. To counteract the Times’ bias against him (they are, after all, just another wing of the Democrat Party), the Bemis campaign purchased a quarter page ad in the Times Sunday October 28 edition. [Why shouldn’t the local propaganda rag profit from its own misdeeds? (and thanks, McCain-Feingold)]

Jim McDermott

And why should our anointed Congressman-for-life, while taking advantage of franking privileges and the prerogatives of media-bequeathed eternal incumbency, have to give up the limelight of a debate just because he (technically) has an opponent for the office? What to do?

Enter the Freedom Foundation.


On Thursday, November 1, 2012 the Freedom Foundation [formerly the Evergreen Freedom Foundation], through its offspring, the Student Freedom Project (SFP) will host a McDermott “Debate.”

But to Save Dr. McDermott* the indignity of having to face his opponent, Ron Bemis will not be invited.

*(Dr.? Yes, Martha, he’s a psychiatrist – just look at that picture).


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