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suicidal-gop(An open appeal to the grassroots and the Party Chair)

To begin with I want everyone to know this the hardest topic I have ever written about. But after a lot of soul searching and prayer I decided I no choice but to write this.

. (more…)


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Christian with guitar


Editor’s note: The Reagan Wing has exposed them for more than 10 years. Brian Thomas, King County PCO, named them LIARS (Liberals Impersonating A Republican). Christian Berrigan reveals their long-standing strategy to defeat conservatives.


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It appears Susan Hutchison, Lori Sotelo, and the Washington State Republican Party are, once again, committed to the old GOP/Left tricks of anointing a Liberal Party insider as THE GOP candidate for  key offices in 2014,  entirely without grass roots involvement. (more…)

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… on Statewide offices.

If you are a liberal: Relax. You have so many choices!

If you are a DINO (Democrat in Name [only]): You don’t have to think: just place a mark for every “prefers Democrat Party” candidate!

If you are a RINO (Loyal to the Republican in Name only) voter: Simple, you don’t have to think! just place a mark for every “prefers Republican Party” candidate.

If you are a conservative: With the exception of  Clint Didier, James Watkins, Sharon Hanek, John R. Adams, and Richard Sanders(more…)

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Show us the money, Kirby.
At the August state committee meeting in Pasco, a mere handful of “Republicans,” without input from, or notice to, the grassroots Party members they are supposed to represent,  “nominated” candidates for statewide office.


What difference does it make?

How has the party provided money for those candidates? Did they actually vote on that? (more…)

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With special thanks to Art Coday… (more…)

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News Item July 2012, Olympia, WA: Clint Didier files against radical leftist incumbent for State Lands Commissioner…

Early one mornin’, the sun was shinin’
I was lyin’ in bedWonderin’ how it came to be
The “CONSERVATIVE” Party got called “red” (more…)

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