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facebook_revenue_The required post-convention meeting of the RLCWA Board was held as a Facebook Chat Session. Board Members were notified by email,  but not given the required 3 day lead, preventing some board members from being present, not having seen the email in time. Absent members were only able to review the chat session,  too late to participate. Holding a private Facebook Chat didn’t begin to satisfy the requirement to notify ALL RLCWA members and allow them to attend the meeting. Official “minutes” of that meeting were sent out to all members, but RLCWA “minutes” are so highly redacted of what actually went on you will be amazed at the difference between the actual chats and the “official” (falsified) “minutes.” And this was the only meeting that even made any semblance of following the required Bylaws  by the Board that RLC members elected to represent them.



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walsh scoreborad

Walsh and scoreboard

The Reagan Wing has learned that Republican Libertarian Caucus of Washington insiders have recruited, committed 25 delegates to, and on Sunday will endorse Jim Walsh, Grays Harbor County’s State Committeeman, to be the next Chair of the Washington State Republican Party Central Committee, all without legitimate authority.

The news comes amidst repeated reports and extensive documentation that a few individuals, Chair Sandy Belzer Brendale, Matt Dubin, and Dani Bolyard, have conducted extensive meetings in secret, conducted by illegal methods, all in direct violation of the RLCWA bylaws and effectively removed all decision making processes from the grass roots oversight and control originally built into the bylaws adopted at the April founding Convention. Dubin, Bolyard and Brendale are now making those decisions unilaterally. (more…)

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I am proud to say that I allowed King County Superior Court to violate my Constitutionally-protected rights this week. I accepted jury duty.

Washington State’s jury duty law is in direct contradiction of Article XIII of the U.S. Constitution.


Fred Stephens introduces Silas Potter

But what’s a little slavery among friends? I’m  happy to be considered as a potential adjudicating peer of any accused grand thief, murderer, or driver with an Breathalyzer reading that is allegedly over the legally allowable statistic. And the experience gave me the opportunity to hear portions of  the case of David A. Johnson, the black entrepreneur who had the misfortune of running into Silas Potter,  head of the Seattle Public School district’s Regional Small Business Development Program [whose much-celebrated purpose, illegal on its face, was to give small businesses  aid based on  racial and gender preferences]. Potter, in turn, worked for or with: a) the Seattle Schools Superintendent, b) its Chief Financial and Operations Officer and directly under c) the now-awesome Fred Stephens.

Their collective political enterprise came apart. (more…)

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ACT III (of the RLC Convention in 4 Acts): The Last Debate, Rejecting the Principle of Non-aggression.

Scene 2: Bolyard, Choice and Slavery

dani advocating for abortion3

Dani Bolyard opposing the Life Resolution (RLCWA 4-27-2013)

Here is the nature of the puzzle, the curious twist of words and ideas, that wrapped the RLCWA around its own axle at the State Convention, April 27:

“Liberty,” as we know it, can be broken down into a bundle of “rights” and those rights, taken together, are in essence, the sum of the proper constraints on governments as well as individuals. Government cannot print counterfeit currency nor give the right to print counterfeit currency to a small group of its “friends.” This is the principle of sound money. Government cannot steal your land, nor condone its theft by others. That is the principle of property rights. If we fail to defend any of the fundamental rights we fail to defend Liberty in some measure. We are no longer a “Liberty” movement, but may become something lesser (quite possibly, still something worthwhile, though narrower and weaker, like a 2nd Amendment advocacy group).

The principle, that the RLCWA – by majority vote – adopted at its convention on April 27, the one that signaled that the RLCWA is no longer currently capable of becoming the flagship of the Liberty Movement, is that while it may not be proper for government to kill you nor condone your murder by others, it is somehow okay to condone the government condoning your murder by others. (more…)

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Act II (of RLCWA State  Convention in Four Acts):

 The By-laws and futility

political conventionsA political convention is a powerful device. It can make or break coalitions, act unilaterally, unify diverse people around political ideals, form the foundations of campaigns for public office or ballot measures and it can literally transform ordinary people into political activists. In its declining years the GOP’s pseudo-conventions (by violating all the fundamentals of real conventions) have provided a platform for petty tyrants they have used to the Party’s destruction.

What would happen in Yakima on April 27?


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Midnight_ConspiracyAct I (of RLCWA State  Convention in Four Acts):   

 The “Agenda” and conspiracy

As we chronicled in Lord of the RLC #8: Flotsam and Jetsam, the run-up to the State Convention was dominated, first by Clayton Strang’s prosecution of Ron Paul’s Life principle, opposed notably and with great effort by Matt Dubin. That Facebook debate was quickly attended by the expression of considerable back-channel consternation by Sandi Belzer Brendale, who very clearly wanted Clayton (not Matt) to shut up and the debate to disappear. That created serious doubts about whether Sandi would attempt Sotelo/Young/Esser/Wilbur-style means of accomplishing her aims through parliamentary skullduggery. (more…)

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Book Tolkien Silmarillion AST Russian Hardcover 2000Editor’s introduction: The Silmarillion is J.R.R. Tolkien’s history, in five parts, of the First Age of Middle-Earth – essential background material for readers of the  Lord of the Rings saga. We’ve appropriated its title and format for similar purposes in our current series, continuing the Lord of the Rings metaphor that has – eerily – become a living allegory for the GOP and its relationship to the conservative movement, the libertarian movement, and the Pro-life Fellowship of the latter two (who, like elves and dwarves, previously had little use for each other) that was created by the candidacy of Ron Paul.

The metaphor was originally conceived by Doktor Jeep, who is, among other things, a Rreagan Wing author, in two prescient sentences  that foreshadowed all the consequences to which the series is leading. This chapter (#9 in the series), like The Silmarillion, covers enormous narrative history, in what here can only  be summary. There is a lot of detail and documentation of which the following is only a synopsis. But this is one of the most significant synopses we’ve ever published. It contains the names (in bold) of the six (6) key destroyers of the Ron Paul and Rick Santorum Presidential hopes in Washington State. (more…)

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