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macbeth_brujas1ACT I  SCENE I         A desert place. Thunder and lightning.

Fair is foul, and foul is fair:

Hover through the fog and filthy air.

The irony was palpable, the debate pressed with “War is Peace” and “up is down” arguments.

Kirby in email: “This isn’t a conspiracy.”



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doug at podium 2[Ed. note: We are aware that Doug Parris spent many hours distilling the text of his speech (below) from his experience,  for what he believed was a rare opportunity in the Washington State RLC (as we have already published). Following that conference, the expressions of the outstanding legislators (Five is Company) and his own speech, Doug sensed, in both the theme of Matt Dubin’s presentation and the rising participation of one of the GOP Establishment’s key operatives (Dani Bolyard) that the RLC’s opportunity was in danger. (Those concerns have been echoed recently by many over the news that Lori Sotelo is a member of the RLC.)  (more…)

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[Ed. note: Despite the propensity of readers to presume that all Reagan Wing articles are authored by its chief writer, Doug Parris, we do in fact have a staff – who are responsible for this article, as noted in the byline.]

ban dougToday the Reagan Wing discovered that King County RLC Chair and RLC Washington Vice Chair Matt Dubin, who very publicly announced his Facebook friendship with King County Chair, Lori Sotelo, just before the January RLC Kickoff and welcomed her as an RLC member before the April State Convention, has now un-friended and blocked Doug Parris from his personal Facebook page.

According to Parris, “Every objective means Facebook makes available indicates Dubin removed me as a friend.” (more…)

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