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conservatives-against-trump2 I’ve been reading the political prognostications.

One thing is clear.

If the Republican Party nominates Donald Trump, the Party’s finished.


Another thing is also clear… (more…)


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There is no question that when you are alone, you have a private moment. Beyond that, there is considerable debate.

aarrgh-no-girls-allowed“The Republican Party is a PRIVATE organization”

Luke Esser and Lori Sotelo announced that masterfully in 2008 and were able thereby to prevent the State Convention and the King County Party, respectively, from interfering with what Luke and Lori wanted to do… uh… privately.


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According to political tradition a trailing candidate calls for debates and a leading candidate avoids them because they can change things.

So when late in the Washington State GOP Chair race, incumbent Luke Esser’s side announced debates, it raised eyebrows. After all, incumbents usually win Party office contests in Washington. And Esser’s opponent was a talk show host and experienced convention chairman; poised, glib,confident. Those of us who saw him in action in the 80’s know Kirby’s radio career was no accident. He has long been skilled in articulating conservative ideas. He is not the kind of guy you want to engage in verbal confrontations about GOP issues unless absolutely necessary. And Kirby said the debate was set up among the other three candidates without consulting him.

The move suggested that Luke was trailing, knew it, and had exhausted all other options. (more…)

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