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No man can save America, no President or any movement’s leader. No Governor can save a State. Without the requisite mindset in the populace, all such “change” is illusory, all real improvement, temporary. Attempts to “plant democracy” without the cultural topsoil have failed all over the world. The question we face now is whether Liberty still has a habitat in American culture. The answer, based on Washington State Republican Party behavior, is murky. (more…)


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Romney criticizes Obama


for not being more liberal!


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Garry Pagon has responded to  the allegations, here at the Reagan Wing, that he is a Romney activist in Santorum skin and I find his comments remarkable. Here they are, unedited:



You would be more credible if your facts were more accurate.


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It is their high-tech camouflage that makes them dangerous: the ability to move in and out of our circles, undetected, and, hence, destroy without warning. They blend in with the political environment, claiming to support our candidates, our ideas, repeating the vernacular, nodding their heads, worming their way into leadership positions.

Yesterday, Garrett “Garry” Pagon, titular leader of the Evergreen leadership conference, longtime close associate of Richard “Dick” Derham and Eric Rohrbach and Toby Nixon suffered a camouflage malfunction and was exposed for the Predator he is. (more…)

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Each of the  Romney activists named in the title are fighting the national Santorum campaign while attempting to maintain positions in Santorum leadership in Washington State.


Garry Pagon was forced to resign, but not “fired” March 29 for disloyalty to the Santorum Campaign. (more…)

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