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Yesterday I watched the Trump press conference. He was a lion surrounded by a pack of jackals.


Donald Trump did what no major office holder—indeed, no candidate for major office—has ever done. This is the intervention of God in American politics. (more…)


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130824-Susan-Hutchison-800x600[Washington State Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchison’s recent surprising mass email is] further evidence of the massive disturbance created by the Ron Paul revolution, and it’s aftermath, in exposing the FED… the big fiat money which steals the wealth of the people who do not have access to the counterfeit paper!
Further, the threat of a Ron Paul Revolution hangs over the national Republican convention process, forcing the convoluted plans which we now watch unfolding. (more…)

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Is He Speaking to You?

[Thanks to TheDailyPaul]

The R3VOLUTION has landed

If you have not yet witnessed the moving of a spirit through a crowd so remarkable that it begs a supernatural explanation, you need to mobilize.

He’ll be here Thursday and Friday. (more…)

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[Ed. note: In the state of Washington, what is described here was applied with particular vigor in 2008 to Ron Paul supporters. It is known as “The Star of David Strategy.”  The strategy remains in effect (centered in King County) across the state.]

Courtesy of LewRockwell:

What Does the GOP Really Want in 2012?

Copyright © 2011 Karen Kwiatkowski

by Karen Kwiatkowski

With the field of electable Republican presidents shrinking by the minute and the first primary elections only weeks away, conservatives may be wondering what the Republican Party establishment really wants to accomplish in 2012.

I won’t keep you waiting. The Republican leadership would like nothing better than to have another four years of Dictator BHO.

Of course, they will never admit it. (more…)

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