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130824-Susan-Hutchison-800x600[Washington State Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchison’s recent surprising mass email is] further evidence of the massive disturbance created by the Ron Paul revolution, and it’s aftermath, in exposing the FED… the big fiat money which steals the wealth of the people who do not have access to the counterfeit paper!
Further, the threat of a Ron Paul Revolution hangs over the national Republican convention process, forcing the convoluted plans which we now watch unfolding. (more…)


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Yesterday Washington State Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchison sent out a surprising mass email. The entire message, except for one sentence,  urged the State’s Democrats to turn out and vote in the upcoming primary!!

hillary listens to Susan

It begs even more surprising conclusions. (more…)

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jb-207Great News!

Our friend, Dick Morris, has determined by careful polling analysis that current VP Joe Biden could beat Hillary in the upcoming Presidential race! (Dick Morris: Biden Could Beat Hillary With 56% of Vote )

Consequently we have sent out feelers to convince Joe to run for the 2016 Presidential nomination of the Republican Party. Supportive emails are now requested. (more…)

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mccain0508-75.jpgFrom Ron Ewart, President of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RURAL LANDOWNERS:

With the Democrat candidates for President chewing each other up and heading towards self destruction and melt-down at their national convention, and with each of the Democrat candidates being so far left of any definable center, John McCain could easily be the next president of the United States.  (more…)

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ferraro-wright-crop-85.jpg From Nancy Morgan:
Let’s see if I understand the rules.
Blacks, African Americans, or whatever the politically correct nom du jour is, are free to rail against whites. But if a white dares to mention race, the consequences are dire.
Geraldine Ferraro is the latest casualty in the ongoing race war, which, oddly enough, has only white casualties. Geraldine was forced to step down from Hillary’s campaign because she dared exercise her first amendment right, suggesting Obama wouldn’t be succeeding in the Democratic nomination battle if he weren’t black. (more…)

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Rumors are now flying that the anti-male Democrat super-delegate, Eliot Spitzer, was preparing to endorse Barack Obama for President after having endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2007. But he just resigned as Governor of New York after Hillary’s cheerleaders, the editors of the New York Times, revealed that he had been with a prostitute named Kerstin (the feds were completely on top of the matter at the time as well).


Now, I realize that Governor Spitzer (also known now as Client #9) had a lot of enemies, (more…)

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goodold-kfc.jpgPhoto from the email underground, through Jim Thompson:

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