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facebook_revenue_The required post-convention meeting of the RLCWA Board was held as a Facebook Chat Session. Board Members were notified by email,  but not given the required 3 day lead, preventing some board members from being present, not having seen the email in time. Absent members were only able to review the chat session,  too late to participate. Holding a private Facebook Chat didn’t begin to satisfy the requirement to notify ALL RLCWA members and allow them to attend the meeting. Official “minutes” of that meeting were sent out to all members, but RLCWA “minutes” are so highly redacted of what actually went on you will be amazed at the difference between the actual chats and the “official” (falsified) “minutes.” And this was the only meeting that even made any semblance of following the required Bylaws  by the Board that RLC members elected to represent them.



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On August 6, 2012 Republicans in Washington filed a “Delegate Contest” with the Republican National Committee attesting that NO FEWER THAN

Delegates to the Washington State Convention had been elected by illegal procedure, that proper and timely filed challenges to their credentials had been illegally adjudicated because of unlawful intervention in the Credentials Committee and State Convention by state party chair Kirby Wilbur, his subordinates, staff, and appointees.  The Contest asks that the National Convention NOT SEAT

delegates to the upcoming nomination convention in Tampa.

What follows is the opening statement, limited to 1,000 words, filed with the Notice of Challenge. We present  it, here, edited, an exclusive of  the http://www.Reagan Wing.com: (more…)

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News Item July 2012, Olympia, WA: Clint Didier files against radical leftist incumbent for State Lands Commissioner…

Early one mornin’, the sun was shinin’
I was lyin’ in bedWonderin’ how it came to be
The “CONSERVATIVE” Party got called “red” (more…)

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The Moses Lake Meeting of the 2012 Washington State GOP Credentials Committee was an atrocity.

All the authorities agree; the RNC rules, the WSRP rules, Robert Rules of Order… there must be a “call to convention,” a notice given to the qualified delegates of the place and time and inviting their participation to make it a valid Convention. Each authority stipulates rules for that call explicitly.


Because it is too easy for the people charged with running a Convention or caucus or committee to manipulate its outcome with people… that will vote the way they want… (more…)

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No man can save America, no President or any movement’s leader. No Governor can save a State. Without the requisite mindset in the populace, all such “change” is illusory, all real improvement, temporary. Attempts to “plant democracy” without the cultural topsoil have failed all over the world. The question we face now is whether Liberty still has a habitat in American culture. The answer, based on Washington State Republican Party behavior, is murky. (more…)

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The New Romney Team is the Old McCain Team.

Jack Hamilton

Across Washington State as county conventions take place, our petty would-be fuhrers are polishing up their goose-steps and trying on their toothbrush mustaches, breaking rules and even laws to cheat at conventions and bring in the delegates for the former Massachusetts Governor who blueprinted Obama’s fascist health care law.

“But Doug!” (you say) “Aren’t your claims just hyperbole?”
Well, no. If a forger were to sit down and fabricate an email with the specific intent to implicate Kitsap County Chair Jack Hamilton in systematic rules violations, misusing his authority and seizing despotic authority he does not have he could hardly do better than the actual email Hamilton sent out himself. And we have it  all here on The Reagan Wing.


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