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==There is a refreshing honesty among openly Left activists entirely missing in the Republican ruling Left elite. For while honest Leftists pursue predictable agendas of philosophical lies that inevitably lead down the road to tyranny, they do so out of complete belief in those lies and an enthusiasm born of that sincerity. The Republican Elite, by contrast, make a living selling out their constituents to the same philosophical delusions, while constantly denying it, claiming to be opposing the tyrannies they enable and don’t actually, sincerely, believe anything.

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In the early hours before the dawn of Holy Saturday, some rose early to see a total eclipse of the moon … and some rose early to a partial eclipse of liberty … to act

Communist flag flies in Olympia

Communist flag flies in Olympia Photo credit Maria Bosworth

The Communist Chinese Flag was flown over the Capital of Washington State, yesterday [Friday, April 3] and this morning.


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The following is from the most effective Republicans in the State of Washington over the last half century:

RE:  Your emails are working – you can save the initiative process TODAY by sending another email

Fagan Eyman Fagan

We need your help.  (more…)

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Faith @ door

Faith stepped up to the doors of the Washington State Legislature Saturday showing no signs of fear. No one, in fact, seemed afraid. And no one was belligerent.

It was eerie. Faith is six years old. The Movement is well over 200.

I was surprised so many showed up. Because this event was planned to directly confront the business end of abusive government, the guys with guns and no morals. (more…)

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Here is the landmark document today read by Rep. Matt Shea on the steps of the capitol building, delivered, en masse, to the guard at the gates of the governor’s mansion and affixed by Kit Lange to the locked doors, both, of the House Chamber and the Governor’s office (together with her introduction).  ~ Ed.

Saturday February 7, 2015

Olympia, Washington

By Kit Lange

At the Governor's doorOne of the most important rights as citizens in a Constitutional Republic is the right to call upon the government for redress of grievances. Unfortunately, We the People are all too familiar with so-called lawmakers who not only ignore the will of the people, but actively work against it. We see this in Washington State as well as other states throughout the country, as legislators continuously pass law after law that directly infringes upon those rights that are outlined as being off-limits to government control. (more…)

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TaxpayerRobbery_Government-UncleSamHigh-Tax States are that way because their political leadership has a socialist/liberal/Marxist philosophy.  Washington State has had historically high liquor prices in controlled-price  monopoly stores so… passage of an enterprising Citizen’s Initiative privatized liquor sales, bypassing our bureaucratic parasites…

So have they  gotten the message ?


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