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Hear Ye! king amnesty the thirteenth

The Prince is gone. Long live the Queen.

When last we visited Jeff Kent’s Neighborhood of Make Believe (5/3/08), Jeff had ridden through every village, middlesex and town in State Committee Land with the Royal proclamation that all loyal subjects must nominate “King Friday XIII” to protect America’s borders(!!!). In the Neighborhood of Make Believe, you see, the borders are protected by pretending they don’t exist.  (Read about it here. ) (more…)


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wsrp straw poll resultsOf 644 votes cast between 9:50 a.m. Wednesday and midnight Thursday when the survey [at NW Daily Marker] was closed, [Susan] Hutchison received 222 votes, 34.5% of all votes cast, to top the list of preferred candidates among respondents.

Not surprising to anyone who has watched the groundswell, Clark County Republican operative Christian Berrigan was the second-highest vote-getter with 159 votes (24.7%).

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[Hat tip to The Email Underground]

Republican_-_Cartoon_1The following is the substance of the campaigns the candidates for the chairmanship of the Washington State Republican Party are running to win the hearts and minds of the State Committee members.

Since 2004 The Reagan Wing has labored to make the choice of a Party Chair a decision grassroots Republicans could influence.  For many decades the average Republican had no idea how the Washington State Republican Party Chairman got his position, much less that they had any say in the matter. (more…)

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[Ed note: Originally published at Victory Girls, August 17, 2013. Emphasis ours in candidate’s responses.]

by Kit Lange on August 17, 2013

Christian Berrigan

Christian Berrigan

Christian Berrigan is running for the GOP state chair in Washington State. Why should you care? If you’re in WA, you absolutely should, because this man has the guts and the principles to change the back room deals, lying and corruption that are so prevalent on the Republican side here in WA. What’s most important is that he’s a conservative. Not a panderer, not a liberal, not a “social libertarian,” but a real conservative who understands what this state in trouble needs so desperately. He was nice enough to sit down and answer some questions for us so folks could see where he stands on the issues. I think you’ll be impressed—we are. (more…)

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palace cafe


The RLCWA held its historic first quarterly Board meeting Sunday at the Palace Cafe in  Ellen’sma or Yaki-berg… or…  someplace convenient to the center of the State. And inconvenient to everywhere else.

Not so convenient, either, was the seating.

Considerable efforts were exerted to restrict access. (more…)

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walsh scoreborad

Walsh and scoreboard

The Reagan Wing has learned that Republican Libertarian Caucus of Washington insiders have recruited, committed 25 delegates to, and on Sunday will endorse Jim Walsh, Grays Harbor County’s State Committeeman, to be the next Chair of the Washington State Republican Party Central Committee, all without legitimate authority.

The news comes amidst repeated reports and extensive documentation that a few individuals, Chair Sandy Belzer Brendale, Matt Dubin, and Dani Bolyard, have conducted extensive meetings in secret, conducted by illegal methods, all in direct violation of the RLCWA bylaws and effectively removed all decision making processes from the grass roots oversight and control originally built into the bylaws adopted at the April founding Convention. Dubin, Bolyard and Brendale are now making those decisions unilaterally. (more…)

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