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Devvy Kidd the dynamite redheadBy: Devvy
October 6, 2013

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This past week most of us have probably seen some, if not a great deal of the games played by Harry Reid and his Comrades. Name calling, hissy fits and political strategy: force the Republicans to partially shut down the government.

Not that the Republicans are any better. (more…)


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facebook_revenue_The required post-convention meeting of the RLCWA Board was held as a Facebook Chat Session. Board Members were notified by email,  but not given the required 3 day lead, preventing some board members from being present, not having seen the email in time. Absent members were only able to review the chat session,  too late to participate. Holding a private Facebook Chat didn’t begin to satisfy the requirement to notify ALL RLCWA members and allow them to attend the meeting. Official “minutes” of that meeting were sent out to all members, but RLCWA “minutes” are so highly redacted of what actually went on you will be amazed at the difference between the actual chats and the “official” (falsified) “minutes.” And this was the only meeting that even made any semblance of following the required Bylaws  by the Board that RLC members elected to represent them.


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What was at stake (in the following video from yesterdays National Convention proceedings) was the rule to end all rules – giving the National GOP Establishment the right to change rules in the middle of a contest… like the Washington State GOP Establishment has been doing. You know – the way Obama governs.

What you will see in the video is, on the first level, John Boehner serial-cheating in the adoption of National Convention Rules… by refusing to hold a standing vote despite calls for “division,”  then ignoring points of order shouted at high volume because the mics had been turned off. (more…)

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[Ed. note: In the state of Washington, what is described here was applied with particular vigor in 2008 to Ron Paul supporters. It is known as “The Star of David Strategy.”  The strategy remains in effect (centered in King County) across the state.]

Courtesy of LewRockwell:

What Does the GOP Really Want in 2012?

Copyright © 2011 Karen Kwiatkowski

by Karen Kwiatkowski

With the field of electable Republican presidents shrinking by the minute and the first primary elections only weeks away, conservatives may be wondering what the Republican Party establishment really wants to accomplish in 2012.

I won’t keep you waiting. The Republican leadership would like nothing better than to have another four years of Dictator BHO.

Of course, they will never admit it. (more…)

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Milquetoast Man

“This was not a victory for President Obama. It was a victory for John Boehner, a victory for the Republican Party and a victory for Tea Party activists.”

~Michael Medved, on his radio program, Aug. 2, 2011


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