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They lived in glass houses…

glass houses

…but they couldn’t see anything.



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mcromney close1. McCain was to the left of Bush in 2000 and moved further left for the following 8 years.
2. Romney is to the left, even, of McCain in vision, variable in rhetoric.

“Bush-like” would be an improvement over these two. “W” exhibited a tangible, mind-dead sincerity they both lack. George, I believe, actually thought he was doing “the best thing” as his epistemologically-challenged mindset conceived it. (more…)

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News Item July 2012, Olympia, WA: Clint Didier files against radical leftist incumbent for State Lands Commissioner…

Early one mornin’, the sun was shinin’
I was lyin’ in bedWonderin’ how it came to be
The “CONSERVATIVE” Party got called “red” (more…)

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Karl Rove, lost while searching for a Presidential Campaign to manage, has been found in New Jersey. But this is not the first time he has gone missing.

April 1, 2007 we revealed the surprise guest who would highlight the King County Republican Party’s Spring dinner. Now he’s back! for another Washington State headliner, and  State Chairman Kirby Wilbur is burbling over with surprised gratitude that Rove accepted his invitation. As Chairman Wilbur noted, “If we want to win in 2012, …who better to listen to than The Architect?”

And thus the following expose is again relevant, perhaps crucial for newcomers. (more…)

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Comedian Dana Carvey, missing almost 14 years since his days on Saturday Night Live and Wayne’s World, has been found. And he’s running the Republican Party.

Missing Comedian Dana Carvey found, will highlight King County Dinner.

The unprecedented surprise return of comic Dana Carvey and his 1st public appearance at the King County Lincoln Day Dinner this month are sure to draw national press attention…
It all began with a massive, re-awakened search to find the Showbiz celebrity whose soaring career was cut short by his baffling absence following Saturday Night Live and spin-off, Wayne’s World. (more…)

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