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An Open Letter to Susan Hutchison

By Sam Wilson


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My response to Susan Hutchison’s defense of the Transportation Reform Package:

I think your note shows a fundamental fallacy you hold with regards to how government works. A fallacy that is rather surprising (and disturbing) coming from a Republican in a position of leadership. I’ll put it plainly. Government is incapable of creating a single job. (more…)


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… on Statewide offices.

If you are a liberal: Relax. You have so many choices!

If you are a DINO (Democrat in Name [only]): You don’t have to think: just place a mark for every “prefers Democrat Party” candidate!

If you are a RINO (Loyal to the Republican in Name only) voter: Simple, you don’t have to think! just place a mark for every “prefers Republican Party” candidate.

If you are a conservative: With the exception of  Clint Didier, James Watkins, Sharon Hanek, John R. Adams, and Richard Sanders(more…)

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