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We bask now in the afterglow (if that is the proper term for sitting amid the still-warm ruble created by the previous night’s air raid) of what many regard as the most disastrous election in American history (and coming in the wake of elections of Jimmy Carter, the Clintons and the first Obama administration, that is saying quite a lot).  It is time for serious reflection which we offer  in several Parts.

For those who continue to confuse this nation with the Kingdom, we offer Part I, a German perspective[Ed Note: Thanks to Bette Filley for sharing this. Emphases and links, ours]

Our Dear America – where do you go from here?

Today, Obama has been re‐elected; all the efforts of many Christian leaders, prayer movements, “prophets” and “concerned Americans” who have lobbied, written appeals, articles, books, letters – some have even done films
– to warn not to vote for him have come to nothing. Many of them have behaved as if the future of the Kingdom of God is at stake. Well, it is not.

Can we, as foreigner[s] who dearly love you as a people, say a few words into this situation? Because it is evident to us that God has a clear plan with your nation. But many don´t seem to see it, and therefore run the danger of fighting the wrong fight, wasting precious time and resources, and even endlessly call upon God to do what he just will not do. (more…)


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From Sillie Lizzie:

I’ve always said that “leftists”, “progressives”, liberals, or whatever moniker they choose to call themselves these days, are just a pack of Stalinist, totalitarian treasonous hypocrites that we can’t trust as our “neighbors”. Well, if Obama gets elected, we finally may just see them in action.The Obamanation wants to create “a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded”..

as the MILITARY. (more…)

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From ‘Sillie Lizzie”:

Now here is an amazing thing. I was just reading that there are 13 million “disaffected” female Hillary voters out there, women who support Hillary just because she is female. Recall what these women said about men who only vote for men? Male Chauvinist Pigs!  

Let’s add that figure to the tens of millions, both black and white (Rev. Wright’s “black liberation theology” notwithstanding) who will vote for Obama just because he is black, including some black Republicans. Recall what blacks say about “white supremacists” who only vote for white people? Racist Bigots! (more…)

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aclj-missionlogo-with-jay.jpgJay Sekulow’s American Center for Law and Justice seemed surprisingly uninterested in the availability of free Mitt Romney posters when I contacted them, today. I can’t figure out why…Sekulow, the driving force and guiding light of the hitherto conservative ACLJ, recently sent me a letter touting Romney’s supposed record as Governor of the People’s Republic of Massachusetts. (more…)

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...searchin' for my lost freedom of speech...
some people claim it's the Democrats to blame...
but I think... it's the RINOs' fault. 

life11-smaller.jpgAs a participant, this year, in the Marches for Life (opposing abortion) and for America (opposing illegal immigration), I witnessed the progression of police protection as conceived by left-wing administrations in Olympia and Seattle. In both cases, conservative events were the targets of opposition by extremist fringe protestors, in both cases, prominently bolstered by a loud homosexual presence. (more…)

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“It takes large murder to turn rocks in the shade and expose the strange worms beneath. The lives of our discontented madmen are revealed.”           

~ James Douglas Morrison, “THE LORDS, Notes on Vision,”©1969

I will never forget those few minutes last year, seeing the ferocity of a beast on the face of a man; the Chairman of the King County Republican Party, no less, sitting a few feet away. It was a suddenly open window on the soul of Michael Young. I won’t forget it and you shouldn’t either. It was during the second official meeting of the County Platform Committee. (more…)

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